Pillars Of Eternity Coop – Can You Play With Your Friends?

Pillars Of Eternity Coop

What is Pillars of Eternity Coop? Do Pillars of Eternity Coop exist? Are all questions asked by the fans of the video game Pillars of Eternity. Since questions related to Pillars of Eternity Coop are asked regularly in various gaming forums in this article, we will look into Pillars of Eternity Coop to better understand the topic. 

However, it is impossible to understand Pillars of Eternity Coop without understanding what the game Pillars of Eternity is. So let’s look into that first. 

Pillars Of Eternity

Pillars of Eternity is a video game released in 2015 on the 26th of March. The game was published by Paradox Interactive and was developed by Obsidian Entertainment. It is a Role-Playing Game, or RPG in short, which allows the players to take the role of a different character. 

Although not a direct sequel, the game can be considered the spiritual successor of the Icewind Dale and Baldur’s gate series. 

The game was crowdfunded as Obsidian started the campaign in the September of 2012 for the Kickstarter. They managed to raise over 4 Million USD, making Pillars of Eternity the highest Funded Video Game of the time. The game engine made use of by the game is Unity Engine. 

The events of the game take place in a fantasy world called Eora. 

The game received critical acclaim as fans and critics loved its incredible writing, world-building, and strategic combat. All these features made the fans ask the question of whether or not Pillars of Eternity coop exists as they wanted more experience within the incredible world of the game. 

The game was released for PC for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. 

However, before we answer that question, let’s understand what Co-op is. 

What Is Co-Op? 

When the Word Co-op is used in gaming, it refers to Cooperative games or Co-Op Games. The games with the Cooperative feature allow multiple players to play the game together simultaneously.

The objective of cooperative multiplayer games or Co-op games is to increase and improve upon the game’s various social aspects and reduce the competition by allowing different players to come together and play the game together to complete a common objective and bring forth a feeling of Community. 

So it was only natural that players wanted to have the experience of cooperative multiplayer in Pillars of Eternity, which resulted in many of the game players asking about Pillars of Eternity Coop. 

Pillars Of Eternity Coop

This section will clear all the doubts you as a player would have regarding Pillars Of Eternity Coop. As the game is incredible in every possible aspect, it is not surprising that many players are interested in knowing about the Co-op feature of the game. So, the most important question that one needs to ask is – Does Pillars of Eternity Coop exist? 

Well, the simple answer is no. Unfortunately, Pillars of Eternity does not have a co-op function. 

Both Pillars of Eternity 1 and 2 are purely single-player games, so Pillars of Eternity Coop do not exist. You will have to adjust to having a single-player experience. Many players believe that Pillars of Eternity could have benefitted greatly if the game had a co-op feature. 

A possible thing one could do is to create a character for you and your friend so both of you are in the party and each of you takes turns between the battles. 

Since there is no Pillars of Eternity coop, some might ask if there are some alternative games that have the coop feature. Well, you are in luck. 

Alternative Games

Divinity Original Sin is an alternative you could try as an alternative to Pillars of Eternity. The game is incredible and has an excellent coop mode. The game can also be played in single-player mode. 

Unlike Pillars of Eternity, Divinity Original Sin offers a more relaxed and casual gaming experience so you can plug in your controllers, sit back, relax and enjoy. 

Both Divinity Original Sin 1 and 2 offer online coop. Adding on to it, the game also allows Split Screen Coop, which means you and your friends will be able to play the game sitting together. 

Is There Any Pillars Of Eternity Coop mod?

Currently, no mods exist that provide multiplayer for Pillars of Eternity.

The same is the case for multiplayer mods. Such a mod is not present in the game as pillars of eternity is purely a single-player game. Currently, the developers don’t have any plans on adding the multiplayer mode in Pillars of Eternity, and the players will have to enjoy the single-player experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Pillars of Eternity co-op?

Pillars of Eternity does not have a co-op feature or multiplayer feature. As of right now, there are no such features planned to be introduced into the game. 

Is Pillars of Eternity ps4 co-op?

Both Pillars of Eternity 1 and Pillars of Eternity 2 provide a single-player experience, with the games having just single-player mode. Unfortunately, the game does not have Co-op in any versions of the game on any consoles. 

Is Edge of Eternity coop?

Edge of Eternity offers only a single-player experience and does not have a multiplayer feature, whether online cooperative multiplayer or local cooperative multiplayer. 

How many people can play Pillars of Eternity?

In the game Pillars of Eternity, the player can traverse the incredible game world with five followers. Initially, the player will only be able to create their own character; however, as the story progresses and the adventure moves forward, the player will be able to add the rest. 


Pillars of Eternity Coop has been a topic that intrigued the minds of many people before buying the game and piqued the curiosity of many fans of the game. Does Pillars of Eternity coop exist? Will Pillars of eternity coop ever come? All these are questions that players want answers to. This question and a few others have been dealt with in this article. Everything that you will have to know regarding the Pillars of Eternity coop has been covered in this article. 

Hopefully, this article has been insightful and has given the readers a better understanding of the topic Pillars of Eternity Coop and has cleared all the doubts regarding it and would lead to a better and more enjoyable gaming experience.

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