Cyberpunk 2020 Character Sheet Explained

Cyberpunk 2020 Character Sheet

Cyberpunk has the best character optimization, and modification enabled game which allows the player to know the character in detail and even modify the character’s look very precisely. Cyberpunk has focused on the minute details of the game to provide introductive gameplay and never feel like playing a lifeless game; instead, a player finds it very interactive to know the in-depth of a character.

Cyberpunk 2020 Character Sheet is something which contains the details of the character; it is just like a biography in small sheets. Cyberpunk 2020 Character Sheet holds all the information and stats related to the character, which means a player can know all about the character just by going through the two sheets of paper. Character Sheet is handy to get an in-depth review of any character of the game.

Character Appearances and Attributes

Character’s appearance in the Cyberpunk 2020 Character Sheet will let you know about the looks and the passport size photographs which will represent the facial recognition and for the appearance, that is, dressing sense and attitude it will be mentioned in details.

Character’s attributes, according to Cyberpunk 2020 Character Sheet will let you know about the intelligence, ref, tech, cool, attr, luck, ma, body, and emp. All these are having specific ratings according to the character’s usability and default status.

Character Sheet is important to grasp the complete information about any characters. There are multiple sections in this character sheet that explain the player’s biography and skill points. This post explains all the stats and information included in the Cyberpunk 2020 Character Sheet in this post.

What is the Cyberpunk 2020 Character Sheet?


Cyberpunk 2020 Character Sheet is similar to a biography of a person, but in this, you will get all the details of a character in two sheets. These sheets are designed to provide a detailed look of a character with a photo attached in the character sheet form; this will help you to know about what a character looks like and what qualities it holds. The stats are default until the character is modified and unused; stats get updated according to the usability of the character.

Different Sections in the Cyberpunk 2020 Character Sheet


There are various sections in the sheet which is read by a player for a better understanding of stats.


Type of the player is written in this block. Your character’s errand will be written at this place.


A Role represents what a player will be doing in the game. Currently, there are three roles in the game namely, Nomad, Corpo, and Street Kid. All these roles have different storylines.


Nothing to say here as you all know what it holds.


Skill Point Cyberpunk

It shows the rating out of 10 for the specified stat.

  1. INT: Intelligence
  2. REF: Modified and Unmodified
  3. TECH: Technical
  4. COOL: WILL Power
  5. ATTR: Attributes
  6. LUCK: The Fortune
  7. MA: Movement Allowance
  8. BODY: Body Strength
  9. EMP: Empathy


This block tells the strength of different body parts – head, torso, right arm, left arm, right leg, and left leg. These are the rating obtained by a character out of 10. Investing in all of the parts properly upgrades your body’s functionality.


The respect earned under the specific role is mentioned here. The more side missions you do, the more the REP you earn. Reputation is significant in certain scenarios.


This represents overall skill rating of the character which can be earned and increased by making progress with the character.


The attitude points earned against the roleplay. This points determine the humanity’s existence in your playstyle.


It is similar to attaching a passport size photograph in a form but in the form of a sketch. This sketch is generated by the computer but it’s very accurate. With this sketch, you can easily identify the character from the game.


It holds the list of electronics along with the cost of each item. Cyberpunk is all based on cyber equipment you have and how you use them. This section has a list of all cybernetics attached to your body.


It holds the various skill sets of the character with ratings. Skills are as follows-: Special Abilities, Attr, Body, Cool/Will, Empathy, Int, Ref, Tech, and Custom. Each of these skills plays an important role in the points you earn by doing every mission.


It represents the valuation of the character. This valuation is necessary to understand the character monetary influence.


It comprises of clothes, hair, affects, ethnicity, and language of the character.


It is filled with the successor story, and background of the character, from where it belongs.


It considers the characters thinking like – traits, valued person, value most, feel about people, and valued possession.


It represents the number of male and female siblings if any.


It is the notepad for the achievements of the character along with the year of an event.


The accessories held by any character is listed here with the cost of a specific accessory.


The weapons used by any character is mentioned under this heading with its specifications.


It tells the amount of ammo carried by a character for the weapon he or she uses. It also lists the number of mags if required.


The surrounding of a character is listed here with the names and relationship with the person.


Stats of the armor used by the character is mentioned here and rated along with bonus.

Interesting things in the Character Sheet

Character Creation Cyberpunk

Cyberpunk 2020 Character Sheet has all the details of a character, but there are few critical things which one should always consider going through. Armor, Stats, Cybernetics, Weapon and Ammo Tracker are the most important you need to look because it will affect your gameplay.

Final Words

Cyberpunk 2020 Character Sheet is one the best representation, which shows how much the developers have focused on the details of making the game to provide the best interactivity with the player. Cyberpunk 2020 already has the best character modification as compared to any other game, and Cyberpunk 2020 Character Sheet is also one of the best

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