Primal Ancient Drop Rate In Diablo 3 Is Quite Rare

Primal Ancient Drop Rate

Primal Ancient Drop Rate refers to the rate at which this extremely rare item is dropped in the game. The item is incredibly rare and therefore the drop rate is also expected to be less but how much rare?. 

The item was introduced into the game in the patch update of 2.5.0 and the Primal Ancient items had gotten a lot of sneering from the community of Diablo. Before the update, there were certain Ancient items that had better stats and with the new update, The Primal Ancient drop rates would be even less when compared to Ancients but would have a much better stat. 

Before we dive into answering the question of Primal Ancient Drop Rates we need to understand what Primal Ancients are and why they are valuable. 

What Are Primal Ancients? 

Primal ancient items are the rarest and most powerful items in Diablo 3. They are only available from certain high-level bosses, and they provide a significant boost to one’s character’s stats and abilities. They are so powerful that they are often the deciding factor in who wins and who loses in the most competitive games.

Primal Ancient Drop
Primal Ancient Drop

If the player looking for a powerful weapon or piece of armor, then a primal ancient item is definitely worth seeking out. However, one needs to keep in mind that they are very rare, so don’t get your hopes up too much.

If one is lucky enough to find a primal ancient item, the player will be able to sell it for a lot of money. But more importantly, the player would have a significant advantage over one’s opponents. So if the player is looking to get ahead in Diablo 3, keep your eyes peeled for those rare and powerful primal ancient items!

Primal Ancient Drop Rate

It’s no secret that the drop rates for primal ancients in Diablo 3 are abysmal. In fact, they are so bad that it’s almost not worth bothering with them. But if one wishes to be a completionist, then the player would want to know what the drop rates are so he or she can at least have a chance at getting them.

Going out for a Fight
Going out for a Fight to get Primal Ancient

According to Blizzard, the drop rates for primal ancients are “extremely rare.” But what does that actually mean? Well, according to data from players who have done extensive farming, the average drop rate is around 1%. That means for every 100 runs the player does, he or she will probably get one primal ancient.

Ancients are normally 10% Legendary and Primals are 10% Ancients.

That is just about 1% in statistics. It will be a bit lower when the player takes the deviations into account which would be around 0.25%. Now, 1% might not sound too bad, but keep in mind that it’s just an average. That means there are plenty of people who have gone hundreds or even thousands of runs without getting a single primal ancient. In other words, the drop rates are pretty much a bad long shot.

If the player is feeling lucky and wants to try his or her hand at farming for primal ancients, then be prepared for a long and frustrating journey. But it is advised by a lot of players that it is better to just move on with one’s life and that the player completely forgets about them altogether. Many players say they are just regular ancients with maxed affixes.

Greater Rift

It is to be noted that Primal Ancients will only start to drop once the character reaches Greater Rift 70 Solo.

The normal and hardcore characters along with the seasonal and non-seasonal characters all have separate unlocks. The stats of the items will be fit to the class of the character one is playing when the first item drops. The item Primal Ancient can be salvaged into fifteen forgotten souls.

Alternative Way

It is also possible to craft the said item by making use of recipes 2 and 3. Rings are a good crafting item using Recipe 3 since the item provides a lot of positive outcomes.

What is the primal drop rate in Diablo 3?

Taking the average of Primal Drops the Primal Drop rate should be around 1 primal every two hours. However, most players seem to continuously ignore the fact that the drop rate averages 1 in 400. One also needs to realize this does not assure that the player would get primal for every 400 legendary drops.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the odds of getting a primal ancient?

There is a 0.25% chance to get the Primal Ancient Drop. This is an incredibly low chance so it is advised to not be obsessed with the idea of getting the item.

When can Primal ancients drop?

Once the player reaches Level 70 Greater Rift then it is possible to get the Primal Ancients Drop.

Can kadala give Primals?

Primal Ancients can be dropped from any of the Legendary Item sources. So it is possible to get Primal Ancients from Kadala but this will only be possible after the player reaches at least level 70 Greater Rift. 


Primal Ancient Drop Rate is the drop rate of the extremely rare powerful item. The said item is very rare to find that many of the players often ask what the Primal Ancient Drop Rate is.

To conclude, the drop rate for primal ancients in Diablo 3 is very low. However, there are ways to increase the chances of the players finding them. First, make sure to complete all of the quests in the game. This will give one more opportunity to find rare items. Second, participate in community events. These often have higher drop rates for rare items. Finally, be patient and keep playing. The more the player plays, the better his or her chances of finding a primal ancient.

This article has discussed in detail what the Primal Ancient items are as well as what the Primal Ancient Drop Rate is along with the alternative ways to obtain the rare items.

Hopefully, this article has been insightful to the reader and has given a better understanding of Primal Ancient Drop Rates in the game Diablo 3.

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