Wastepack Atomizer in Rimworld: Streamlining Waste Management in the Virtual Colony

Wastepack Atomizer in Rimworld

Rimworld, a popular survival simulation game, presents players with the challenge of managing a growing colony on an alien planet. One crucial aspect of colony management is waste disposal, especially the disposal of toxic waste packs. To address this issue, the game introduces the Wastepack Atomizer, an innovative device that revolutionizes the management of Toxic Waste within the virtual world. This article explores the role of the Atomizer in the video game, Rimworld, its functionality, and the benefits it brings to in-game waste management.

This article will cover everything that you will need to know regarding the topic of Atomizer. That much being said, let us waste no further time and jump right into it.

What Is Wastepack Atomizer?

The first thing that you will need to know regarding the topic of Atomizer is what exactly is this particular item. As the name of the item clearly implies, it’s an Atomizer, an item that can be used to destroy things. But what things does it destroy, you might ask, well, the answer to that, too, is available right in the name – Wastepacks. 

Toxic Wastepack
Toxic Wastepack

The Wastepack Atomizer is an item used in the game Rimworld to cleanly get rid of the toxic Wastepacks that are found within the game. Using the Atomizer is an efficient way to prevent pollution from spreading across your colony in the game Rimworld.

Now that you have gotten a better understanding of what the item is, you might be wondering how you will be able to acquire this useful item. Well, worry no more, as the next section of this article will discuss exactly that.

Acquiring The Wastepack Atomizer

The only way you can acquire the Atomizer is by construction. You will be able to construct this particular device after studying a chip called the Nano Structuring Chip. You will be able to get this chip after you have defeated one Apocriton, as well as finishing the research project for Atomizer. 

In order to construct the Wastepack Atomizer, you will need to have 1 Nano Structuring Chip, 50 Plasteel, and 200 Steel with the construction skill of 8 and 30,000 tocks of work which is roughly around eight and a half minutes. 

Summary Of Atomizer 

Values Overview Table

Days taken to atomize5 Days
Wastepacks that can be atomized each day2 Wastepacks
The total capacity of the Atomizer10 Wastepacks
Number of wastepacks per stack5 Wastepacks
Ticks taken to Atomize one wastepack30,000 ticks (12 in-game hours)

Wastepack Atomizer makes use of 400W of power. Atomizers are capable of holding and storing up to 10 toxic Wastepacks at the same time. The device will destroy and get rid of one toxic Wastepack every 30,000 ticks, which is roughly around 12 hours within the game. In order to destroy the toxic Wastepacks, they need to be inside a powered Atomizer. Just because the Wastepacks are in the Atomizer does not mean that they will get destroyed since Wastepacks can’t deteriorate inside the Atomizer.

Pawns will only reload and refill the Atomizer every 2.5 days within the game. They will also reload the Atomizer if they have full stacks of the toxic Wastepacks, which is five units per stack. 

Analysis Of Wastepack Atomizer

Wastepack Atomizer is one of the most important and consequence-free methods of clearing pollution in Rimworld. The only other thing that comes close to Atomizer in terms of dealing with pollution is the Polux Trees. Pollution is not a good thing, not in the real world, nor is it a good thing in the game.

WastePack Atomizer

It can cause huge negative effects over the course of time. And if you decide to just freeze the Wastepacks, it would just result in valuable space running out. Dumping the wastes by Caravan or shuttle content that was introduced by the Royalty DLC or using the transport pod all come with their own cost. 

If you dump the waste near any other factions, it could result in the reduction of the goodwill, which could potentially lead to other diplomatic issues.

However, this does not mean that just building the Wastepack Atomizer would fix all your issues. It is not easy to construct one, let alone multiple Atomizer. In order to get one nano structuring chip that is needed for the construction of the atomizer, you will need to defeat an apocriton. You will also be able to use these chips for making advanced mechanical gear or develop a war queen for your colony, which would create a unique opportunity for you. 

Wastepack Atomizer Not Working

Many players have complained about the issue of Wastepack Atomizer not working in many game forums and on Reddit. But the case here is mostly due to insufficient wastepacks. Atomizer only works when a specific threshold of wastepacks is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the market value of a wastepack atomizer?

The market value of an Atomizer is 2440 silver. The item can destroy one waste pack every 12 hours.

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Wastepack Atomizer is a device that is available for players within the game Rimworld. This particular device allows the players to destroy and get rid of the toxic wastepacks in the game and limit the pollution caused by it. You will be able to get this particular device by constructing it. This is a very useful device to have, albeit hard to construct. This article has covered everything that you will need to know regarding the topic of Wastepack Atomizer, including how you can construct this item and how to use it, as well as how this device works. Everything that you will need to know regarding the topic has been covered in this article. 

Hopefully, this article has been insightful and has provided you with all the information that you need in order to keep your colony clean and toxic-free! 

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