Roblox Dinosaur Simulator Value List For Trading [2024]

Dinosaur Simulator Value List

In this Dinosaur Simulator, you have been assigned to control several dinosaurs. In the game, also you have to squash the entire city. Your primary function is to destroy the city as much as possible, which will help you to get a high score. These high scores are essential in unlocking exciting new dinosaurs and creating more damage in the city. You can begin the game with a Carnotaurus dinosaur and further open and move on with dinosaurs like an ankylosaurus, a raptor, and T-Rex.

Dinosaur Simulator Value List helps you understand each dinosaur’s value before trading them. Equalized trading always helps you obtain the dinosaur you need without losing value.

What Is The Dinosaur Simulator Value List?

The dinosaur simulator is fantastic and has received significant popularity among players and around the globe. The game is entertaining to play, and now and is developed by Chicken Engineer. We already have many different dinosaurs in the game, which differ in value due to their rarity. Value List is a compilation of dinosaur trading values.

How Are Values Determined For Each Dinosaurs?

In the game, all the dinosaurs permitted has a Growth Rate Multiplier, popularly known as (GRM). The value of this GRM will provide information about how fast the following dinosaur will grow. It will give you some other information also about its value and statistics compared to other dinosaurs.

You will notice the period that a dinosaur takes to grow is from its baby version to its elder version, and the information is provided to you with the help of growth rate. Lower the age of the dinosaur, growth will be much faster.

It is precisely the opposite. If the age is higher, the dinosaur will grow slowly. The primary purpose is to balance the statistics of each dinosaur. The stronger and better dinosaurs will have a more elevated amount of base statistics. And it is precisely supporting the new dinosaurs to become big and have better stats quickly.

In the game, the dinosaur creature with the highest growth rate is Barosaurus. The value of GRM for this dinosaur is 3.0. And the dinosaur creature that has the lowest growth rate and it grows fastest is known as Megalodon. The value of GRM for this dinosaur is 0.1. This is why the statistics play an important role in determining the trading value.

Moreover, the dinosaurs are not of the same rarity. The rare the dinosaur, the more value it has. That is why rare dinosaurs with better stats will have better value than others.

Dinosaur Simulator Value List – Platinum Tier

Albino Terror Dinosaur Simulator
Albino Terror (One of the Rare Dinosaurs)

The value list of the dinosaur simulator for the Platinum Tier is as follows:

The Platinum Tier

Dinosaur NameValue
Kaiju Spinosaurus370-400
Galactic Barosaurus255-473
Blackodile 85
Albino Terror85

Dinosaur Simulator Value List – Diamond Tier

Megavore Dinosaur Simulator

The value list of the dinosaur simulator for Diamond Tier is as follows:

The Diamond Tier

Dinosaur NameValue
Skelewyvern Quetzalcoatlus60
Giant Albino Baryonyx 35-50
Classic Pitch-Black Terror32-75

Dinosaur Simulator Value List – Golden Tier

The value list of the dinosaur simulator for Golden Tier is as follows:

The Golden Tier

Dinosaur NameValue
Maceball Stegosaurus16
Mayhem Gojirasaurus14-40
Psychoceratops 15

Dinosaur Simulator Value List – Silver Tier

The value list of the dinosaur simulator for Silver Tier is as follows:

The Silver Tier

Dinosaur NameValue
Cyber Icthyovenator 10-14
Classic Albino Terror10
Classic Megavore 9
Pitch Black Terror 6

Dinosaur Simulator Value List – Bronze Tier

The value list of the dinosaur simulator for the Bronze Tier is as follows:

The Bronze Tier

Dinosaur NameValue
Late Valentine’s Plush4.25-6
Phoenix Achillobator4.25
Totem Terror Albertosaurus4
Kaiju Quetzalcoatlus3.5
Santa Clawz3.5
Kaiju Sauroposeidon3
Movie Brachiosaurus3
Krampus 3
Disco Stegosaurus3
Galactic Torvosaurus2.5
Kaiju Titanosaurus2

Dinosaur Simulator Value List – Iron Tier

Dinosaur Simulator value List - Iron Tier

The Iron Tier

The value list of the dinosaur simulator for Iron Tier is as follows:

Dinosaur NameValue
Werewolf Cretoxyrhina1.75
Apatosaurus Plush 1.5
Reindeer Istiodactylus1.5
Golden Barosaurus1.5
Headlessaurus 1.5
Peak Spinosaurus1.25
Galactic Hatzegopteryx1.25
Kaiju Baryonyx1.25
Movie Spinosaurus1.25
Movie Triceratops1

Dinosaur Simulator Value List – Coal Tier

The value list of the dinosaur simulator for Coal Tier is as follows:

The Coal Tier

Dinosaur NameValue
Early Winter Frost Sauroposeidon 0.75
White Walker Carcharodontosaurus0.7
Golden Barosaurus0.5
Snowflake Stegosaurus0.5
Wendigo Therizinosaurus0.3
Aurora Borethalass 0.3
Christmas Shunosaurus 0.3
Christmas Dodo 0.25
Christmas Stegoceras0.2
Christmas Coelacanth0.2

What Is Trading In The Dinosaur Simulator?

Trading is one of the features of the dinosaur simulator. You can find the Dinosaur Simulator Trading Map where you can group and trade with others. The primary purpose for adding this feature is to exchange the skins. It provides you the offers to receive rare and limited amounts of skins, and these might have been missed while trading with other players available in the game and the one who informs that they own the skins. 

How To Trade Items In A Dinosaur Simulator?

Trade Items In A Dinosaur Simulator

The process of trading in a dinosaur simulator is very simple. You just have to follow the below-mentioned steps to trade items. But note the trading feature firstly, you have to convert your skins into tokens.

  • Step 1: Begin by clicking on the Trading Menu Tab of the screen, which is available at the left corner of the game screen.
  • Step 2: On the game screen, you will see a menu. Move towards the top right corner of the tab and click on the “Convert” Tab.
  • Step 3: Click on a vacant box available in the middle of the game screen, and it has the button available and the message “Convert Dino/Skin to Token.”
  • Step 4: Choose the skin you wish to convert and then click on the “Convert Dino/Skin to Token” button.
  • Step 5: Finally, your selected skin will get converted into a token, and you can continue this process to restore many more skins.

Why Knowing The Values Of Each Item Is Essential?

The primary purpose is to balance the statistics of every dinosaur. The stronger and better dinosaurs will have a higher amount of base statistics. The dinosaurs which are weaker alongside their low base contain a lower growth rate. Thus, it is very essential to be aware of trading values of each item in the game. Otherwise, you’ll trade your better dinosaur for a weaker one.

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Final Words

While playing the game, there are many possibilities for you to getting scammed. The following methods are suggested by which you can avoid getting scammed in the game, and they are as follows:

  • Avoid getting trapped with female usernames and female pages, and due to this you can get easily scammed.
  • Avoid purchasing or exchanging items by spending real-life money.
  • Don’t buy the items from unauthorized people. It is suggested to purchase the items from the active sellers. 
  • Below is the list of scammers with whom you should avoiding trading
    • Hue95
    • Complexity
    • xXspinoXx3
    • Guep756
    • Brostophaxing
    • DililieX_X
    • Parthdudeyo7827
    • Fettyw54
    • Deadborars


What is worth a Megavore in dinosaur Simulator?

Megavore has a price of 50,000 DNA in-game while its trading value stands at 60.

What is the strongest dinosaur in Dinosaur Simulator?

Spinosaurus is the strongest dinosaur.

What is worth albino terror?

Albino Terror has a price of 80,000 DNA in-game while its trading value stands at 85.