The Hitman Barcode Mystery! Why Does Agent 47 Have A Barcode On The Back Head?

The Hitman Barcode Mystery

The Hitman game franchise is famous for having a number of hidden secrets and mysteries that have always had fans of the game in awe. One such mystery or secret is the Hitman Barcode mystery or why Agent 47 has a barcode on his head. 

Hitman, as you may already be familiar with, is a stealth video game of Danish origin created by IO Interactive. There have been a total of eight games or installments that have been released so far in the Hitman franchise. The Hitman franchise has been very popular and highly successful ever since its release. The success of the games even paved the way for the release of a couple of movie adaptations. The game is also very popular for featuring a lot of celebrity cameos. 

We gamers have to control a clone assassin going by the name of Agent 47. The International Contract Agency is who assigns our agent to assassinate and eliminate different targets around the globe. You will see Agent 47 mostly portrayed in a nice suit and bald head.

This Agent 47 has a barcode on the back of his head, and the fans of the game have always wondered what this indicates. This article will attempt to make you understand about the Hitman barcode mystery, so read on!

Who Is Agent 47?

Before we explain what the hitman barcode indicates that you can see on Agent 47’s head, we have to first look at who Agent 47 is.

Agent 47 in Act
Agent 47 in Act

Agent 47  is the forty-seventh assassin clone that was assigned by The International Contract Agency to eliminate different kinds of targets around the world. Since his first appearance in the first installment, Hitman: Codename 47, in the Hitman franchise, Agent 47, the antihero protagonist of all the games in the franchise, is a man of mystery. 

From the moment you see Agent 47, you will be able to notice the barcode that is present in the back of his head. Players, especially those who are new to the franchise, will find this odd. Those who have been playing the game for a long time have just gotten used to seeing this odd barcode on his head. 

In the rest of the article, we attempt to look closely and try to solve the barcode mystery.

What Is The Origin of The Hitman Barcode?

In an attempt to solve the hitman barcode mystery, we must find out where agent 47 got the barcode tattoo from, that too on the back of his head. To understand the origin of the barcode or how Agent 47 got a tattoo on the back of his head, players have to first know the backstory of him at least in brief. 

Barcode in Hitman

As you may have already known, Agent 47 is the antihero of the Hitman series. He is just a clone assassin, designed or mentally set in such a way as to follow the order of his employer, the International Contract Agency. He is the forty-seventh on the long list of their assassins, and thus his name is Agent 47. 

The hitman barcode that you see on the back of Agent 47’s head was tattooed there by the International Contract Agency themselves. The barcode not only acts as an indication or identification mark to identify him as a clone assassin. The barcode is also necessary for Agent 47 to access certain areas in the facility of the International Contract Agency where he was cloned and trained. 

If you look closely at the hitman barcode, you will find that it ends with the number 47, which is our antihero’s name. Another interesting fact about this barcode is that, like all barcodes, you can scan this one as well to get information. That is, the barcode is scanned to make sure he is who he is at the security checkpoints inside the International Contract Agency facility where he was trained. 

Barcode on Agent 47's Head
Barcode on Agent 47’s Head

Thus, the hitman barcode is a tool for Agent 47, without which he wouldn’t be the clone assassin of the International Contract Agency, and he wouldn’t be able to enter the facility. It is also an important indicator of his backstory and how he was cloned and created as an assassin. In the 2012 installment of the Hitman franchise, which is titled Hitman: Absolution, Agent 47 even attempts to cut off the barcode. 

This is what we know so far of the barcode that is tattooed on the back of the antihero of the Hitman franchise, Agent 47. Maybe the installments that are yet to be released in the Hitman franchise will explain further about the barcode.

As fans of the Hitman franchise, you may already know that the creators of the Hitman franchise are deepening its lore with the release of each game so the barcode might have a lot more significance in the future releases of Hitman games. 

What does the number 640509 040147 on the hitman barcode indicate?

If you have looked closely at the hitman barcode on the back of Agent 47’s head, you will see that it has the number 640509 040147 on it. The 640509 in the barcode stands for the antihero’s birth date, which is May 9th, 1964. The 0401447 part in the barcode stands for Mark IV, Class 1, Number 47. 

Why Does Hitman Have A Barcode?

Agent 47 in the Hitman franchise has a barcode on the back of his head. The barcode is important as it acts as a security key for him to access different areas of the facility where he was trained to become a clone assassin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did Agent 47 attempt to cut the hitman barcode?

Agent 47 attempted to cut his barcode in the game Hitman: Absolution. He got fueled by emotions, and this act was a symbol of him finally trying to cut himself away from being a cloned assassin. 

What is the number of kills of Agent 47?

It is believed that Agent 47 of the Hitman series has at least killed a total of 347 people. This number is solely based on the total number of kills he did in a total of eight games in the  Hitman franchise. 

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This article has attempted to answer and explaining what is the meaning of the hitman barcode on the back of Agent 47 head and what it indicates. So far, we only know that it is indicative of the past of Agent 47 and of how he was turned into a cloned assassin in the training facility of the International Contact Agency. We believe that the upcoming releases in the Hitman franchise will explain more about the relevance of the barcode.

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