Escape From Tarkov Fuel Conditioner Guide For Beginners

Tarkov Fuel Conditioner

Admirable thrilling time passes are easily accessible in this modern world. One among them is technological games. Video games obtain more popularity in this field where changing needs are immediately satisfied. Disguising a character in the game according to the user’s preference makes a difference in the view. Unlocking new items adds eagerness to play the ever-loving video games.

Tarkov Fuel Conditioner is an exclusive item in the game Escape From Tarkov. It is a rare and specific item that is very hard to get. It can be located in certain places or can also be traded from one person to another.

A shooter game named Escape From Tarkov started to rule the game world with its mind-blowing exclusive weapons and items. The game has the setting in a fictional region. And it takes place during the time of war between two private military companies. The players fight to stand at one side and join matches with other players, calling it “raids.”

It is the first-person shooter game that Battlestate Games developed. An exciting and interesting feature that everyone loves in this game is the availability of items and quests. This game has over 190 quests, and some of them are needed to collect items for traders. Earning a quest will help to get XP in the fastest way.

Some players even prefer to collect items to increase their trader reputation. By following this procedure, you can unlock many new levels, and each level would offer you the chance to get new items. Some items are given as rewards, and some are very limited.

What is Tarkov Fuel Conditioner?

To improve the diesel fuel’s quality, a player must definitely struggle hard to get this Tarkov Fuel Conditioner. It is not that easy to get it since it is a rare and specific item. Tarkov Fuel Conditioner comes under Flammable material type, and its dimensions are about 1.8 kg, and the grid size is about 1×2. It has a Generic loot item as its effect.

An important note that you should remember while having Tarkov Fuel Conditioner is that only four can be held in a player’s PMC inventory at one time. It looks like a stolen fuel container that we use in our daily life. The words “Diesel Fuel Conditions” are encrypted above the tin can. It is also known as Fcond. Tarkov Fuel Conditioner rarity is Super rare. The price of Fuel Conditioner goes high every day.

How Many Fuel Conditioners Can Be Held At A Time In Your Pmc Inventory?

When Tarkov Fuel Conditioner is useful for your survival in-game, we plan to store it more in our inventory. But, be very cautious; you won’t be able to do that. At one time, a player can hold only four Fuel Conditioners in the player’s PMC inventory.

What Is The Location Of The Tarkov Fuel Conditioner?

Tarkov Fuel Conditioner Locations

Tarkov Fuel Conditioner is located in so many places and know the exact position of it would have you to gain this item very easily.


In factories you could find Fuel Conditioner in three different areas.

  • Above the safe, there is a desk, and you could find it on top of that.
  • Beside the pillbox, there are green boxes, and it has the Dead Scav Inside.
  • It is present on the floor of the pumping room.


  • You could find a bed in room 110 with two-story dorms, and Tarkov Fuel Conditioner is present on the bed.
  • It is found on the shelves of the storage building.
  • When it comes to the woods area, it is seen in the marked circle.


A player can get Fuel Conditioner by interchanging with some persons and places.

  • It can be interchanged in the Techlight Store.
  • Tarkov Fuel Conditioner is interchanged with the Power Substation.
  • It is also found in the backside of the storage area of the Goshan Grocery Store.
  • It is found scattered through the map and found next to various generators.

The Lab

  • Tarkov Fuel Conditioner can be got on a box near Exit 1.
  • It is found on the table that has a robotic arm and is found in the caged room.

Apart from these locations there are 6 more main locations.

In Buried Barrel Caches

Tarkov Fuel Conditioner can be found in the Buried Barrel Cache, which is the loot container. It holds various items along with this, like currency, provisions, and uncommon loot. You can figure out the location of this and get accessed to the Fuel Container.

In Dead Scavs

It is also a loot container in the game Escape From Tarkov. It has a grid size of 4×4. It appears like a corpse of a deceased scav, and it holds different Barter items like Food and Drink, PM’S and medical loot. You could find the conditioner in it.

In Ground Caches

It is similar to the other two loot container and is described as a Ground Cache. It has 20 points in loot experience and 10 in Examine Experience.


The jacket is a wonderful loot container that is available in two different colors. It is described in a Blue or Brown colored Jacket with Barter items, provisions, and most of the mechanical keys that it possesses.

Sport Bags

It is a loot container that can hold different items, including Tarkov Fuel Conditioner. It is black and red in color and has barter items, medical items, PM’S, and Provisions. Its grid size is 5×5. But it contains only Industrial and Electronic items.

What Items Can You Trade With Fuel Conditioner In Tarkov?

Trade With Fuel Conditioner In Tarkov

Tarkov Fuel Conditioner is not only for its specialities but can also be traded with other items to get a new solid item.

  • When one Tarkov Fuel Conditioner is added with two of 5L Propane tank and then trade it with Prapor LL2, he will sell you a Metal Tank. Most players prefer this trading item.
  • If you own just a Fuel Container and not anything more, then no problem, you can trade it with Mechanic LL2 and sell you 1 X Products X-5 MP5 50-round 9×19 magazines.
  • Suppose you have excess Fuel Conditioner and don’t know what to do with it, trade and get exciting items. You can give 10 Fuel Conditioner + 15 5L Propane Tank + 15 Dry Fuel and trade it with Jaegar LL3 and get Red Rebel Ice Pick.

How Many Fuel Conditioners Are Found In The Blood Of War – Part 2 Quest?

Fuel Conditioners Found In The Blood Of War - Part 2 Quest

The Blood of War- Part 2 is a quest in this exciting game. You will be able to find a Fuel Conditioner in this part. A player would be able to find Four Fuel conditioner in this part. It is a Handover item and found in the raid. Some locations are listed below to get the Fuel conditioner in Part-2.

  • It is present inside the large chest in the front left “K” building on Reserve.
  • It is found on a box that is near Exit-1 in the Lab.
  • You can get it in Woods in the Marked Circle
  • It can be easily taken from Shoreline Island.
  • It is seen in the Interchange “Techlight” Store and the Interchange Substation.
  • It is found both in Hidden Ground Cache and Burial Barrel Cache.
  • You can search for it in Dead Scavs, Jackets, and Sports Bags.
  • It is seen in the table in The Lab in a caged testing area that is unlocked.

What Is The Requirement To Start Blood Of War – Part 2 Quest?

Every game lover would love and desire to go to the next higher level to equip themselves. And many players doubt the requirement that is needed to start The Blood of War-Part 2 Quest. To start this level, you must finish Level 25 to start this quest.

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