Best 4 AutoFull Gaming Chairs Of All Time [2024]

AutoFull Gaming Chairs

The craze of gaming and streaming is increasing day by day, and so is the need for the necessary equipment for it. Gaming Chairs are one such necessity for gamers and streamers. Autofull is an officially authorized brand known for making the best and premium quality gaming chairs for gamers.

Autofull gaming chairs are ergonomically designed comfortable chairs that can sit for long hours without back pain or stress. Many of the top international gaming leagues use the chairs made by AutoFull in their E-sport forums and summits.

From personal experience, I’ve listed all the gaming chair experiences and their reviews.

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1. AutoFull Ergonomic Series Gaming Chair

This is one of the best ergonomic series AutoFull Gaming Chair, which can be used by gamers and for office purposes. The ergonomic design used in it is simple to provide a structure that gives the user great support from every angle, from your head to your legs. It has a lumbar pillow of 3D bionic modeling with neck support.

AutoFull Ergonomic Series Gaming Chair

This is suitable for gaming and reading or taking a short nap since it has a reclination range of 90-170 degrees.

Key Features:-

  • Stylish design and cool features with ergonomic design.
  • The height can be adjustable up to 3.2 inches as per the user’s need.
  • Adjustable armrest(2D) with a comfortable cushion in the seat for better comfort and positioning of your hips and back portion.
  • Anti Collapse sponge is used in the seat cushion.
  • Attractive and vibrant colors.



Its dimensions are 19.7 x 21.3 x 47.2-50.4 inches, and the sitting dimensions area is 15.3 x 19.7 inches. It is suitable for people weighing 350lbs.


This chair is available in five colors:- Grey, Black, Red, Blue, and Brown.


A whole metal frame is used with durable and carbon fiber material to provide you with the best comfort and feel. The base is made of heavy nylon for better strengthening and support.

User-Friendly Features:-

The Chair is made up of premium fiber of carbon which is more durable and long-lasting than the normal PU leather normally used in the other products. Also, it comes with many adjustable functions.

Premium Carbon Fabric material is used Not comfortable for big guys.
Up to 170 degrees of reclining and 25 degrees of rocking.
Armrest for positioning of your elbow.

AutoFull uses a very quality product in its manufacturing as it won’t produce any sound while I am wiggling and spinning on the chair. The built quality is good and it seems to be long lasting. This is the thing that a gamer needs. There is a plenty of foam sponges on the seat cushion along with back support. The overall built quality is good and it is very comfortable to sit into it.

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2. AutoFull Racing Series Gaming Chair

The Autofull Racing series chairs have a multicolor gradient textured design that attracts gamers. It has a maximum of 155 degrees of reclining range for almost a perfect sleeping posture and balance. It is effortless to assemble. High-quality leather material is used, which is smooth, waterproof, and long-lasting.

Key Features:-

  • 10cm of the height-adjustable seat and 2D armrest for elbow positioning.
  • Multicolor gradient texture and impressive looks.
  • Easy to assemble and managing.
  • Carbon Fiber textured is done on its whole surface.
  • It has a strong nylon base with floor-friendly wheels for 360 degrees of rotation.



27.5 x 27.5 x 47.6-50.4 inches are its dimensions, and the dimension of the sitting area is 15.7 x 20.1 inches. It has a maximum weight capacity is 350pounds.


This is available in three colors: Multi-color, Cyan, and Blue.


It is made of a strong metal frame, and the chair and seat cushion are made of high-quality PU leather for better comfort.

User-Friendly Features:-

The chair’s full body is of metal frame and ergonomic design for a better pose of the user. It has an armrest with a headrest and lumbar support for perfect comforts while doing any work.

Multicolor Cool PU leather material.No support for the footrest.
4 level cylinder having SGS certification.
360 degrees of swivel up

Honestly, the AutoFull Gaming Chair is quite easy to fit from the given instructions manual. It gives a premium look and feel while I was sitting in it. The wheels are rolling in the carpets and floors quite easily and that is nice. I found the pillow and lumbar support are pretty good for better positioning. Overall I found the chair very impressive in every segment. But footrest support is not given there which is quite disappointing.

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3. Autofull Ergonomic Racing Style Gaming Chair

The AutoFull Gaming Chair – Racing Model is a versatile product that can also be used in the office. This has a full pack of designs with many features for multiple purposes. The ergonomic curvature design provides the user a premium comfort level for long hours without any neck pain or discomfort.

Autofull Ergonomic Racing Style Gaming Chair

Its construction is made of metal framing and a thick diametrical steel bolt. It is available as both footrests or without a footrest option.

Key Features:-

  • Steel frame which provides the chair with better stability and more durability.
  • Full 360 degrees of swivel base movement so that you can reach the surrounding things around your gaming desk.
  • Multifunctional chair with a lumbar pillow and footrest support.
  • A max of 155 degrees of bending and 7 cm of the adjustable 2D armrest.
  • Attachable racing caster which is floor-friendly for easy movement.



20.9 x 20.9 x 50.8 inches are the dimension of this chair. It can hold a person with a maximum weight of 350lbs.


This chair is available in three simple colors: red, Blue, and Black. And two combined color options are also available that are Red+Black and Black+White.


The chair frame is made of metal, and the base is sturdy nylon. As usual, Carbon fabric PU leather is used for better durability, and cushions are made of highly tensile memory foam for extra sponginess and comfort.

User-Friendly Features:-

The chair’s compatibility is awesome. It can be used in personal office rooms along with console gaming studios. It offers lumbar support, which is reliable and soft and great if you use it for a long period of time.

