Far Cry 6 – Pagan Chibis Locations (Vanity Project Trophy)

Far Cry 6 - Pagan Chibis Locations

Far Cry 6 Pagan Chibis locations are scattered across the Yaran map. A bird’s eye view of the whole region will help you realize just how vast the fictitious land of Yara is. Thriving with flora and fauna of all kinds, the landscape isn’t just full of treasure-guarding vicious mongoose, the scenario itself is something extremely hostile snatched out of parental permission requiring graphic novel.

Brimming with adventurous quests, adrenaline-thumping missions, and more, the Far Cry 6 also has some good old pagan chibis that you will need to find. These chibis are added in recently released in Pagan Control DLC. Collecting all these chibis will grant you a Vanity Project Trophy.

Why find them? How will these pagan chibis aid you in your quest? And where are they located? How many of them are hidden?

The answers to all of these questions and more are in our Far Cry 6 – Pagan Chibis Locations Guide. Read on to find out about Pagan Chibis, their locations, and how best to get them!

Far Cry 6 Pagan Chibis Locations

After a player successfully finds all the Pagan Chibis Collectibles, they will be able to unlock the Vanity Project trophy along with the achievement. Getting all the Pagan Chibis Collectibles will also help you unlock the King Of Kyrat bobblehead to add in your callable car in the main game. There are a total of ten Pagan Chibis in the game to collect and collecting them all will be significantly less bothersome if players know exactly where to look for them. (Similar to Vaas Insanity Chibis)

These collectibles cannot be missed and you can look for them at any time. Forever in fixed positions, these collectibles can spawn in any Mind Level from Level 1 to Level 5. These bobblehead-looking Chibis must be shot at to be collected. Tracking each of these chibis has been made very easy.

Players can simply go to the Collection Menu and click on Chibis to track them. Your Pagan Chibis collection will be saved in the game even if your desktop computer dies at you, it will be available across dozens of playthroughs.

First Pagan Chibi

Players will be able to find the first and foremost Pagan Chibi on a branch of a tree. Shoot at it to collect it.

Second Pagan Chibi

Players will be able to find the second Pagan Chibi on the top of a little hut. After finding it you can shoot at it to collect.

Third Pagan Chibi

Players will be able to find the third Pagan Chibi on a wooden beam under a hut, near a serene lake. Pretty romantic scenario but you would have to shoot at it to collect it!

Fourth Pagan Chibi

Players will be able to find the fourth Pagan Chibi hanging off a cliff. You can shoot at it to collect it.

Fifth Pagan Chibi

Players will find the fifth Pagan Chibi waiting for them amidst the Bell Tower Ruins. You will be able to spot a purple Delusion icon on the map present just south-east of Chibi location. There is an inverted tower leading to the top of the mountain.

Once you have reached the top of the tower, you can follow the rocky path to reach even higher. You will find the Chibi waiting for you on a rock. First you will have to walk past it, then turn around. Look up and you will find it.

Sixth Pagan Chibi

Players will be able to find the sixth Pagan Chibi in an eagle’s nest right beside a cliff path. You can get up there easily by the Main Objective (Mask Piece) “Rewriting History.” These orange-coloured skull icons present in the North-Western region of the map will help you.

You can climb some rocks behind the houses. The last rock will be tricky to climb so you can just hop over it. Follow the cliffside path and you will find the nest where the chibi will be present.

Seventh Pagan Chibi

Players will be able to find the seventh Pagan Chibi on top of a pillar on a hill. Shoot at it to collect it.

Eighth Pagan Chibi

Players will be able to find the eighth Pagan Chibi after completing Main Objective (Mask Piece) “For King and Country” present in the south-eastern region of the map. Once you have killed the boss there you can then collect the Mask Piece and head outside.

Don’t jump down just yet, head to the right and lookup. You will find the eighth collectible hanging off the cliff.

Ninth Pagan Chibi

The ninth Pagan Chibi will be waiting for you inside a flooded cave. Players can shoot at it from a point outside of the cave and right beside the river. It’s quite dark inside and this might cause visibility problems. You will find it on a little shelf situated on the wall of the cave next to the purple Respect Chest.

Tenth Pagan Chibi

Players will be able to find the tenth and final Pagan Chibi inside a crate located under a humble hut. You will have to shoot through the crate to collect it.

Far Cry 6 – A Peek Into The Plot And Play

Far Cry 6 will let players play from the perspective of Dani Rojas. Dani Rojas had little to no idea about it, but the death of her close ones violently takes her to the fictitious yet chaotic land of Yara. Here, Dani becomes the part of a guerrilla. Life here is barely a vacation.

It’s violent and destructive. Many gamers have given this game five solid stars for it’s play. Although a fair few have suggested updates and additions, the game has soared into success after launch.

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