Dwarf Fortress Blueprint Mode: Easy Way To Doing Repetitive Tasks

Dwarf Fortress Blueprint Mode

Dwarf Fortress blueprint mode assists players in planning and visualizing their fortress layouts. You will be able to plan the layout of your whole fortress in just a few clicks.

In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of Dwarf Fortress blueprint mode, along with all the information that you need to have on the topic and the impact they have had on the game.

That much being said, let us waste no further time and jump right in!

Dwarf Fortress Blueprint Mode

Dwarf Fortress Blueprint Mode is not something that can easily be understood by the players since a lot of players in the game find it weird and confusing. This has led to multiple discussions and threads being created across almost all forums related to the game Dwarf Fortress. This section of the article will explain what Dwarf Fortress Blueprint mode is. 

Most of the time, when players refer to the Blueprint mode, they are referring to something in the game called “Macro”. 

Dwarf Fortress Macro

Macros are what you use in order to make a complicated room to be made after digging and then repeating over and over. You will be able to find the explanation for this in the settings within the game. When you go to the settings, select the keybindings option and then select macros. You will be able to find all the information there. 

However, blueprints are not this. Blueprints are what you will use just for the planning part. Macros are used for repeatedly digging. The part that makes Dwarf Fortress Blueprint Mode stand out is the fact that you are able to create elaborate and intrinsic layouts at the same time and regulate how much of this can be made with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

Now that you know what the Dwarf Fortress Blueprint Mode is, you might be wondering how it works. The next section of this article will answer exactly that. 

How Dwarf Fortress Blueprint Mode Works

It took a lot of players, a lot of time, and a community effort in order to figure out how Dwarf Fortress Blueprint Mode works. Let’s take a look at it!

While you are in the Mining Mode, you will need to activate selector box (Ctrl + Shift + Q). An arrow represents this. You will be able to find this arrow facing to the right above the menu designated for Burrows. 

Dwarffortress Blueprint GUI

You will be able to open this on the bottom right portion of the screen, and once you have opened it, you will see that there are three icons that are present for blueprints. The three icons represent three different things. In the order from left to right, the name, along with what these do, has been mentioned below. 

Blueprint Mode – This is the icon present on the left side. This icon allows for the normal mining selection, not for the dwarves to dig but allows the players to plan out the structures they wish to construct before doing so. 

Convert Blueprint To Regular Command – When you select this icon, you will be able to select any of the tiles you want in a similar pattern for Mining. However, you need to remember that if you select any tiles using this feature, and if it is a Blueprinted square, it will be changed into a regular mining spot. This allows for the creation of large blueprints while at the same time holding the integrity that is needed for planning long term. 

Blueprint Menu

Convert Regular To Blueprint Command – This works in the exact opposite way of Convert Blueprint To Regular. If you use the Convert Regular To Blueprint Command, then it will change regular destinations used for mining into Blueprints. 

Here’s a video showing the same –

Can we create multilevel blueprints?

You will be able to package all the keystroke aliases and Blueprints that you need for the construction of the whole fortress into a single file so that it can be shared easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use blueprint mode in Dwarf Fortress?

Head to the blueprint tool and choose the option to convert designations to blueprints. Select the area and do the process over and over.

What is blueprint mode Dwarf Fortress?

The blueprint mod allows the players to plan out the structures before the dwarves mine them.


This article has covered everything that you need to know on the topic of Dwarf Fortress Blueprint Mode so that you do not have to go elsewhere to clear your doubts and find answers. Everything that you need to know on the topic of Dwarf Fortress Blueprint Mode, from what the mode is to how you can use it, has been mentioned in this article.

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