How To Dupe Pets In Pet Simulator X

dupe pets

Dupe Pets in Pet Simulator X is a majorly used glitch that is used to create multiple pets from a single pet. Compared to duping gems, the concept of dupe pets demonstrates a trading bug mechanism, which gives us an unfair benefit to players using it.

Pet Simulator X has a wide range of pets that attracts the player’s mind to explore the game.

Many players are still unaware of the process of duping the pets in Pet Simulator X; we’re here to help. Follow along to understand how you can do this –

How To Dupe Pets In Pet Simulator X

Process taken in Dupe pets

Note – Game Specifications doesn’t promote any kind of hacks in the game. This is just an informational video regarding the process of duping pets.

It seems that repetition of any pet does not seem to be an easy process to execute. But you can make this process happen if you get good exploitation in the game or access when bugs enter the game by mistake during the review process.

Most of the time, glitches and dupes are quickly fixed with the help of the Dev and Preston team in the Big Games. But despite taking immediate action, there is a chance that the exploit was already exploited by a lot of players and has significantly impacted the total pet counts.

There was one method that was working earlier (now patched) where the players needed to trade with other players to dupe pets in Pet Simulator X.

The process goes as –

  1. Send your friend a trade request.
  2. Cancel this trade in less than 3 seconds and send another trade request.
  3. This creates multiple trades in the server pool and grants an extra pet when your friend accepts the trade.

Here’s a video demonstrating that –

As of now, there are no legit ways to dupe pets in Pet Simulator X. The working ones require using script executors like Krnl and running a bunch of hacks through which you can dupe the pets, but it’s still not recommended at any time. These scripts can make you vulnerable to getting caught or even worse getting banned.

What is the Need for Dupe Pets in Pet Simulator X?

Need of Dupe pets

There is no real reason to focus on duplicating any pets other than increasing them in the count. Most of the users do it to combine them to create a rarer version or trade them with other players for a better pet.

But beware that we should not participate in fraudulent methods of duping methods. Duplication of pets weakens this in-game economy and, in return, it makes the game fail if there is no way to control it.

It will also not be fair for players who spend real money buying pets in the game compared to those who get it for free. It can be done for fun, but it directly hurts the in game market. If you have a dupe pet or a collection, discard it all immediately and be a part of a good community.

Other Exploits That Are Commonly Used

  • Visual Pet Dupe
  • Triple Hatch
  • No Lag
  • Visual gem dupe
  • Open all eggs
  • Ultra-fast Autofarm

How Players Use KRNL To Dupe Pets In Pet Simulator X?

Execution of Duplicates pets
  • In the process, your first need a script to do the cheating. We can find it in the Pastebin archives.
  • Now we have to copy the given script and open the exploit. Then paste the exploit script.
  • Then command that you paste the script into the game. You can use this exploit script with Roblox Vega X Exploit.
  • Lastly, you have the opportunity to sign the script in the game and check if the script is open or not. There is a possibility of an error during unlocking if you use the wrong command. Try to take the correct script during practice.
  • Then, you have the advantage of duping pets in Pet Simulator X.


There are possibilities of glitches happening in the game after using the game pass. In auto hatching, if you randomly unlock the teleport button, you can teleport the egg anywhere and continuously hatch it.


Name the rarest pet in Pet Sim X?

There are many pets in Pet sim X, but the rarest pet in the game is Blue BIG Maskot, as it seems to have the most expensive requirements.

Methods to attain Rainbow Pets in Pet Sim X?

You can attain Rainbow Pets by collecting and merging seven identical types of golden pets. Compared to normal pets, these pets have the coin collection five times more. You can see the possibilities that any kind of pet can transform even though they are the reskin of any type in differences of golden varients.

Who is the two-leg dragon?

One of the fascinating personalities in PSX is Dragon, that has two legs named Wyvern. He has legendarily winged not with four legs but with two only, also described as Bipedal.

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