Dwarf Fortress Stepladder – Guide of Essential Tool For Best Experience

Dwarf Fortress Stepladder

Dwarf Fortress Stepladder is a tool that is available in the video game Dwarf Fortress. The item is an essential tool that is needed for some of the crucial aspects. This article aims to provide you with a complete insight into the topic of Dwarf Fortress Stepladder. The game Dwarf Fortress Stepladder is known for its intricate mechanics, complex systems, and detailed world-building.

This article discusses everything that you will need to know regarding the topic of Dwarf Fortress Stepladder.

Dwarf Fortress Stepladder

Dwarf Fortress Stepladder is a tool that can be used to harvest fruits from trees. The plucking of fruits is an essential mechanic aspect, and therefore stepladder is a tool that is vital. Once is fruit-bearing tree appears within the plant-gathering zone, a dwarf would fetch and place the step ladder under the tree automatically in order to pluck the fruits. There is no specific place needed to put the stepladder, and it can be placed anywhere. The stepladder doesn’t need to be placed against the trunk of the tree. 

The step ladder allows the dwarf to pluck fruits from up to two z levels above the ground. 

The dwarf who is gathering the fruit, however, will not take a break from his action in order to take the fruits to the food pile but instead would just drop the fruits to the ground. Any other dwarf passing through the area can collect the fruits and take them to the food stockpile. 

Dwarf Fortress Stepladders can be made from a variety of materials ranging from wood to metals. You can make the stepladder at a carpenter’s workshop with the help of a carpenter. If you wish to make a metal stepladder, you can do so with a metal crafter at the forge. You can stock the stepladder in the furniture stockpiles. 

You can only store the Dwarf Fortress stepladder if you have the “Other Large Tools” feature enabled. If it is enabled, you can manage the stepladders from the tools option in the stocks tab. 

Dwarf Fortress Step Ladder – Construction

Stepladder Requirement Wood

Step ladders can be constructed by making use of either metal or wood. In order to make the dwarf fortress step ladder using wood, you will need to visit the carpenter at the Carpenter’s workshop. You will need to have 1 log of wood if you wish to make this tool. 

Wood In Dwarf Fortress

However, if you want to make the step ladder using metals, you will need to have 2 bars of metals which you will have to take to the Forge. The Metalsmith’s Forge, also known as the Magma Forge, is where you will be able to find the Metal Crafter, who will be able to craft a metal stepladder. 

Dwarf Fortress Step Ladder – Construction Overview

MaterialWorkshopWorker Quantity 
Metal Magma Forge or Metalsmith’s forgeMetal Craft2 Bars
WoodCarpenter’s WorkshopCarpenter1 log

Dwarf Fortress Step Ladder –  Forging and Melting 

You will need to have two metal bars in order to be able to forge metal stepladders. If you do not have metal bars, you can substitute them by using six adamantine wafers instead. When you melt down a non-adamantine metal step ladder, 1.8 metal bars will be returned for an efficiency of 90%. 

When you melt down an adamantine step ladder, it will create 1.8 wafers which would have an efficiency of 30%. 

Adventurer Mode

In Adventurer mode, you can construct the Dwarf Fortress Stepladder from carpentry and use it by making the dwarf stand on the same tile and pressing the “hold key” to move up and down. 

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Adventurer mode, it is a feature that allows the players to go on a roguelike open-world adventure around the worlds you have created. 


Warning – This section of the article might include humor that may or may not be funny and other references you might not understand. However, do not worry; it was inevitable. 

Dwarves who were responsible for deciding whether to call these tools ladders or stepladders were part of the justice system, and they constantly debated this topic. Dwarves who have been seen engaging in these arguments are commonly said to be “making judgments based on narrow-minded cultural assumptions.”


Can Stepladders be stored in stockpiles?

Yes, if stockpiles have the “other large tools” type option selected.


Dwarf Fortress Stepladder is an essential item in the game that the dwarves can use to pluck fruits from the tree. There are various methods that can be used to craft this particular item, and different methods provide different types of stepladder. The items needed for crafting, as well as how to craft, along with all the other important details, have been mentioned in this article so that you can get a better understanding of the tool and how to make the best use of it. 

Hopefully, this guide has been insightful and has provided you with all the necessary information that you were looking for and will help you in having a better gaming experience while playing Dwarf Fortress!

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