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What is ENB

What is ENB is a question that many people in the gaming community have often been asking. There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding this topic. The question of what is ENB is asked in the majority of the forums related to gaming. This article will attempt to provide you with a complete and comprehensive answer to the topic of ENB.

This mod was commonly used in The Elder Scroll V: Skyrim, and it is the Skyrim players that ask a lot of questions regarding this. Since this mod is most commonly used by the players of the Skyrim gaming community as well as in the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, this article will also primarily focus on the ENB mod that is used in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim to answer the question of “What is ENB?”

That being said, let us jump right in to answer the question, “What Is ENB?”

What Is ENB?

To put it very simply, ENB is a mod that is used by many games to create Graphical Enhancements to video games.  This is a series of graphical improvements that can be used in a wide variety of video games. The mod has been developed as well as maintained by a Russian Modder called Boria Vorontsov. The ENB refers to a set of extra rules that are added to the drawing process of Direct3D that is being used by most games. 

ENB Website
ENB Website

ENB is purely Post Processing. This means that the mod adds or modified various enhancements to the graphics of the video game in addition to the already existing graphical settings of the video game.

The mod allows the players to change various graphical aspects of the video game that they are playing to their liking. The mod allows the players to make changes to various graphical aspects of the game, such as Depth of Field, Bloom, Anti-aliasing, Ambient Occlusion, HDR, color correction, Effects, and other similar Shaders. 

In addition to this, the mod also allows the players the choice to improve the graphics drawing settings.

This improvement in the drawing of graphics is referred to as the ENBoost. This feature is available for a lot of games, including Skyrim, obviously, as well as other games such as Fallout 4. This mod improves and makes the efficiency of the video memory management even better than earlier, which would result in stabilization as well as performance improvement.

The presets of the ENB mod are available almost everywhere on the internet. The main source one can use to get these presets is “The Nexus” 

The statement about this mod, according to the official website, is as follows. One must remember that this is not the official quote verbatim but a paraphrased version of the statement posted on the official website.

The ENBseries is a project that is used for the modification of the graphics in a video game. The main idea behind the mod is to ensure that the players have complete autonomy over how they want their game to look and feel based on their own wishes and likes. This mod allows the players to configure the graphical settings of the games to their own taste as well as share their preferred settings with other gamers from around the globe.

ENB Overlay
ENB Overlay

The mod would allow many games to have a better overall look while making use of the ENBseries, and the mod is the best and easiest way to improve the graphical settings of the video games they are playing based on the hardware that they own.

The mod works by changing and modifying the functions of the render calls of the game and applies additional effects to the already existing system of the game.

What Is ENB Full Form?

There seems to be no specific answer regarding the full form of ENB as most people just make up random full forms for the acronym however, according to multiple sources, the full form of ENB stands for Enhanced Natural Beauty. The term was made by the people who initially started modding the Elder Scrolls games in order to have better graphical settings. 

What they did was manipulate the lighting of the game in order to make the game look and feel more natural.

What Does ENB Do?

ENB Graphic Improvement
ENB Graphic Improvement

The main purpose of ENB is to make the player feel like he or she is playing a current-generation game even if they are not. The mod allows the players to make different configurations related to textures and resolutions, making the game feel like it’s a current-generation game.

However, this comes at a cost, and this cost is a major disadvantage of the mod.

What Is ENB Disadvantage?

While the mod does make the game feel newer and better, and current gen, and this is a huge advantage of the mod but there is also a major disadvantage of the mod, which will be discussed in this article.

This mod will make the overall FPS go down and make your game run horribly unless you have excellent Hardware to back it up. If you do not have a great hardware system, it could result in your game being unplayable with major lag issues and this is the major disadvantage of the mod ENB.

What Is The Best Enb For Skyrim?

Enhanced ENB Night Eye, Poupouri ENB, AIR ENB, Kountervibe ENB, Photoreal ENB, Tamriel Reloaded ENB, Stakado Realistic, and HRK ENB are some of the best ENB that are available for Skyrim.

What Is Enb Fallout 4

Just like in Skyrim, the purpose of ENB is the same in Fallout 4 as well. It enhances and makes the graphics much better than what the game offers. However, just like in Skyrim, in Fallout 4 this could result in a drop in the frame rate.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does eNB stand for?

eNB stands for Enhanced Natural Beauty. This is a mod that allows the players to boost various graphical settings of a game.

What does eNB Series do?

ENBseries is a 3d graphics enhancement mod for a variety of games such as Skyrim, GTA, Fallout, Deus Ex, etcetera. The mod applies additional graphical effects to the games that you are playing in order to make them look and feel like the current generation game.

How do I get eNB?

You will be able to get and install eNB by going to certain mod websites such as Nexus.


What is ENB is a question that is commonly asked in the modding community. There is seems to be a lot of mystery surrounding the topic which has led to many gamers being confused with what the mod ENB is about. The mod is mainly used to enhance the graphical settings of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This article has covered all the various aspects that you will need to know regarding the topic in order to give you a good understanding of what is ENB.

Hopefully, this article has been insightful and has cleared all the doubts one would have regarding the question of “What Is ENB?” Hopefully, this article would lead to the player having a better and more enjoyable modding experience while playing games such as Skyrim!

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