How to use Hitman 3 Mysterious Switch in Dartmoor Level?

Hitman 3 Mysterious Switch

Joining in the series of one after another continuous hit, coming at number three, is Hitman 3. Like its predecessors, Agent 47 is again in your hands. Hitman is Third person perspective game where Agent 47 covers various locations all around the globe. These are followed by Dartmoor, Berlin, Chongqing, Mendoza, and Dubai. The game is developed by IO Games and still carry forward the same Season 2 storyline.

Hitman 3 Mysterious Switch is a special type of lock which allows the players to enter secret rooms. This secret room contains either case files or other intel regarding the target. In this post, we’ll have a look at all the three mysterious switches in the Dartmoor level.

What’s more unique about the game is it’s developed with PlayStation VR compatibility. The game is designed for PS4, but the game now offers Play Station 5 compatibility with backward compatibility. At present, we didn’t found any other match with such compatibility.

What is Hitman 3 Mysterious Switch

The game begins at Dartmoor city. Apart from her security personnel, Alexa’s secret location is no one is allowed to enter. The Alexa murder mystery is quite complicated. This utterly mysterious side quickly hides the most important clue for the game. Before wasting any time further, let’s understand What is Hitman 3 Mysterious Switch? It’s a switch which is required before opening any secret door.

What is Hitman 3 Mysterious Switch Main Door

The room can only be accessed by Activating Mysterious Switch. But there is a catch to it; the game would never tell you How to activate them. To know this, you need to be present inside the game. Or else you could trust us and get a complete detailed explanation. Here’s a step by step explanation of How to use Hitman 3 Mysterious Switch.

How to Use the Hitman 3 Mysterious Switch in the Dartmoor Level

Your first encounter with Mysterious Switch would be when it grays and start flashing “item needed.” The material/item required is a Bulldog cane; to find it, you first need to be in Emma and Greygoy’s room. It’s the fundamental clue that would be the first thing you would pick-up. Once you have a bulldog cane in your hand and have already switched your clothing with Alexa personal bodyguard, be prepared to hang out with it for another 5 minutes. He will be your primary source to unlock all the next 3 secret rooms.

What is Hitman 3 Mysterious Switch 1st door

Those who are continuously connected with the game. Might have noticed that dog portraits depict all the secret itineraries to keep hidden. The thing useful about all these secret doors is that any other key can’t unlock them. It would be best if you had the car’s unlock key.

The walking cane is amongst the best and the first thing you will find in Emma’s room. Once inside, Players should track for a walking stick near the fireplace.

What is Hitman 3 Mysterious Switch peek

You would notice a red color exclamation (Hitman 3 Mysterious Switch) pointing over Bulldog cane, highlighting this is the belonging of Alexa; it also implies that this is an illegal item. If agent 47 is found with it, guards will not hesitate to eliminate him. But, don’t panic. This protocol only follows if you possess something far better and more valuable. If you are disguised as one of the Private- Investigators, even after all exclamation flashing on your head, you could still roam freely.

Be careful on the first-floor library as many players easily miss one of the secret rooms situated here. Thus be extra cautious and unlock the private room with your cane’s help. Once inside, you will face even a more vital distraction in the form of coins. Just don’t get distracted with its shine. Otherwise, you would miss an essential piece of intel once you have successfully unlocked this secret room. Congratulations, now you would have gained 200 XP and completed the “Discover Dartmoor” challenge.

What is Hitman 3 Mysterious Switch library

After completing this situation, continuing the hunt of Alexa, you first need to stop at Alexa’s office and use your cane. Unlocking Alexa’s office (Hitman 3 Mysterious Switch) with the cane would open a secret hallway to another secret Room’s location. Upon success, you would thank us later. This door allows undetected underground bypass to guards at the library.

Make sure to use your bulldog cane right here in this location, as it would allow players an opportunity to unlock the “Sweet Dreams” challenge. You are only entitled to this challenge when you commit to the fact that you would eliminate Alexa in her dreams by suffocating her with a pillow only. You must note that Alexa was only there in his secret room for few moments. But when you have Walking Cane on your side, it comes with a method to quickly access the locations and eliminate the target in record time.

Final Words

For years Hitman has been the player’s top one priority gaming platform. The Agent 47 reminds us of our school days crush James Bond Agent 007. The game’s developing rights are held by Microsoft, which ensures that updates and patches are released from time to time, making the game more realistic and bug-free. Our final recommendation would be to go for the game and be Agent 47 for a few hours, and we assure you will fall for the game.

In the end, we hope that some of our viewers will find our Articles meaningful and informative. If you like our work, Don’t forget to bookmark our website. And feel free to reach us for any doubts and corrections related to our post; please contact us on our mail.

Happy Gaming!

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