Doom Eternal Crucible Sword To Slash Through Enemies

Doom Eternal Crucible Sword

Crucible is the latest and powerful weapon that Doom Slayer has recently lunch. Doom Slayer early lunch their laser sword, and these weapons are compelling energy-based melee.

Doom Eternal Crucible Sword is one of the fascinating weapons in the game which is effective in melee combats. This powerful melee weapon is capable of killing the enemies in one shot. In this post, we’ll have a look at this weapon and ways to obtain it.

What is the Doom Eternal Crucible Sword?

Doom Eternal Sword Look

Recently Doom Eternal has launched a stack of weapons. You can choose any of the weapons in that, but. If you want the best and most effective gun, then you must have to go for Doom Eternal Crucible Sword. These are newly lunch weapons and added in the Doom Eternal. Crucible is a powerful melee weapon that can kill every near enemy in just one hit. In the above article, we are going to show you how to get this weapon and how to use a Crucible sword. Read continue.

What is the advantage of Doom Eternal Crucible Sword?

Crucible is a potent weapon that can kill so many enemies in just one hit. Crucible is a little bit similar to Chainsaw and the Berserk power-up, and its power can kill any demon except shielded Marauder. Crucible can store 3 chargers one at a time. Red sword pickups are used to recharge the Crucible.

If we compare Crucible with Chainsaw, the Crucible can kill the enemies with the broader range. But one disadvantage is their lack of drop pickup ability. Crucible can use one charge for each enemy, which depends upon the standard of enemies.

How to get the Doom Eternal Crucible Sword?

If you want Crucible in the Doom, you have to be fully focused on the ninth mission. That is “Taras Nabad” task in this the Slayers come back from the city Sentinel which they lost and come for reclaiming they try to defend their city first time with the Sword.

Obtain Doom Eternal Crucible Sword

When you start playing the Mission Taras Nabad at that time, Doom Eternal Crucible Sword is locked in the heart of Titan demon who is expired, and when you take that, the Slayer has to reform the new seal and bathing by installing a new one, and it is argent energy. If you feel worried about the mission, so don’t worry because the Sword is the main point of the mission, and if any sward gets out, it quickly started reforming.

The Game has the standard moment at they provide you everything which you needed in the Game. If you feel confused about where to go, you can press D-pad to get an indicator of the right path.

How to use Doom Eternal Crucible Sword?

Doom Eternal Crucible Sword Gameplay

Doom Eternal Crucible Sword is a dangerous weapon for enemies in one hit crucible can kill so many enemies this weapon are quite similar to BEG 9000 and Chainsaw, Once you use Crucible then you don’t need to use any other weapon because it ends the war in just 1 or 2 hits. By pressing D-pad on the right-hand side, you can cover or uncover the

Sword and then press the Right Trigger/ R2 for hitting the enemies. Ensure that you don’t waste your bullets because, in just one hit, you can kill several enemies. Even the Barons of the hall, which is very difficult to kill but by using this weapon, you kill them. But we found that this weapon does not work on the doomHunter’s or Marauder, who are the bosses.

The negative side of this awesome weapon is that they have ammo just for three players. But in the Chainsaw fuel, it also takes some energy to kill the enemies like Tyrant or as the weakest zombie. Crucible energy doesn’t recharge, so ensure that you don’t waste your superweapon for the weak enemies. Save this weapon for the hardy situation or for most challenging enemies. This weapon can keep you in any most rigid case.

Which enemies are weak against Doom Eternal Crucible Sword?

Crucible can kill so many zombies in just one hit Crucible can kill the strongest demons like Arch-vile monsters, which are very strong and complicated in the mission. We can also kill Demons as a baron of hell, Cyber mancubus, or the Tyrant with this super powerful Crucible.

But one demerit of Crucible is that it can not kill the Marauders because he has powerful demons with a red shield, for killing marauders you have some different strategies that can lead to the death of bosses. But you have to kill all the enemies. You can use some standard weapons so that your Crucible will save for the main enemies. Crucible will work on the forces of zombies surrounded on the levitating platform. You can quickly kill all the enemies which are present there with the help of Crucible.

Final Words

Crucible is a potent weapon in the Doom Slayer. Doom Slayer recently launched so many weapons Crucible is also one of the Doom Slayer weapons. You can kill so many enemies in just one shoot except the bosses.

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