D3 Jewelcrafting Recipes – Complete Diablo 3 Crafting Guide For Better Gaming

D3 Jewelcrafting Recipes

Diablo III is a game that undoubtedly has a huge fan base with a lot of players who play the game regularly. While many questions, queries, and doubts are asked regarding the video game Diablo 3 on a daily basis, one of the most common of these queries is regarding D3 Jewelcrafting Recipes. In many of the video game forums and pages, there are a lot of users that ask about Jewelcrafting Recipes regarding what they are, how to get them, etc., so they can successfully complete the task of learning five jewel crafting recipes that come in Chapter IV of Diablo 3. 

All the queries and doubts you may be having regarding D3 Jewelcrafting Recipes will be over soon as you have come to the right place. All your queries that might be lingering in your mind regarding the topic will be answered and clarified here in this article. 

Diablo 3

Diable III is a role-playing hack-and-slash video game set in a world called Sanctuary that is ravaged by the eternal conflict that happens between angels and demons. This video game which is the third instalment of the famous Diablo franchise, was first released in May 2012 for Microsoft Windows and OS X. This genre-defining-action-RPG was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment which also developed all the other games in the franchise. 

The video game Diable III is set twenty years after the events that took place in Diablo II. You, as a player, can choose to play as any one of the available seven characters, namely Barbarian, Crusader, Demon Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, Witch Doctor, or Wizard. As in the previous games of this franchise, the task of the character you choose is to defeat Diable, The Lord of Terror. 

D3 Jewelcrafting Recipes: What is it?

In the game Diablo III, jewel crafting is the crafting discipline that allows and helps you to make and enchant jewels, rings, and amulets. The task of learning the D3 Jewelcrafting Recipes is present in the Chapter IV section of the video game, and you are to complete the task to complete the chapter successfully. 

Compared to any TBC profession, jewel crafting has the most number of formulas ranging from 300 to 500. Many of these formulas usually come from world drops, mob drops or area drops. There are over 100 recipes for different ornaments like necklaces, rings, jewels, and figurines that you can get from these drops, and around 60 that you can obtain only through one of 12 different reputations. 

D3 Jewelcrafting Recipes: How to Obtain Them?

d3 bounty

In the game, Diablo III, you can mostly find Jewelcrafting Recipes from monsters, the crafting tab of the Jeweller, the bounties or from the odious collector. 

Odious collectors will also have several of D3 Jewelcrafting Recipes, so you can find these crafting recipes from them as well. The Odious collector, Purloiner of Fire Things is the Treasure Goblin variant in Diablo III.  

Buying design d3

Another way to obtain Jewelcrafting Recipes and jeweller designs is by accessing the crafting tab of the Jeweller as they will only be generated by him. You will notice that a tooltip will appear if you hover the cursor of your mouse over the names. 

You can also obtain Jewelcrafting Recipes from loots that you may collect from monsters that you defeat or from breakable objects that are given to artisans to train. These highest quality D3 Jewelcrafting Recipes are not account bound and hence, they cannot be sold or given away. All your characters in the game, Diablo 3 will have access to these Jewelcrafting Recipes once the artisan has learned them as they are shared by all the available characters. 

Getting these Diablo 3 Jewelcrafting Recipes from monsters is random, as they are only random drops. However, the most guaranteed way of getting the crafting recipes are drops from bounty caches. It would be best for you to keep doing bounties as long as they drop Jewelcrafting Recipes. 

The more recipes you get, the better, as you need all of these gem-crafting recipes for different levels, especially higher-difficulty ones. Every time you complete five bounties, that is the total number present in each level, you will be provided with a holandric gift and every one of these gifts contains a D3 Jewelcrafting Recipes. You can do these bounties until you are sure that they have stopped dropping crafting recipes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I get jewel crafting recipes?

You can get D3 Jewelcrafting Recipes in different ways, like by collecting them from the loots of monsters, bounty cache drops, the odious collector, etc. You can also buy some types of recipes like Gear Jewel Recipes when you reach level 24 or 25. They are sold by Balthazar Dragonthorn in The Atheneum (Dragonspyre). However, to be able to buy these recipes, you have to be a Novice Crafter or higher. 

Where can I find the Jeweler in Diablo III?

You will find or be able to encounter the jeweler in the video game Diablo III in the Caldeum Sewers in Act II of the game. Your jeweler’s shop and the items that he contains or sells as you level him up from 1 to 12. 

What is the highest-tier gem in Diablo III?

The gems that are at times a key part of helping craft jewelry using D3 Jewelcrafting Recipes come in five levels with increasing qualities. Their qualities often determine their selling price. 
Chipped (250)
Flawed (750)
Normal (2,500)
Flawless (5,000)
Perfect (15,000)

What is the best way to find D3 Jewelcrafting Recipes?

The best of all the available ways to find Jewelcrafting Recipes is definitely collecting drops from bounty caches. This is the best way because one can get the maximum number of crafting recipes from bounties. 


D3 Jewelcrafting Recipes refers to the recipe that helps one craft jewelry in the video game Diablo III. The first time these recipes are probably mentioned in the game is in Chapter IV of Diablo III when the players are given a task of learning five Jewelcrafting recipes. This task is crucial to successfully completing this chapter and moving on further into the game. There are many fans of the game who often ask queries regarding where they can find the recipes in the many forums of Diablo III. This article has attempted to provide a complete guide to clear any such doubts that the players may be having. 

Hopefully, this article has been informative and has answered all the queries!

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