Best Funky Friday Settings & Tips [2024]

Best Funky Friday Settings

In the world of games, settings play an irreplaceable role, and they can help you to finish each level in an easier way. But many of the players are unaware of this fact, and they play with the default settings. So, we decided to give you the best settings for Funky Friday.

Best Funky Friday Settings are the settings that can be changed in the game. Some of the settings can be on your preferences and some can be changed according to the best ones. The changes that you make in these settings might help you in getting more points in the game.

Funky Friday is a Rhythm Roblox game that was developed by Lyte Interactive. It is based on the 2020 rhythm game Friday Night Funkin. The game is often updated and the songs, animations and emotes are changed and some of them might be omitted or some new features can also be added.

Best Funky Friday Settings

Best Funky Friday Settings Menu

Every Funky Friday player dream of having the best Funky Friday Setting but doesn’t know the exact way to change or alter them and really struggle hard to do this. But, you know it is not that hard you can easily set them within minutes which could benefit you in much greater terms. So, if you wish to have the Best Funky Friday Settings, Just follow the steps given below.

Important Setting Changes That You Must Make

1. If you are dreaming to have the best arrow speed put 0.1 higher than your current arrow speed and start learning to adapt them. Try to do the process again and again until you can hit sicks a lot. The most optimal setting for arrow speed is between x1.5 and x1.8.

To change the arrow speed, you must follow these steps:

  • You will see a rainbow arrow icon in the top left corner of the screen which is located between the Shop and the Stats icon. On clicking the icon the Arrow Customization window opens up. 
  • Click on the Customization tab from the Arrow Customization window. 
  • Select the number of keys that you would like to customize and then use any arrow to open your arrow settings. 
  • Choose the Settings tab and you will notice the Arrow Speed button located at the top of the Settings menu. 
  • You can set the Arrow speed to your desired speed and then click on the Confirm button to save the changes. 

2. If you are in need of Best Settings for Scroll Underlay 0.5 is the best option that you can select blindly.

3. And regarding the middle score, and opponent’s middle scroll arrows both should be on. Most of the default settings will be off and don’t forget to switch on it. But, the Down scroll is optional, test both and check which one is best for you.

4. For Arrow Size, you can choose any value which you can read and interpret quickly. 1-1.25 is a perfect range for this value.

5. Also, adjust your keybind according to your needs. Many players use scrollbars for up and down arrow keys. Whereas, many of the players are comfortable with default WASD keys.

If you are playing on a PC, then follow these steps if you want the Best Funky Friday Settings –

You can find the settings bar on the top left side of your screen. Click them in order to change the settings.

Some feel that the first 4 settings are not important and they don’t really care about them. But, if you’re experiencing lag issues, you can switch off Toggling Materials, Shadows, and Toggle Props.

If you are been interuppted by people while you are playing then, you have the chance to hide the players off stage.

When it comes to keybinds you can either keep them in default or can choose your favourite and comfortable ones.

How to Change Keybinds in Funky Friday Roblox?

You should start changing the keybinds by clicking the settings and choosing the Keybinds options.

Then, you can proceed to change the keybinds by clicking the letter and then just entering the letter that you prefer. It goes in the order from top to bottom, that is from left to right.

Best Funky Friday Note Colors

Color SchemeLeft ColorRight ColorDown ColorUp Color
Regular194,75,153249,57,630,255,25518,250, 5
Kapi255,100,255255,100,2550, 255, 2550, 255, 255
Ronald McDonald85, 50, 0250, 230, 250255, 5, 0255, 194, 30
Corruption175, 175, 175175, 175, 175175, 175, 200175, 175, 175
Sketchy255, 255, 255255, 255, 255255, 255, 255255, 255, 255
Melty0, 0, 00, 0, 00, 0, 00, 0, 0
Trollge 150, 50, 5050, 50, 5050, 50, 5050, 50, 50
Trollge 2150, 150, 150150, 150, 150150, 150, 150150, 150,150
EATEOF175, 175, 180190, 175, 175175, 175, 190175, 190, 175
X-Event138, 0, 187136, 28, 187157, 138, 190220, 193, 250
Friday Night Shooting255, 0, 00, 0, 2550, 255, 0255, 255, 30
Neo255, 0, 1550, 230, 255187, 140, 18780, 90, 255
Starcatcher205, 56, 132131, 71, 205255, 249, 12362, 44, 171
Upside131, 46, 209255, 40, 11331, 89, 2410, 193, 167
Kobeni88, 161, 21288, 161, 21288, 161, 21288, 161, 212
Cosmo Calamity255, 69, 16854, 122, 232203, 138, 2278, 186, 227

Best Funky Friday Settings for Mobile Phone

Best Funky Friday Settings for Mobile Phone

Some of the players have the habit of playing this game on their mobile phones which makes it obvious that you have to know to set the Best Funky Friday Settings.

You can just go to Settings and turn off Toggle Materials and Toggle Shadows.

You can also turn off Toggle Props if you are comfortable with it.

Do not forget to turn down Right Side Mobile Buttons.

You can change the arrow speed according to your preference, but the best one is to put 0.1 higher speed.

How to be good at Funky Friday?

Changing the Best Funky Friday Settings alone will not make you a winner in this game rather you have to know exactly how to be good at this and the tricks to get more points while playing. This will help you to go to the next level.

Adjust your settings

The first thing that you are going to do is to update and adjust the settings according to your comfort. You can either choose up a scroll or down scroll. There are Settings available but make sure that it suits you well, only then you can show that in the game.

Practice the Note Patterns

It is universally believed that practicing makes a man perfect and of course you definitely need more practice sessions if you wanted to be an expert in this game. One of the best Funky Friday patterns that are widely used is the Jack Pattern. You can use them if you feel comfortable with them.

Take a Break

Too much of anything is good for nothing and stuffing your mind will also make you lag in your performance. Make sure that your mental and physical health is stable so that you can give your full concentration in the game.

Don’t Always Play the Same Song

Playing the same song will make an expert on the same old patterns, so try to use different songs which will help you to learn new and different patterns. This can also be considered as one of the Best Funky Friday Settings that can be followed.

Challenge Yourself

You can challenge yourself by playing games with your friends which will not cost you much of your points and this will help you to know your worth and your positive side of the game.

How to Change Keybinds in Funky Friday Roblox?

Change Keybinds in Funky Friday Roblox

Changing the keybinds starts with clicking the settings and choosing Keybinds.

Then, you can just change the keybinds by clicking the letter and just enter the letter that you wanted so that it gets changes according to the changes. It goes on the order from top to bottom which is from left to right.

Following all the steps above will help you to get your own comfortable and Best Funky Friday Settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Funky Friday arrow speed?

The optimal arrow speed to use while playing Funky Friday is between 1.5 and 1.8. However, you shouldn’t suddenly increase your arrow speed to 1.5. You have to pace it out and slowly change it as you get accustomed to the speed. 

How to Change Keybinds in Funky Friday Roblox?

You should start changing the keybinds by clicking the settings and choosing the Keybinds options. Then, you can proceed to change the keybinds by clicking the letter and then just entering the letter that you prefer. It goes in the order from top to bottom, that is from left to right.

What is the use of changing the settings of Funky Friday?

If you bring about effective and useful changes in the settings of Funky Friday, the Roblox game, it can help you improve your gameplay and can also increase your ability in the game. If you are bringing about thoughtful settings changes based on your convenience and effectiveness, you can be Funky Friday Pro.

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