Hode Plank – An Extremely Rare Material in Xenoblade Chronicles

Hode Plank

Hode Plank is an item or material that is seen in the video game Xenoblade Chronicles. There have been a lot of questions related to this material asked in the majority of the forums related to Xenoblade Chronicles, most likely due to the rarity of the item.

That much being said, let us jump right into the world of Xenoblade Chronicles and familiarise ourselves with this rare and unique piece of Material called Hode Plank. 

What Is Hode Plank?

Hode Plank or Hode Planks refers to materials that are very rare and can be found in the video game Xenoblade Chronicles. One of the methods to get a hold of these rare items is to get them from Hyle Hode. Another method to get them is from the Scout Hodes. The location where you will be able to find these items is the Makna Forest. It is also possible to obtain these rare materials known as Hode Planks by using the Trade Function. 

Hode Plank Loot

The description of these rare materials states that these are planks that will remain smooth without the need for the player to sand them. However, there is not much use for these items. This is not the exact description of the item, it is a paraphrased version, and the in-game description of the rare Plank will be stated later on in the article.

To be able to Repair the Bridge in Xenoblade Chronicles, you will need to have a total of five Hode Planks. To do the reconstruction of Colony 6, you will need to have three more, which means that you will need to have a total of 8 Planks. 

In the Definitive Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles, you can buy the Hode Plank in the Special Mode known as Time Attack, which is exclusive to the Definitive Edition. 

The cost of the item is 1700 Noponstones and you will be able to purchase Hode Plank from Nopon Archsage.

Since the most commonly asked questions about this topic is related to how to be able to get hold of these rare materials, we will be looking in detail into what Hyle Hodes are as well as what Scout Hodes are and also we will be looking into more information related to Makna Forest. 

Hyle Hode and Scout Hode

Hyle Hode, as well as Scout Hode, are enemy types seen in Xenoblade Chronicles. Both of these enemy types belong to the Hode Family, an enemy family. Enemies belonging to this family are seen to be having long cloaks and glowing eyes, and they also resemble humans. You will be able to find these enemies in the Makna Forest. 

Hyle Hode will be found at levels 31 to 33, and Scout Hode can be seen at Level 30. As mentioned earlier, these enemy types will be seen in the Makna Forest. And now, we will be looking into the exact location where you will be able to find Hyle Hode and Scout Hode so that you can easily find the Hot Plank. 


Location Windmill Pavilion
Windmill Pavilion

The Scout Hode can be seen next to the Windmill Pavilion in the Makna Forest. The Hyle Hode can be seen in the Hode Layer found inside the Makna Forest. However, that is not the only location where you will be able to find this enemy type. Another place where you can find them is the Abyss Basin which is situated on the Precipice Bridge

Fighting enemies for Hode Plank
Fighting Enemies

Both these enemy types will drop Hode Plank, which can be used for various purposes such as the repairing of the bridge as well as the Reconstruction of Colony 6.

You might have noticed how the place Makna Forest has been mentioned multiple times. Now we will take a look into that so you know exactly where to go to find these enemies and get a hold of the rare material Hode Plank.

Makna Forest

The location Makna Forest or マクナ原生林 in Japanese, pronounced as Makuna Genseirin, is a forest area that is visited by Shulk and the group in Xenoblade Chronicles. 

The place is located on the back of the Titan, named Bionis. 

You will be able to enter the forest through the interior of Bionis. The village seen in this forest is the Nopon Village. You will also be able to go and visit the Valak mountains through the Makna Forest.


“Plank that stays smooth without sanding. Not much use, though.”

General Information

  • You will be able to get the Hode Plank from the two different enemy types belonging to the Hode Family – The Scout Hode and The Hyle Hode.
  • The type of the material is classified as – Material (rare)
  • The Sell Price of the item is 1740 Gold.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Hode Plank?

You will be able to obtain the Hode Plank from The Hyle Hode and the Scout Hode in the Makna Forest.

What is the use of Hode Plank?

You can use the Hode Plank to repair the Bridge and for the reconstruction of Colony 6. Other than these there is not much purpose to the item.


This article has covered everything that you will need to know regarding the rare material Hode Plank. The how and where to get this material as well as why to get this material all have been covered in this article in an attempt to provide you with a complete and comprehensive understanding of the topic of Hode Plank.

Hopefully, this article has been informative and has cleared all the doubts you would have regarding the topic of Hode Plank and hopefully, you will be able to find Hode Plank easily and use it efficiently and have a better and more enjoyable gaming experience!

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