10 Best Bloxburg Family Houses | 2 Story, Blush, and Cheap

Bloxburg Family Houses

A house speaks a lot about you as a person and your personality. This statement not only valid in real life but also Bloxburg. There are a few pre-build houses in the game, but players can build their own too. The building system in Bloxburg provides the players to place walls, windows, doors, vehicles, furniture, and other things according to the player’s wish. Bloxburg definitely encourages the player’s creativity and allows them to construct their dream houses.

Bloxburg Family Houses are great architectural masterpieces which fulfill all the basics requirement that home has. But creating one requires good planning of layout and other inside structures. In this post, we’ve mentioned all the family houses necessary for you.

Best Bloxburg Family Houses To Build

If the existing pre-built Bloxburg Family Houses are too boring for you, then it’s time to spice things up. Here are some ideas that will make your house look fantastic.

Two-story Modern Bloxburg Family House

Two-story Modern Bloxburg Family Houses

Outline the outer house structure of the first floor with walls. Then add the second layer of walls to create the second floor. Use a Mansard Roof and a Gabel roof to give the Bloxburg Family Houses a modern look. Add Massive Pillars at each corner of the house to provide the required support. Use basic floor for the entrance of the house. Add Grand Hedge fence to give it a more fabulous look.

Using Tall glass double windows and tall Transom double doors to make the house look more elegant. Use institutional white, brown, smokey grey, mid-grey color scheme for a modern look. Finally, add a few small natural flowers and wildflowers to five a finishing look to the garden. The cost for building this type of house is around $10,000.

Blush Modern Mansion

Since the mansions are enormous in size, outline the exterior structure using the pavement. Then place two layers of walls on the tracks to build a solid exterior. Use institutional white, brown, smokey grey, mid-grey, and light pastel pink color theme for an elegant look. Using light and medium brick texture for the walls will give it a modern look.

Add as many large windows as possible and a massive door that describes a mansion. The cost of the mansion will depend upon the types of inputs one uses to construct the Bloxburg Family House.

Cheap Bloxburg Family House

Cheap Bloxburg Family Houses

Building cheap but beautiful houses in Bloxburg is a skill. Use plain colors and brick texture for the walls to give the house a contemporary look. Adding plenty of large windows will make the house bright and airy. Don’t forget to add Hip, Pyramid, and Gable roofs to give it a traditional look.

Add a large garage in a corner along with a driveway for the vehicle. The building value for this kind of two-story house is $50,000.

Mid-Century Bloxburg Modern Home

Mid-Century Modern Home Bloxburg

A small house with a large garden filled with stones, grass, wildflowers, and a small pond completes the mid-century modern house look. The slanted roofs of these houses are the signature look of the mid-century houses. Using lots of stone and wood with grey and brown color-themed walls will give the house a retro look. Adding different kinds of plants and trees in the garden will make it look colorful!

How to Build Bloxburg Family Houses?

It is easy to build basic houses in Bloxburg. But do you ever look at your neighbor’s fabulous house and wonder if you can ever build something like that? Well, don’t worry, here are some tips for building some pretty amazing houses.

  • Blueprinting: Place your dream house design on paper to plan the building process properly. Blueprinting not only helps in planning the structure of the house but also in price estimation. One cube in Bloxburg estimates 2 to 3 feet in real life.
  • Placement Grid: Using a small placement grid is recommended as it allows all objects to place in specific places.
  • Advance placing: this game pass allows the players to build without collision checks. This will open up more options to the building.
  • Texture and Color: The texture and color of the house should complement each other. Choosing the texture set according to the type of house one wants to build is necessary. For a cottage look, go with Light and Dark wood with Log texture. For a modern look, use plain colors with stones and concrete. For a suburban look, use wooden paneling, Stucco, and Bricks. Whereas if one wishes to build a Modern Farmhouse, then use white wood with black doors, windows, and roofs.
  • Design and Furniture: This part entirely depends on the player’s creativeness. Players can take help from Pinterest, youtube videos to get a basic idea.

Best Pre-Made Bloxburg Family Houses

A few new-build houses exist in the game that gives a basic idea about different types of houses in Bloxburg. These six types of pre-build houses are listed below:

Happy Home of Robloxia

This starter home is free for the players. Happy Home of Robloxia is a small charming home with a small kitchen and living area, bathroom, and basic bedroom with dresser, bed, and closet. If the player wants to buy an additional Happy Home of Robloxia, then it will cost $7500.

Cozy Cottage

The design of this cozy cottage is a bit similar to Happy Home of Robloxia with a modern rustic touch. It has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a larger yet cozier living room with modern appliances. This cozy cottage costs $20,000.

Peaceful Living

This one-bedroom house with a peaceful suburban theme is very pretty for its price. The cost of considered to be one of the Peaceful living is $50,000. It is considered to be one of the cheapest pre-built houses that has a garage.

Classic Family Home

This mini-mansion-style home has a spacious living room and kitchen, and a large bedroom. It also has a large garage to park a vehicle. The Classic Bloxburg Family House costs $75,000.

Small Suburban

Based on the theme of suburban houses situated in the US and California. Small Suburban House is the second most expensive pre-built house in Bloxburg. It contains two bedrooms, a larger living room, a kitchen, and a fence surrounding the house. The player has to pay $85,000 to purchase a small suburban house in Bloxburg.

The Bloxington Mansion

This is the largest and the most expensive house in Bloxburg that costs $200,000. They are the only pre-built houses containing out walls. Despite the huge size of the mansion, it contains only one bedroom.

Apart from the houses mentioned above, you can definitely add other objects according to your wish to create your own unique structure. I hope you found this blog useful. Remember to be creative and imaginative and make your neighbor’s go ‘aww’ at your new house.

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