Deltarune Chapter 2 Released After Long Await

Deltarune Chapter 2

The Deltarune Chapter 2 is a part of the popular Deltarune series. The Toby fox developed video game series Deltarune is a role-playing game where players get to control a human character named, Kris in a town inhabited by monsters.

This game is a quest of the destined heroes, Kris along with his friends Susie, his classmate and Ralsei, a friend they meet on their journey to seal the duplicate Dark fountain in the dark world and save the world while fighting the darkness of the Dark World.

The destined trio makes their way through the different kinds of bullet hell attacks by enemies with the combat system which is also used to navigate the way to the Dark fountain. the players have the choice to resolve the things between the enemies and trio peacefully or by choosing violence.

Where To Get the Deltarune Chapter 2 from?

The newly released Deltarune chapter 2 is absolutely free and is available for Microsoft Windows and macOS PC. It had a free launch on Steam and so you can get it easily for free. Though there is still no progress on the release of its PS version and Xbox version. Players are hopeful that the Deltarune Chapter 2 will be available on PS4 and Nintendo Switch in the upcoming months.

Deltarune Chapter 2 Install

But as per the previous incidents in Deltarune Chapter 1 which was released on Microsoft Windows and macOS PC on October 31, 2018, had their PS4 and Nintendo switch editions released on February 28, 2019. So it can be said that there will be a release of the Deltarune Chapter 2 at the end of this year or the beginning of the next year.

Originally the Chapter 2-5 was decided to get released altogether and to be paid but due to the pandemic, Toby Fox released Chapter 2 earlier for free which was announced on Toby Fox official Twitter account tobyfox Twitter. There they have also announced to keep an eye for the upcoming updates on Undertale 2 on the undertale official Twitter account.

He also mentioned that unlike Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 the Chapters 3-5 will be paid and you may need to pay for all the 5 Chapters.

Deltarune Chapters and Plot

Deltarune has 5 chapters in total among which only 2 chapters are released. The Deltarune is inspired by Toby Fox’s previous release Undertale. The Deltarune top-down perspective is inspired by the Undertale.

The Deltarune Chapter 1

The October 31st 2018 released Deltarune Chapter 1 is the initial chapter to the Deltarune world. The game begins with the players creating their own avatar to continue the game. But to players’ amusement, the game will discard the custom made avatar just to flash “No one can choose who are they in this world” on the screen.

This means that you can only get to play as Kris in the entire game. In the game, Kris is a human child in the town of the monster residents who lives with his adoptive monster mother Toriel.

Just like Chara in the Undertale world who is the first human to be there Kris is the only human in the Deltarune world. Where players play through Kris and choose his actions in the game.

This game has a destined trio and after the first member Kris there is another character named Susie. Susie is the monster classmate of Kris who goes to the same school taught by Alphys.

Upon entering the school we get to meet Susie. In the twist of events, Kris and Sussie are sent to the supply closet to bring some chalks for the class blackboard, where they are pulled into an unknown place known as Dark World.

Upon falling into the Dark World the duo meets the Prince of the Dark, Raisel who completes the trio.

Here they get to know that the King of the Dark World has seized the control of the Dark World to spread the darkness everywhere.

Upon knowing the entire thing Susie chooses to not step into the mess but with the twist of turns she eventually meets the King’s son Lancer who joins hands with the trio but eventually plans to throw them into the dungeon for the sake of the king.

But with good fortune Susie makes it to escape from the dungeon and also free her friends. After which the trio manages to confront Lancer and get him back to their side.

Where in the end they manage to imprison the king and make Lancer king and close the Dark fountain.

Just when everything seems fine there happens another incident that leads to the 2nd Chapter of the Deltarune or the Deltarune 2.

Deltarune Chapter 2

Deltarune C2 Gameplay

The story of the Delta rune Chapter 2 follows the occurrence of the next day of the quest to the Dark World. After the nightmare of last night, Kris wakes up to find that Kris had used the knife to cut and the pie that his mother Toriel had made last evening.

Like every other day when Kris and Susie reach the school, they find that the internet service of the whole town has been lost due to some unknown reasons. Thinking that there might be some connection of this sudden ruckus may be related to Yesterday’s event and to confirm that everything was true the two rush to the supply closet to find everything was real. The two decide to enter the Dark World again where they find that Raslei and Lancer are rebuilding the Dark World.

But upon reaching the school library to finish up their project the trio realizes that there is another Dark World Forming inside the Computer Lab of the library. With them Noelle and Berdly their friends also join them. There they find out that this is a technology-themed Dark World which is controlled by a computer named Queen who wants to create more Dark Fountains. Here you will also find the Tasque Manager in the Queen’s castle who is also known as the Task Manager. The Tasque Manager loves to coordinate outfits and hates the clowns.

Here in Deltarune Chapter 2, you would get to meet another enemy, the Spamton Deltarune. Spamton or Spamton G. Spamton is an NPC, boss and bonus boss who serves the final boss.

Chapter 2 ends with a good not by convincing the Queen to stop her evil plan and relocating the Queen and her followers to Raslei’s castle.

But at the end of Chapter 2, there is another story to keep the series going.

Here in the Deltarune Chapter 2, there is also another alternative route that will follow a slightly varying plotline. The ending and the other plotlines add up a lot for the 3rd chapter.

Chapter 3-5 of the Deltarune is predicted to be released soon as the Deltarune Chapter was released on September 17, 2021.


Just like the undertake the Deltarune includes puzzles and bullet hells. In Deltarune the players can see the enemies directly to avoid them.

Deltarune Chapter 2 Fights

In Deltarune the players can choose a set of turn-based combats such as fight, act, defend, spare, using items, etc. which will reduce the possibility of damages. The brushing against attack increases the tension point gauge (TP) and lets you use a magic spell. Like Raslei’s ability to put the enemies to sleep.

When a member’s on your side reaches the hit points (HP) 0 everyone in the team becomes low on energy and would not regenerate until the HP reaches 1.

The goal of the game is to avoid fights and gain peace so to avoid the feud between the enemies and your team you also need to warn enemies about Susie while making peace with them. As Susie would randomly attack the enemies instead of sparing them.

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Conclusion Note

The Deltarune Chapter 2 had above 100,000 installs during the launch of the game on steam. The design and the plotline make the games worth the popularity. The chapter 3-5 release date and the pS4 and Xbox release date will be announced soon as the players are so excited for the rest of the series.

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