Far Cry 6 Best Supremos Ranked

Far Cry 6 Best Supremos Ranked

Best Supremos rarely grow on trees and unlikely is the chance of them conveniently falling on your laps whenever you need them. Without raising your guerrilla level high enough, getting Supremos might just be like shooting for the stars.

Far Cry 6 has a total of seven Supremos, out of which five are available at Juan’s store only after you have raised your guerrilla level high enough.

Best of not, it’s good to have a Supremo by your side! Keep reading to find out about all the Supremos and their ranking in terms of their destructive abilities!

Supremos In Far Cry 6

Widely known as one of the most popular additions to Far Cry 6, Supremos are a destructive bunch. If you want to have strong combat abilities and weapons that can absolutely ruin Antón Castillo’s forces, Supremos are the best thing for you.

The 7 different Supremos in Far Cry 6 offer different things and can be found at one of Juan’s Arms Dealers as you make your way through Yara.

Far Cry 6 Supremos include Exterminador, Fantasma, Volta, Furioso, Mèdico, Gladiator and Triador.

“Supremos offer a range of ways to augment your playstyle by filling roles you’d otherwise need special weapons for. Some emit EMP pulses, others give you new ways to escape enemies, and some just make things explode in even more spectacular ways than usual.”


Far Cry 6 Best Supremos

Following are the best supremos according to their abilities and powers –

1. Exterminador – Assaulter Supremo

Far Cry 6 Exterminador - Assaulter Supremo

Your first Supremo is no snowflake. It is strong and destructive enough to carry you through the entire game. The Exterminador fires barrage of homing missiles and is provided as part of the story. Create as much chaos as you can and target soldiers to partially refill the meter.

This Supremo can also target and takedown helicopters along with groups of enemies in front of your character. The Armageddon Strike can launch several explosive rockets too.

2. Volta – Stealth Supremo

Far Cry 6 Volta - Stealth Supremo

This Supremo that will come in handy while sabotaging and destroying helicopters, tanks, and other vehicles ranks second in the list of best Supremos.

After accumulating enough depleted uranium spend it on Volta once you reach level three. The Volta’s El Impulso sends a powerful electromagnetic pulse (EMP) capable of paralyzing all devices and machines within its range.

A helicopter hit by Volta will get destroyed and fall to the ground. It can also disable security systems and enable vehicle hijacking.

3. Triador – Stealth Supremo

Far Cry 6 Triador - Stealth Supremo

This Rank 4 Stealth Supremo uses Truesight to use the Oluwas’ power to spot enemies in cover and, combined with the La Varita rifle, shoot through walls. You will be able to obtain Triador only after completing the Yaran Story “Triada Blessings“.

The Triador will provide you with an extra edge by letting you track your enemies even while they’re sneaking through areas.

With the Triador you can see your enemies through the wall and plan your move better. The ability of Truesight makes Triador a very stealthy combat tool.

4. Fantasma – Saboteur Supremo

Far Cry 6 Fantasma - Saboteur Supremo

Capable of massive destruction, the Fantasma is a Supremo worth having by your side. With Venom Salvo, the Fantasma lets you launch poison gas on the battlefield.

The poison can turn your enemies against each other thus making your work easier. When your enemies inhale the poison gas they become temporarily disoriented and make killing them or sneaking past them a cakewalk.

You could also sit back, relax and watch them do the work for you!

5. Furioso – Defender Supremo

Far Cry 6 Furioso - Defender Supremo

The fifth Supremo on the list is for people who adore explosions. Furioso’s Fuego Loco has two abilities included in it. This offensive crowd-control-focused Supremo helps you send out an explosive ring that damages your enemies when caught by it.

But the perks of Furioso don’t just end here. Its passive ability of Fuego Loco lets you thrust forward by pressing the jump button mid-air. This provides you with extra mobility and will help you while you’re stuck in tight spots.

6. Gladiador – Assaulter Supremo

Far Cry 6 Gladiador - Assaulter Supremo

If creating chaos and upending the world into mayhem is your thing, Gladiador is the Supremo you need. Gladiator’s Juice Injector ability helps Dani enter a state of pure unbridled rage and increases both her health and speed.

With maximized health, speed, and melee damage the Gladiador is a panic button that will give you that extra edge and speed to combat your enemies.

7. Médico – Defender Supremo

Far Cry 6 Médico - Defender Supremo

This Supremo, like the name suggests, is related to your health. Médico is your primary support Supremo and has the ability of Zona Medicina.

Zona Medicina will help you self-revive and let both yourself and your allies get some quick health regeneration. The Medico proves itself vital when it comes to the co-op.

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