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the seed in ac valhalla

The Seed in AC Valhalla represents a visual character of the Ezio Auditore genetic memory, portrayed by Desmond Miles in 2012, by Animus 2.01. It shows that part of Eden’s apple was placed inside the Colosseum Vault. The seed in AC Valhalla first appeared in Assassin’s Creed- Brotherhood in the form of a masterpiece. It locates in the Papal district of Rome. As a result, Ezio’s auditor hides the apple of Eden and finds helpers in the basement of Aracoeli Santa Maria, gaining access to the Colosseum.

While you search for the seed, you need to know the nature of the seeds and a few characteristics of them. Move towards the location, keep an eye out everywhere, and grab a note near the mentioned location. Actively search for the note to get the seed quickly.

How to Find The Seed in AC Valhalla

You move to the eastern part of Ulster, Ardmel’s first trading spot, and read a note held above a wooden box outside the trading area to expose the deer. This will be your first hint in the quest.

You can see a mark on the northeast coast of Ulster Lake within the enemy base of the Inch Lough Neagh harbor. Soon after, then he orders to kill them and get a note that appears to be one section near the Seed in AC Valhalla.

Ulster in AC Valhalla
Ulster lake hint to find Seed

Now you get a chance to kill Deer and get a note of it. The only clue to preventing Seed ownership from being found is a message located at Movilla Abbey. Movilla Abbey is a monastery situated on the east coast of Ulster. Now, you walk inside an influential church with a large altar and read a note from the center bench on the left. Please read it, and know the true nature of the Seed and the place.

Destroying The Seed in AC Valhalla

Destroying The Seed in AC Valhalla

You can find Seed in AC Valhalla in the northeastern Ulster region of Dunseverick Fortress. After finding the location of the Seed, the only command for you is to destroy him as you choose to accept the process of killing him.

You can try the John Wick style and enter the castle directly and cause chaos. But, it would be much better to rely on your concealment as the Seed in AC Valhalla controls a very well-protected castle. Therefore, it considers that you should avoid a large gate as your entrance.

You will notice a cart on the left side of the entrance. Climb up the cart and keep jumping into the wooden pockets with ties until you see an open window. Inside the window, you’ll see Seed and Guards. Kill him to complete the Wages of War quest and win 3400 XP as a prize.

So, it is all about the seed in AC Valhalla, which will help you know the actual scenario to carry out your task.

What exactly is Seed in AC Valhalla

Characteristics of Seed in AC Valhalla

You have the opportunity to notice the equal triangle on the doors of the vault with the most similar symbol visible in the sanctuary of the Villa Auditore. The track has the same password for unlocking the vault. In 1506, Ezio told Leonardo da Vinci about an event back from Rome.

He has an order to reach a memorial after the death of Cesare Borgia in the AC-Brotherhood despite the fact that the chronology is ready to take place last year. We can find a glimpse of Ezio outside the Colosseum which seems to be the modern version of Desmond’s tour, compared to the work seen in Animus.

Eivor has a task to bring down the evil Cult team called Children of Danu as it can take on the rebellious Irish waves against AC Valhalla’s Druids DLC. You can see that the children of Dan contain High Druids and ten Irish kings. Crawling in the dark, Cult opposes the unification of Ireland.

While playing the demand for DLC’s Wages of War, you’ll notice that one part of Danu’s children, Eivor wanted to kill The Seed in AC Valhalla, known as the Dunseverick Fortress boss. It would help if you talked to Sichfrith before you started looking for King Dublin King Hall. You have to make or pursue a Wages of War to get and kill seed in AC Valhalla. Guaranteed, you wouldn’t find him at Dunseverick Fortress without playing the quest.

You must see a location to indicate seed identity.

  • It can be beneficial if you get the first note after defeating Deer, another part of the Children of Danu game.
  • Then it would be nice to grab the second note seen in Movilla Abbey.
Movilla Abbey The Seed in AC Valhalla


Who is Oak in AC Valhalla?

The Oak is Eogan mac Cartaigh in this game, also known as the leader of Childer of Danu and a Bishop of Ireland. He battled at the climax location of Scourging of Snakes as a leader. 

What is the location of Spider in AC Valhalla?

The Spider is a Merchant of Dublin named Aideen. You have the facility to utilize the order menu to discover the location for assassinating her. You can encounter her in the western region of Kilchrist and at the Dublin market in the south region.

Where is the Dublin in The AC Valhalla?

Dublin situates in the first region of Ireland, for which you have the missions to complete. You have the advantage of playing the main quest mission to collect numerous secrets. The power capacity for Dublin is 55, and here you get a single fast travel point.

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