Divine Core Crystal – A Special Xenoblade Chronicle 2 Item

Divine Core Crystal

Divine Core Crystal is a unique item seen in the famous video game Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Discussions and queries related to Divine Core Crystal are being actively talked about in all the forums related to the video game as well as the forums related to the Xenoblade Chronicles franchise. The item is one of the types of core crystals.

Considering how commonly and frequently the Divine Core Crystal topic is being discussed, this article will provide you with a comprehensive guide for a better understanding of the topic. However, for you to get a better understanding of Divine Core Crystal, you will need to understand what the Core Crystal is in Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

That being said, let us dive into the world of Xenoblade Chronicles. 

What is a Core Crystal?

Core Crystal is one of the collectible items seen in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. You will be able to collect the aforementioned item as the game’s story progresses. The characters of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 are called drivers or ドライバー(pronounced as Doraibā) in Japanese and can have a resonance with the core crystals when they touch them. This, in turn, causes the blades, also known as ブレイド (Pronounced as Bureido) to awaken, which is known as Blade Resonance.

Bond with Crystal
Bond with Crystal

The Blade is a race of beings introduced in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The blade is a weaponized life form connected with a driver who can summon and create them when they resonate with one of the core crystals. 

The awakening of the blades and drivers resonating with them allows the driver to equip the blade’s power and a weapon. 

There are different types of core crystals, such as Common Core Crystal, Rare  Core Crystal, Legendary Core Crysta, etcetera, and you guessed it, the Divine Core Crystal. Now that we know why the Core Crystals are so important let us come to the topic at hand. The Divine Core Crystal

What Is Divine Core Crystal?

We know what a Core Crystal is, and it was mentioned earlier that there are many types of Core Crystals, and one such core crystal is Divine Core Crystal. Now, is that all there is to Divine Core Crystal? Well, that is not true. The next question one might ask is what is it that separates Divine Core Crystal from the other Core Crystals. All these queries are what this section of the article would attempt to answer.

Awaken a new Blade with Divine Core Crystal
Awaken a new Blade

Divine Core Crystal is a type of Core Crystal, but it is not an ordinary Core Crystal but a Special type of Core Crystal as it awakens a rare blade. This unique Divine Core Crystal awakens the Corvin. Corvin is an incredibly rare blade seen in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, and considering how it can awaken a rare blade, you might be able to guess that the item is in pretty big demand.

In addition to the item’s rarity, Corvin can provide tremendous power to his drivers. 

Now that we’ve understood what Divine Core Crystal is and the item’s purpose, the next question we will be trying to answer is how you will be able to get it. The answer to it is not that simple.

How To Find Divine Core Crystal?

To get the Divine Core Crystal, you will need to have the DLC called A Boy Of Two Swords. Only after getting this DLC will you be able to get the Divine Core Crystal. Before this, you must ensure that you have installed the version 1.5.2 update, which will be available through the Expansion Pass. After this, get the DLC, and you will be able to obtain the Divine Core Crystal.

After getting A Boy Of Two Swords Key Item by making use of the expansion pack, you will be able to get the Divine Core Crystal by having a conversation with Sorinosori, who will give the item to the party at the Argentum Trade Guild.

After getting this item, you will be able to resonate with the rare item and awaken the rare blade, Corvin. 

Divine Core Crystal – Rarity

The item is incredibly rare and will only be available to the player if he or she has the DLC called “A Boy Of Two Swords”. The item is marked with Rarity 3. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the divine core crystal?

Divine Core Crystal is a special type of Core crystal seen in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The item is able to awaken the rare blade called Corvin and is a rare item that the players can only access if they have the DLC called “A Boy Of Two Swords”

What do core crystals do?

Core Crystals are items in the Xenoblade Chronicles 2 video game which is capable of awakening the blade which gives its power to the driver and gives a weapon. The item is of great use in the game.

What is the inherited core crystal?

The Inherited Core Crystal is a type of Core Crystal and is very special. It is able to awaken the blade called Sheba and change the special ability of the players in Combat. 

How do I get the Praxis Core Crystal?

You will be able to get the Praxis Core Crystal after you finish the quest called ‘Crystal Clear’. The item will take up to 20 battles to awaken once again.


Queries related to Divine Core Crystal are asked often and this article has attempted at providing you with answers to all the questions that one would have regarding the topic of Divine Core Crystal. Questions such as how to find it, the Rarity of the item and what the item is and why it is special all have been discussed in detail in this article to provide you with a complete and comprehensive guide to Divine Core Crystal. 

Hopefully, this article has been insightful and has provided you with all the answers to the questions you would have regarding this topic and has provided you with more information that would let you appreciate and enjoy the game even more!

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