Escape From Tarkov Circuit Board Guide [Printed and Militiary]

Tarkov Circuit Board

People start to spend their leisure time, making them forget what the actual time is. There are different modes to be the reason. And one among them is online video games. Getting deep into it has become the habit of its users. When this suits them very well, then what is the reason for searching for some other? Video games always make people stick to their feature which has no replacement.

Tarkov Circuit Board is a component that is found in microelectronics. It plays an important role in the game Escape From Tarkov. It is of two types, and each one is known for its special features. Many game lovers prefer to use their items.

Escape From Tarkov is a realistic, hardcore, First-person shooter game that gets elements or items from different online games. It provides several modes for a player: online, PMC raid, Scavenger raids, and offline. As a well-known fact, players can either prefer to play solo or in groups.

A player can use a variety of maps and go search for that place. A player is instructed to fight with other players or non-player characters in order to survive in this game. If a player dies in the game, then all the items that are got in raids, looting are lost. They won’t have anything with them. A raid can approximately last between 15 and 45 minutes and may have up to 14 players.

What is Tarkov Circuit Board?

It is an item that is used in the game Escape From Tarkov. All game lovers widely use it. It is of two types, and each one is given high importance. Let’s have a look at bot of them –

Printed Tarkov Circuit Board

Printed Tarkov Circuit Board

It is one of the types of Tarkov Circuit Board. It is described as a universal component in the field of microelectronics. It is an item in Escape From Tarkov. It is considered an essential resource for maintaining and repairing all electronic systems. Its weight is 0.3 kg, and the grid size is 1×1. It comes under the type “Electronics.” It has a loot experience of 35 points and Examine experience of 5 points. Under the effect category, it has a Generic Loot Item.

Military Tarkov Circuit Board

Military Tarkov Circuit Board

It is another type of Tarkov Circuit Board. It is described as an electronic part that is used in Military systems and vehicles. It is 0.520 kg in weight and has a grid size of 1×1. It has 40 points in Looting experience and 5 points in Examine experience.

In Which Quests You Can Find A Printed Circuit Board?

Circuit Boards in Tarkov

All players and searches need printed Tarkov Circuit Board for all over the place. In order to get this, you need to quests to get this item.

  • You can find two Printed Tarkov Circuit boards in raid for the Quest Farming-Part-2.
  • Three more Printed Circuit boards can be found in the raid for the Quest Signal-Part-2.

What Item You Can Get By Using Printed Circuit Board In Hideout?

You can use this item to get some other items in Hideout. To get the Bitcoin Farm Level-2, Fifteen Printed Tarkov Circuit Board must be found. Vents Level-3 can be obtained by finding three the Printed Circuit Board.

Location for Printed Circuit Boards

Printed Ciruit Board is found in five different places and each one is easy to be located.

In Buried Barrel Cache

It is a loot container in the game Escape from Tarkov. It contains various items that include provisions, currency, and uncommon tools. It is available in four different places, such as Interchange, Shoreline, Woods, and Customs.

In Dead Scavenger

It is another loot container that is in the game. It is described as a corpse of a decreased scavenger. There are different items in this container. For Example, Barter items, Food and Drink, PMS, and Medical items.

In Ground Cache

It is located in Customs, Woods, Interchange, and Shoreline. It has 20 looting experience and described as Ground Cache.

In PC Block

It is described as a loot container that holds computer components. It looks like a computer case, and if you are in need of PC components, you can search for them. A printed Circuit Board is also present in it.

Sports Bags

Printed Tarkov Circuit Board is located in Sports Bags. Along with this, you can find Barter items, Provisions, Medical items, and PMS. It looks black and red in color, and many players would prefer this item.

Location for Military Circuit Board

Military Circuit Board is rare and special and could be found out only in two maps. They are, The Lab and Reserve. Only in these two worlds containers are mapped out. Similar to Printed Circuit Board, the locations include,

  • In Buried Barrel Cache
  • In Dead Scavenger
  • In Ground Cache
  • In Sport Bags
  • In Technical Supply Crates

Trading for Military Circuit Board

You don’t only have the opportunity to enjoy these item rather you can also trade it with other items and get more exiciting ones.

  • If you own one Military Circuit Board, get one Wire and trade it with Prapor LL4, and he will sell you the Ash-12 12.7x 55 Assauet Rifle.
  • You can also get FN GL 40 MK 2 Grenade Launcher by trading one VPX Flash Storage Module+ 5 Military Circuit Board+ 5 Military Cable to Peacekeeper LL4.
  • Mechanic LL4 will sell you Trijicon REAP-JR Thermal Riflescope if you’re lending him 4 Military Thermal Vision Module Iridium+ 4 Military Circuit Board+ 4 Military Power Filter.
  • Get two Military Thermal Vision Module Iridium and two Military Gyrotachometer and three Military Circuit Board and trade them with Mechanic LL4 and get FLIR RS-32 2.25-9X 35mm 60 HZ thermal riflescope.

Trading for Printed Circuit Board

The happiest fact is using Tarkov Circuit Board is that you can trade it to get new and rare items.

  • If you have two Printed Tarkov Circuit Board + 1 Geiger Mulla Counter, then trade these with Peacekeeper LL3 to get the item 60- round MAG 5-60 5.56 X 45 STANAG magazine.
  • If you have only a Printed Circuit Board, Don’t Worry; you can still do trading with it. Give three Printed Circuit Boards to Mechanic LL2 and get the item M14 Utimak M8 Upper Part.
  • If you own two Broken G phones, add one Printed Circuit Board with it and trade it with Mechanic LL2, and as a result, you will get GLOCK 17 9×19 Pistol.

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