High-quality seat cushion foam.People having more height don’t find it comfortable.
Ergonomic design for better positioning.The metal frame is not big enough.
Vibrant color combinations.

This AutoFull Gaming Chair is a decent one in its built quality. This chair is buttery smooth and slick. The 360 swivel works very effectively as just one push off of my foot is enough for the whole chair to get fully spin. The textured design looks premium and the fully wrapped cushion improves the sitting comfort. But the chair does not provide much height for taller persons like me. I found it a bit of lower height for me.

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4. AutoFull Pink Bunny Gaming Chair

Pink Bunny AutoFull Gaming Chair makes a big buzz for petite girls. Its cute bunny shapes chair parts strongly attract female streamers. The cushioning material is quite good and has great lumbar support, which is removable too.

AutoFull Pink Bunny Gaming Chair

This AutoFull Gaming Chair is a perfect choice for streamers and people who like sitting for long hours. Further, it has 360 degrees of swivel rotation so that you can look around your desk for things when needed.

Key Features:-

  • Specially designed for the female gamers and streamers.
  • For providing it a stylish look, cute elements of rabbit are added such as the rabbit ear and tail.
  • Spongy and fluffy armrest cover with a starfish shaped nylon base.
  • Chair can be bent down within a range of 90-150 degrees.
  • SGS4 labelled gas spring is present having anti explosive property



The chair’s dimension is 22.4 x 20.8 x 50.8inches, and it has a weight capacity of 330lbs. So not very comfortable for heavy persons.


The chair is available only in the funny pink color with a fully crazy bunny equipment set loaded in it.


The materials used in this chair are pretty good quality leather and memory foam. But its lower base is made up of plastic material, not metal.

User-Friendly Features:-

The chair provides a juicy pink color and lots of attachments with it. Also, the company provides a warranty of three years.

Pink Bunny elements for a cute look.The base material is plastic, not metal.
The cushion is made of high-density sponges.Only suits for females.
Adjustable seat height and armrest.

Well, the looks and design of this AutoFull Gaming Chair is great. It can be adjusted to any position and the attached rabbit ears and tail are quite amazing But the cushion is not as thick enough as I expected. For a thicker person, the seat is quite uncomfortable. The base here is also made of plastics not strong as expected.

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Are AutoFull Gaming Chairs Are Comfortable?

AutoFull provides you with a pretty good level of comfort if you sit for long hours. The seat cushioning is very soft, and it does not feel stiffer. Its ergonomic style maintains your sitting posture, and you also get a reclining seat which you can bend up to 155 degrees (some of them can bend up to 170 degrees) at your convenience. You also get those adjustable armrest and footrest pads for overall support.

How Durable Are AutoFull Chairs?

Most AutoFull chairs are metal framed, and they also have a solid nylon bottom support. The PU leather quality is also decent and feels premium on hand touch.

Overall, the chairs and their every part are made of good quality material, and they seem to be durable and long-lasting. Also, AutoFull claims 2-3 years of warranty on their products which is a great thing.

Verdict – Which Chair Among The Above Is The Best One?

As per the above-mentioned chairs, the second one, the Racing series AutoFull Gaming Chair, is the best choice. It is made up of multicolor PU leather and the Carbon fiber textured are made on it.

The colors variants available in the racing series models are quite punchy and eye-catching, attracting gamers. In addition, the pillow and lumbar support make it a perfect pro-level chair for gamers and streamers.

FAQs on AutoFull Gaming Chairs –

Is AutoFull a Good Gaming Chair?

Yes, AutoFull is known for making quite an immersive-level gaming chair. It is trendy in the international market as well. The pro league Esports summits uses the chairs of AutoFull.
No compromises are made with its looks, design, and build quality. Its average weight holding capacity is also good. Overall providing completely packed gaming chairs with plenty of features and user advantages.

Is the AutoFull Chair Worth It?

As it depends upon your requirements, which kinds of chairs suit you the most, still AutoFull chairs are worth buying. They provide a strong metallic frame chair with a great PU leather quality. The bottom support is also quite strong. The overall designs and materials provided for comfort are just awesome.

Are AutoFull Gaming Chairs Good For Sitting All Day?

In my opinion, AutoFull chairs have done a great job of providing the user with a great comfort level feel. The chairs have an immersive ergonomic shaped design that maintains and stabilizes the overall sitting posture of the body. It has a soft cushion, pillow, and back lumbar support, which helps the user sit for long periods.

Does AutoFull Ship to Canada?

AutoFull is an American company and ships its products to various countries. They also provided a list of the regions where they ship their products on their official website.
But as they have not mentioned Canada in the list, AutoFull does not ship to Canada directly. But still, you can order the AutoFull chairs through Ubuy, which is a trusted and safe eCommerce platform (Amazon) that delivers its products all over the world.

How Do You Put An AutoFull Chair Together?

AutoFull provides a quick and easy manual guide of the chair within the box. You can get all the important features and basic guides about the chair. So read the manual guide carefully and implement all the steps. You can easily connect all the parts of it within an hour. At last, the manual also gives some safety information about how to use the chair properly and what not to do.


Gaming chairs are versatile and are of great use. These are the best choice for gamers and working professionals as they can boost up their productivity. Its modern design and building material make it better than ordinary office chairs. It provides you with a better sitting and sleeping position and reduces stress.

It provides adjustable attachments for the height, bent, spin, and hand and footrest. Ultimately, gaming chairs are suitable for sitting for long hours with next-level comfort.

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