Spy And Scout – Best Characters In Team Fortress 2

Spy And Scout

Spy and Scout are two characters in the hit 2007 Multiplayer online first-person shooter game, Team Fortress 2. The game was developed and published by one of the most prominent game publishers in the world – Valve Corporation. The game is a sequel to the mod seen in the hit 1996 game called Quake, which was called Team Fortress, as well as the remake, which was called Team Fortress Classic. Team Fortress Classic was released in 1999.

Spy and Scout are two of the nine playable characters in the game Team Fortress 2. Both the blue team and the red team can select these characters. Each of these characters has its own unique play style. This article will cover everything you will need to know about Spy and Scout. So, let’s begin! 

Spy And Scout


Spy is one of the characters for players to play in Team Fortress 2. The name has been appropriately given to him as he can disguise himself and sneak in behind enemy lines. The character comes from France and has unique cloaking watches, allowing him to be invisible and sometimes even fake his own death. This leaves the opposition player letting their guard down which allows Spy to take advantage of the situation. 


The character is also able to disguise himself which allows him to get past the enemies and blend in with them and stab them in the back when the situation presents itself. Spy’s weapons are very strong and would instantly kill any of the foes he comes across unless the opponent is under any invulnerability effect. 

Adding to this, Spy can also destroy and disable the buildings constructed by Engineers by using his device called Sapper.

While the Spy is disguised, it is possible for him to use the dispensers and Teleporters, which enables him to replenish and rejuvenate his ammo and health behind the enemy lines.

Dennis Bateman is the person who provided the voice for The Scout. 


Just like Spy, Scout is also a character one can play in the game Team Fortress 2. The character hails from Boston, Massachusetts in the United States of America. The Scout focuses more on quickness and aggression rather than stealth. He makes use of a baseball bat and has a very snarky attitude. 


On the battlefield, he is the most mobile and fast mercenary. 

His double jump, if made use of at the right time, allows the players to speed past the opposition making the opposition struggle to keep up with Scout. The Scout is an incredible choice if you wish to complete the objectives listed quickly. The character can push carts much faster than any other character and capture control points. The character is the best to make use of the hit-and-run strategy. 

When it comes to weapons, he uses a Bat, A Pistol, and a Scattergun. This allows the player to be his or her best at flanking and aggressive fighting. 

The only disadvantage of the character that one can say is how he has very low health. His speed is his biggest advantage which allows him not to just finish objectives quickly but also allows him to capture intelligence briefcases. 

Nathan Vetterlein is the person who provided the voice for The Scout. 

Spy And Scout Tactics

Scout and Spy
Scout and Spy

When people ask about Spy and Scout, they generally know about their strategies and tactics. Both these characters have a general similarity since both of them make use of Deception and assassinate high-value targets; it is just that both of them take a different approach to do it. 


Scout is on a bit of the aggressive side. He runs straight up to the face of the opponent and shoots them with the use of his Scattergun. He can traverse faster than any other character and class and can use his double jump ability, which allows him to quickly escape danger. 

His main strategy is to run in to create chaos and a lot of damage, maybe get a kill in there, and get out of dodge. 

He has a small stature and is small in size. His small size, speed, and agility make him an incredibly difficult target to keep track of, so it is safe to say you can forget about hitting him unless you are that good. 


Unlike Scout, The Spy has a more gentlemanly approach to doing the whole thing. The character makes use of disguise and sneaks past the enemy lines. He sneaks up to you, stabs you in the back, and disappears without a trace. 

Almost all his unlockables are related to his Knife and Cloaking watch. 

All the strategy of this character is related to the Backstab ability, and if you can use Backstab on the enemy player, then it is game over for the enemy character as it almost immediately kills them. 

Spy And Scout Basic Strategy

Can use Backstab to kill enemies instantly. Can make use of Double Jump to change directions and dodge enemy fire. 
Can use disguise using Disguise Kit. Can capture Control Points. 
Can become fully invisible for a small duration. Can make use of his high speed to the player’s advantage. 
Can destroy enemy Sentry Guns using Sappers. Scattergun is deadly at close range and Pistol is great for long-distance. 
Can Press E to call enemy Medic while disguised. Can Press E to notify nearby medics if you are hurt. 

Are Spy And Scout The Same Thing

Spy and Scout are not the same things as both Spy and Scout are two different playable characters in the game Team Fortress 2. Both these characters take exact opposite approaches to getting the job done.

The theories made by fans put forward the idea that both these characters are related and that Spy is Scout’s father.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is scout the spy’s son?

While there is no confirmation from the developers on whether or not Scout is Spy’s son, there have been many theories made by many fans which have made many people believe that Scout is in fact Spy’s son. 

How old is Scout from TF2?

In canon, the age of Scout in Team Fortress 2 is 27.

What is the Spy’s name?

Spy’s name is not known to anyone as he carries the Solemn Vow. The character is voiced by Dennis Bateman. 

How old is the Spy in TF2?

While Spy’s exact age is unknown to us, it is believed to be approximately between 55 and 65.


Spy and Scout are two of the playable characters available for the players in the hit game Team Fortress 2. The characters are unique in how they play as both these characters have completely different approaches. This article has covered everything that you will need to know regarding Spy and Scout. 

Hopefully, this article has been insightful to the reader and has given a better understanding to you of Spy and Scout and would lead to a more enjoyable gaming experience and allow you to have a better strategy with Spy and Scout.

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