How To Find And Use Cyberpunk Skippy

Cyberpunk Skippy

Cyberpunk is one of the most exciting open-world action-thriller role-playing video games, developed by CD Projekt Red in 2020. The game portrays a compelling story and options various facet quests that the players defy through the gameplay. The video game presents a wide range of weapons to the users battling for the win.

Cyberpunk Skippy pistol is also one of the iconic and unique weapons that the players can equip in Cyberpunk 2077. Seems interesting, right? If you are curious about  ‘How to find and use Skippy?’, scroll down to find the location of Skippy. If you are inquisitive regarding any of these aspects, browse on for complete information on Finding and using Skippy.

Check out the game system requirements before installing it.

What is Cyberpunk Skippy?

Cyberpunk Skippy Introduction

The Night City hibernates a book of secrets, but one of the bizarre hides is an anthropomorphic gun. The night’s darkness camouflages the Cyberpunk Skippy pistol, one of the unique weapons that players can equip in the game. And like several other iconic weapons, Skippy offers up-gradation using the game’s Craft mechanism to transform it into a more powerful, more robust, and efficient Skippy. Every player of Cyberpunk 2077 is hyped to have their hands on the smart firearm, Skippy, as they survey the Night City. So let’s dive into the topic of ‘How to find and use Skippy?’.

Uses of Cyberpunk Skippy

Skippy is one of the bombing surprises presented by Cyberpunk 2077. Skippy is a rare and unique talking pistol in the game. It showers a ton of features on its users. The built-in AI features of Skippy makes it worth the use. It avails the auto headshot feature that ensures the bullets’ automatic sync to the enemy’s head during heap fires.

Cyberpunk Skippy Detailed Statistics

The Cyberpunk 2077 game avails the players the option to boost Skippy to the next level of excellence, as the initial statistics and base DPS of the weapon neither too impressive nor so deadly. Cyberpunk Skippy can be upgraded in the Crafting section of the game to scale the player’s level. Though, Skippy offers a bucket of stats at its default stage –

  • Skippy offers a base DPS of 152.4
  • It offers 4.35 Attacks per second.
  • It offers 70 Headshot Damage Multiplier.
  • It offers 2 Empty Mod Shots.
  • It offers  +37.39% Crit Damage.
  • It offers +6% Shock Damage.
  • It offers +21-26 Electrical Damage.

To make Skippy more reliable and robust, the players can modify it to unlock the rarity and increase the weapon’s mod shots.

How do we find Cyberpunk Skippy?

Cyberpunk Skippy is a rare gun that most players can’t find unless they have an eye on the several random quest points that pops on the map. The players need to have the proper knowledge to locate and use Skippy. The map presents several side quests for V (Playing Character) to hunt down; therefore, the correct information can only guide the player to have hands-on Skippy. The features of Skippy makes it worth the hassle. Scroll to know ‘How to find and use Skippy.’

As of now, Cyberpunk is unavailable on consoles due to its poor performance. We’ll expect a major update soon in the game.

For time being you can only explore this mysterious pistol in the PC version. You can either return the Skippy to its real owner or use it for yourself.

Complete guide on ‘How to find and use Cyberpunk Skippy?’

The journey to having hands-on Cyberpunk Skippy starts with the player reaching the College St.metro station in Heywood. Here the map becomes the ultimate guide, and the player must follow the location where a question mark pops in the map, indicating an optional side mission. On arriving at the destination, a stack of cardboard bales is introduced to the players, climb on them and over the gate.

Cyberpunk Skippy Location

At this stage, most of the newbies are supposed to notice a dead body along with a suitcase containing the Pistol, Skippy on the left. Grab the suitcase to have your hands on Skippy. On picking it up, the cheerful chap will give you its introduction. The game avails a list of dialogues to communicate with it, such as – asking about Skippy his real name, changing his name, and much more. Ultimately, you will need to settle on between the mode of Skippy –

Puppy Loving Pacifist – This mode enables Skippy’s auto-aim feature towards the lower extremities of the opponents.
Stone Cold Killer – This mode enables the auto-headshot feature in Skippy.

Lift Skippy

Both these mode acts as a deadly combat feature; the player adopts one according to his play-style.

How to Change Skippy’s name?

Skippy is a crazy-sounding weapon that enables its users to have interact with it. It delivers the users with several options for interaction and to change its name. But when a player picks up Skippy and attempts to change its name. Skippy declines the trail and declares that V failed to have the appropriate administrator rights to change the name. To prohibit the user from re-attempting, Skippy speaks louder to ensure that it is heard.

How to return Cyberpunk Skippy to the rightful owner?

Although Skippy is one the most reliable and powerful weapon of Cyberpunk 2077, it’s the user may hit a level of frustration using it. It’s great to use the gun until it starts to annoy its users with crazy and unstoppable chats. The user can quickly get a hold of Skippy’s original owner’s information after it had Skippy for a few days. To return Cyberpunk Skippy to its rightful owner, you can start the Machine Gun quest, which needs you to return Skippy to Regina, it’s the original owner.

Using Skippy

When you approach Regina, the game avails you the choice to handover Skippy to him or to return. The return of Skippy to Regina leads to the completion of the quest, and you earn cash of 7K through this. It’s worthless to use Skippy if it sticks to the Puppy Lover Pacifist mode, as this mode does not allow complete access to its powers. However, on the other hand, if Skippy lifts the bond of restrictions and avails exclusive access of its capabilities in the Stone Cold Killer mode, it transforms into one of the deadliest weapons in the game, which the players are delighted to have in their inventory.

Final Words

Cyberpunk 2077 introduced a storm of hype in the gaming world. All the gaming fans experience a tide of excitement and thrill. The game enables a smooth and seamless gaming experience for its users. To the gamers, Cyberpunk Skippy is a complete combo of entertainment and thrill. And as a coin has two sides, Skippy has two contradicting characters – one which is the nightmare of all enemies and the other being a talkative and annoying fellow. The proper use of the weapon makes it the deadliest of all in Cyberpunk 2077.

So what are you waiting for? Reading the article gave you the complete information about ‘How to find and use Skippy’. So go and grab Skippy to conquer the game.

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