Everybody Does This Greyed Out in Dwarf Fortress: What Does This Mean?

Everybody Does This Greyed Out in Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress, the legendary simulation game renowned for its complexity and depth, offers players a vast array of options to manage their dwarven fortress. As players navigate through the intricacies of dwarf society, they may encounter the enigmatic phenomenon of the option of Everybody Does This greyed out. Since there are a lot of mechanics and things that you can make the Dwarves do, almost all the players make use of the Everybody Does This option, and when they experience the error, it can be quite frustrating. 

In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind this occurrence and shed light on the potential factors that can render this option inaccessible and cause Everybody Does This Greyed Out. That much being said, let us waste no further time and begin our quest for understanding what the message is. However, before we go into that, we need to understand what Everybody Does This option is in the game Dwarf Fortress. 

Everybody Does This 

In Dwarf Fortress, the phrase “everybody does this” typically refers to the designation of certain tasks or orders that are commonly performed by players. When an action or task is “greyed out,” it means that it is not currently available or applicable in the game.

Everybody Does This Greyed Out

While you have selected “everybody does this”, all the members in the fortress will be given permission to do the work detail’s labors. The checkboxes of the dwarf will be white, which means that the dwarf will do the particular job fast, even if they specialize in something else. 

Everybody Does This Greyed Out

While playing the game, it is common for players to make use of the “everybody does this” option. However, some players have observed that Everybody Does This Greyed Out, which has caused immense frustration and annoyance for the players. While the option, Everybody Does This Greyed Out, appears, the players will not be able to select the “Everybody does this” option. While the exact reason for this is not known, many do believe that this has got something to do with the AI of the game. 

Some of the labels in the game have some considerable AI logic issues, and these labels cannot be tasked to groups of dwarfs, nor should they be tasked to noble officers. Another reason that players have found that results in Everybody Does This Greyed Out is that a task is assigned to a particular dwarf. If any of the dwarfs is assigned to do a particular labor, the “everybody does this” gets greyed out. However, this is not the case for all the tasks, as there are exceptions to this case, such as harvesting and planting. 

Everybody Does This Option in Dwarf Fortress

If it is tasks such as mining, in order to do the labor, the dwarfs will need to have pickaxes. It is not possible to mine in Dwarf Fortress without a pick, and if the picks are not available for the dwarfs to mine, then you will not be able to mine. Since there are no picks available for everyone to mine, the “everybody does this” option gets greyed out. If it is tasks such as tree cutting that you assign to everyone, it will not work, and the option will get greyed out since the miners always carry their picks and will not be able to carry an axe in order to complete the task. 

Labor Work Detail in Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress employs a complex web of dependencies and requirements for various tasks. Many players believe that The Everybody Does This greyed-out option often signifies unmet prerequisites for the designated activity. For instance, constructing a particular building might necessitate specific materials, tools, or even the existence of certain workshops. When the necessary conditions are not fulfilled, the option remains greyed out until the required resources are available or the conditions are met.

While the exact reason may not be known if you are experiencing this issue, try to ensure that none of the aforementioned problems are the things stopping you from choosing Everyone does this. However, if you are unable to fix Everybody Does This Greyed Out, you could always assign the laborers manually. 

Frequenly Asked Questions

How do you use the trader in Dwarf Fortress?

To trade in Dwarf Fortress, you must choose the option Move goods to/from the depot and then must proceed to select all the items to be traded. You must then request a broker at the depot. Now, wait for the requested broker and selected items to arrive, and once it turns white, click trade.

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The enigmatic  Everybody Does This greyed-out option in Dwarf Fortress can be attributed to a variety of factors, including the availability of dwarves, unmet prerequisites, disabled features, or game mode restrictions. These occurrences highlight the intricacies of the game’s mechanics and the attention to detail required for effective fortress management.

Understanding the reasons behind the greyed-out option empowers players to navigate Dwarf Fortress with greater proficiency. By ensuring the availability of dwarves, meeting prerequisites, staying informed about feature availability, and considering the game mode, players can minimize the occurrence of the  Everybody Does This greyed out option, thus optimizing their dwarven societies.

Happy fortress building!

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