How Long Is A Day In AC Valhalla

How Long Is A Day In AC Valhalla

Ever Wondered How Long Is A Day In AC Valhalla? We’ll you’re in the right place. We’ll go through the old and new day timings and how time works in Assassins Creed Valhalla in general.

How Long Is A Day In AC Valhalla

The day length in AC Valhalla is about 70-73 minutes of real-time. This can vary depending on the missions you’re working on. Some missions tend to skip time to create favorable environments.

If you spend an entire day in the game, you might get bored of seeing multiple images or even bright sun frequently, or if you spend a shorter period, you will not be allowed to experience every aspect of the game.

You may experience the time longer or shorter, depending on the essentials you have taken. In the specific case of traveling multiple regions in the game or moving around to complete game arcs, then there is a possibility that you may experience a shorter day in-game.

Changing Time duration of a day in AC Valhalla

Changing Time duration of a day in AC Valhalla

You have the option to change the time duration of a day in AC Valhalla with the help of meditating, which you can access under the complimentary action wheel. You can also use the sleeping option if your want to fast forward long time. These different keys are used in the various platforms to access the action wheel for changing the time.

Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Xbox Series SDPad Down
PS5, PS4DPad Down

Possibility of Shorter Day in AC Valhalla

If you walk through AC Valhalla, the day’s duration goes very quickly if your character covers great spans between regions. Likewise, if we discuss the different regions of England, they are very far away which is very adventurous and exciting if we move from Jorvik to Wessex on the same afternoon which just pauses the time.

Technique to Swap Night and Day in AC Valhalla

Technique to Swap Night and Day in AC Valhalla

The technique used to swap between night and day is the same as changing the time duration of the day in AC Valhalla, i.e., meditation. If you are very fond of the AC Valhalla, you may encounter vast range of beautiful outlooks, characters, images, and many more that make you experience the game’s nighttime.

In the region of Norway, you view the the sky with dazzling northern lights, which makes the night sight look gorgeous. If you want to enjoy walking in Scandinavian nature during nighttime, you might be juggling with the question of spending the extra time to explore sunsets.

Remember, How Long Is A Day In AC Valhalla? Its of 70-73 minutes only.

The AC Valhalla game format permits you to swap day and night through meditation, but the feature might occur in poor condition.

To change the daytime in the PC platform, press the “K” key. Tab the DPad Down key on the run bar to unlock the item wheel, then choose the bottom item to meditate. You will find it as one of the simplest task, but, oddly, there is no quest in-game that helps introduce us to meditation and the possibility of changing the day in AC Valhalla.

The same will happen in the game of AC Valhalla Odyssey, where you attain the skill in the skill tree responsible for swapping the day and night, but lastly, the game is not there to notify you about this feature.

How to Skip Time in a Day in AC Valhalla

How to skip time in a day in AC Valhalla

You may have other options, inspite of waiting to the daytime to get change or the completion of any quest you create the possibility to pass or skip time in the game. If you play the game of the AC Valhalla and Odyssey, you are broadly aware of the format of this meditation technique. Use it to skip time in the game and create better suitable environment while playing.


Following are some of the FAQs regarding “How Long Is A Day In AC Valhalla” –

Which Game of Assassin’s Creed is the Longest?

In the series of Assassin’s Creed, the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey seems to be the longest duration for the top story. You may be required to spend around 42 hours to complete this game. If you want to access every aspect of the game, you have to spend approximately 132 hours in the game.

How to obtain every section in AC Valhalla?

To attain the 100% section of the game, you should move around to accept all portions region by region.

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