Zomboid All Clothing Unlocked: Surviving the Apocalypse in Style

Zomboid All Clothing Unlocked

In the post-apocalyptic world of Project Zomboid, where hordes of the undead roam the streets, survival is paramount. Equipping yourself with the right tools and resources can mean the difference between life and death. However, amidst the struggle for survival, there’s no reason not to do it in style. In this article, we delve into the thrilling world of Zomboid, exploring a player can unlock Zomboid all clothing unlocked option to survive the zombie apocalypse in the most fashionable way possible.

Project Zomboid offers a wide array of clothing options that serve both practical and aesthetic purposes. From durable and protective outfits to stylish ensembles that offer a morale boost, the clothing system in Zomboid plays a significant role in your character’s survival. Unlocking all clothing items allows you to mix and match different garments, enabling you to create unique outfits that reflect your personal style and enhance your chances of survival.

In this article, we will take a look at how you can unlock all the outfits in the hit video game Project Zomboid!

Zomboid All Clothing Unlocked

In the harsh world of Zomboid, practicality is key. Clothing items such as hoodies, jackets, and cargo pants provide valuable storage space, allowing you to carry essential supplies and weapons on your person. Additionally, protective gear like helmets, gloves, and boots safeguard you against zombie attacks, reducing the risk of injury. By unlocking all clothing, you gain access to a wider range of practical items, increasing your chances of effectively navigating dangerous environments and emerging unscathed.

All Clothes in Zomboid

Now you might be wondering how you will be able to achieve Zomboid All Clothing Unlocked. Do you need a mod for this? Well, all these questions will be answered in the next section of this article. 

Achieving Zomboid All Clothing Unlocked

Clothing in Zomboid

You do not need a mod in order to get Zomboid All Clothing Unlocked, and it’s much easier than you would expect. While there are mods available for this particular purpose, such as the Fashion Montage mod, it is no longer needed. The mod has been rendered useless by a feature introduced within the game by the game devs. And you will no longer have to experience the hassle of installing a mod for this purpose.

In the game Project Zomboid, there will be something called the Sandbox settings within the game’s menu. Inside that, the devs had added a new feature. Many players came across this feature completely accidentally. Under the character tab, you will be able to find a small box for a checkmark beside which the words “All Clothing Unlocked” is written. 

All you need to do is check this box, and you will have Zomboid All Clothing Unlocked during the creation of the characters. In addition to clothing, you also unlock all the gears that your characters could make use of.

This all seems too good to be true, but that is not the case. Even though this can be done in the game, there is another huge issue that happens because of this. In the next section of this article, we will be talking about this glitch.

Zomboid All Clothing Unlocked Glitch

If you have Zomboid All Clothing Unlocked, then there is a chance that a glitch could occur for you. What is this glitch? You might be asking, well, sometimes, if you select All Clothing Unlocked, then you will no longer be able to respawn, which means that you will only have one life in the game.

If you click on the create new character button after your character does, then the screen will follow the zombie instead of changing to the character creation screen. 

Equip Clothing

If you experience this glitch, you will be shown a red error box that pops up, and the screen gets stuck. This is experienced in both the single-player as well as the multiplayer, with the issue being more prominent in the multiplayer. 

The developers of the game have acknowledged this issue and have assured us that it will be fixed as soon as possible however, for the time being, if you face this issue, something you can do is to leave and rejoin the server, which will take you to the character creation screen. 

This is just a temporary fix, while the developers issue a patch to fix this issue permanently.

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In Project Zomboid, surviving the zombie apocalypse is not just about finding food, shelter, and weapons. It’s also about expressing your individuality and maintaining a sense of style amidst the chaos. Unlocking all clothing options not only allows for practicality and protection but also provides an opportunity to boost your character’s morale and engage with the community in exciting ways. So, gear up, experiment with different outfits, and embrace the sartorial freedom Zomboid has to offer. Remember, survival is important, but doing it in style is truly a testament to your resilience in the face of the undead.

This article has covered everything that you need to know regarding the topic of Zomboid All Clothing Unlocked, along with how to get all the clothes unlocked as well as the glitch that you could face because of this. 

Hopefully, this article has provided you with all the information that you need on the topic so that you can have an easier and more enjoyable gaming experience!

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