Best Castle Crashers Characters To Win The Game

Best Castle Crashers Characters

Best Castle Crashers Character is a difficult question to answer since there are so many of them. The game offers a wide variety of characters to choose from and each character has its own advantages as well as different play styles.

This article will try to list the various characters as well as give a brief summary of each character in an attempt for the reader to get a better understanding of these strong, brave characters.

This is not a definitive list as the likes and choices of each player will be different. This list is a reflection of different minds who have different thought processes as well as playing styles. Due to this reason, this list will not be a ranking but merely a guide for the players to understand these characters better and come to the conclusion on which is the best Castle Crashers Character.

What is Castle Crashers?

Castle Crashers is a 2D Hack and Slash Video Game that was developed by The Behemoth. The game was initially released for XBOX 360 in 2008 with the PlayStation version being released in the latter half of the year 2010. The PC version was announced on the 16th of August, 2012 and was made exclusive to Steam. 

The setting of the game is a fictional Medieval Universe. A wizard in this universe steals a mystical crystal as well as Kidnap four princesses. The King asks four brave Knights to rescue and bring the princesses back as well as to retrieve the crystal and capture the wizard to be brought to justice.

On the 15th of June, 2015 the developers announced a remastered version named Castle Crashers Remastered for Xbox One and PC with the PC version being received as a free update. As to be expected from a Remastered Version, the game had better frame rates, better textures, as well as improvements in performance along with a new mini game.

Now that the reader knows what Castle Crashers is, let’s charge head-on and list the best Castle Crashers character.

Best Castle Crashers Character – List

  • Red Knight
  • The Industrialist
  • Fencer
  • Blue Knight
  • Alien
  • Fire Demon
  • Conehead
  • Bear

Best Castle Crashers Character – Brief Summary

1. Red Knight

Red Knight
Red Knight

A Red Knight uses a mace and is considered to be one of the strongest knights available at the beginning of the game. The main element used by the character is electricity which is capable of doing heavy damage as well as stunning the enemy. Red Knight is capable of fighting multiple enemies.

Red Knight’s capability to deal damage to the enemies at the same time as stunning them is what makes this character one of the strongest in the game.

Splash attack is capable of stunning and dealing damage to a group of enemies and with the right tools, Red Knight will be able to clear rooms single-handedly.

2. The Industrialist

The Industrialist
The Industrialist

Considered to be one of the most powerful and versatile characters in the game, the Industrialist uses the same Buzzsaw technology as the fencer. In the beginning, the Industrialist is given an ugly mace which provides the character with significant defense and due to this the industrialist is able to be good at both offense and defense. 

If timed properly the character would combine splash attacks and projectiles to make combos of attacks that are devastating against bosses. 

3. Fencer


Equipped with the fencer’s foil, Fencer is one of the most lethal fighters in the game. Fencer also makes use of Buzzsaw technology.

Fencer uses non-elemental magic damage. The usage of Spellweaving allows the character to be able to do some impressive moves. The Splash attack Saw Trap still remains the most powerful attack against enemies. This move allows the fencer to throw up to seven saw blades across the floor.

4. Blue Knight

Blue Knight
Blue Knight

Blue Knight, a core character of the game Castle Crashers, is a character available at the beginning of the game. The characters make use of Ice as the main element.

The character is able to freeze multiple enemies giving Blue Knight a huge advantage. The Knight has various Projectiles which can be used to freeze the enemy.

His Attack called the Ice Shards is incredibly effective at stopping the enemies.

5. Alien


The character uses an alien gun which is used for causing non-elemental magic damage.

The main advantage of the character is the higher cast rate of its splash attack.

Comet, an attack of Alien, is able to be cast three times faster than normal splash attacks and is able to deal both base magic damage and fire damage. The attack also throws the enemies over a long distance.

6. Fire Demon

Fire Demon
Fire Demon

The Fire Demon is able to deal a lot of fire magic damage. The arsenal of the fire demon consists of Fire Damage and the ability to throw the enemies a few paces backward. 

The character has an intimidating look and makes use of Fireball, Flame Engulfment, and Flaming Pillars. 

7. Conehead


The character is an incredibly strong attacker. They make use of Bomb Attacks. Bomb Drop and Bomb Tods are two of the types of attack which a Conehead uses to attack hidden enemies. They’re also capable of dealing with fire damage.

The Bomb is a magic projectile that is capable of hitting multiple enemies and for this reason, Coneheads are very useful when the player is outnumbered. 

The character is incredibly useful at damaging multiple enemies and at causing fire damage.

8. Bear


Bear starts as a fierce enemy which later is unlockable as a playable character. The character harnesses the power of the wind.

The character wields a lethal club and the signature move is unique Tornado which is very different from the common splash moves. The Tornado attack can be controlled and targeted at enemies which would cause magic damage.

The character is also capable of throwing wind balls at the enemies.

Best Characters Trait Wise

Castle Crashers Best Agility Character

In order to stack agility, the best character that can be used is the Red Knight as it is the best in the game.

Castle Crashers Best Arena Character

Industrialist and Fencer are the best characters that can be used in the Arena.

Castle Crashers Best Character PvP

Blue Knight, Iceskimo, Saracen, Brute/Snakey, Fencer/Industrialist, Fire Demon, Skeleton/Cultist, and Ninja are some of the best characters with the highest points that can be used in PvP matches.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best character for Insane Mode Castle Crashers?

Red Knight is one of the best characters in the game and it can also be considered the best character to finish the game in Insane Mode. 

Is the pink castle crasher good?

The Pink Castle Crasher is good for a large group of enemies. For example – The Necromancer Fight. The Weapon used by the Pink Castle Crasher called Rainbow Chain is one of the most expensive weapons in the game. 

Is Blue Knight good in Castle Crashers?

Blue Knight has a few exclusive abilities which make him one of them, if not the best character in the Castle Crashers game. 

Is Brut a good Castle Crashers?

Brut is an extremely efficient Boss Slayer who uses “Thorny Vines” Splash Attack. 

Best Castle Crashers character for magic?

For destroying Bosses the best character to go for is either Fencer or Industrialist however, for minions and when there are a lot of them it is better to go with Red Knight.


There are so many unique and incredible characters to choose from within the game Castle Crashers that is hard to say which is in fact the Best Castle Crashers character. While this article has tried to list some strong fan-favorite characters this is in no way a definitive list as the preferences of each person is different. 

This article has provided a list of some favorite characters of the game along with a brief description of the characters to give the reader a better understanding of this game as well as these little warriors. 

Hope this article has helped guide you to come to your own conclusion on who the Best Castle Crashers character is.

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