Bubble Gum Simulator Secret Pets List [2022]

Bubble Gum Simulator Secret Pets

Bubble gum simulators contain an egg that provides advantages of secret pets commonly known as legendary pets presented in specific eggs.

It never appears in a listed form that describes obtainable pets when users come near multiple eggs during games. The overlord is the first-ever secret pet in the Bubble Gum Simulator before the introduction of purchasable pets.

Bubble Gum Simulator Secret Pets are equivalent to legendary pets, which are hidden in specific eggs. You cannot see these pets in the list of obtainable pets that can be seen while passing by an egg. Overlord was the first secret pet that was added to the game.

Bubble Gum Simulator Secret Pets

Bubble Gum Simulator Secret Pets List
Bubble Gum Simulator Secret Pet NameRarityTypesObtained By
One B trophy Legendary WalkingOne B Egg
Almighty hexariumLegendaryFlying Jackpot Egg
Angelic golf ballLegendaryFlyingGolf Egg
ArchangelLegendaryFlyingHolly Egg
AceLegendaryFlyingGolf Egg
Almighty pumpkinLegendaryFlyingAutumn Egg
Angelic spiritLegendaryFlyingCostume Egg
Bgs plaqueLegendaryWalking900 meters egg
BasilisksLegendaryWalkingExotic Egg
Corrupt glitchLegendaryFlyingCorrupted Egg
Champions LegendaryFlyingMythical Egg
Candy corn shard LegendaryFlyingCandy corn Egg
Christmas bell LegendaryWalkingChristmasy Egg
Cardinal bunny LegendaryFlyingEastery Egg
Crystal teddyLegendaryWalkingPastel Egg
Christmas robotLegendaryWalkingChristmasy Egg
Dream catcherLegendaryFlyingLuck’O Egg
Dark radianceLegendaryFlying5000000 Egg or Boxes
Diamond ring LegendaryFlyingRoyalty Egg
Dice splitLegendaryFlyingSplit Egg
Dementor LegendaryFlyingTop twenty-five players obtain by collecting Easter Eggs
Dark guardian LegendaryFlying600 meters Egg
DogcatLegendaryWalkingJelly Egg
Dark lordLegendaryFlyingBlow 2.5 trillion bubbles
Duality LegendaryWalkingBlossom Egg
Demonic OneLegendaryFlying10000000 Eggs or boxes
Dragon fruitLegendaryFlyingFruity Egg
Elite sentinalLegendaryFlyingTop 100 among 20 season
Easter robotLegendaryWalkingCosmic Egg
Elite pot O’ gold LegendaryWalkingTop 100 among 18 season
Elite challengerLegendaryFlyingTop 100 among 10 season
Elite wolf lordLegendaryFlyingTop 100 among 14 season
Easter basketLegendaryWalkingEaster Egg
Easter spiritLegendaryFlyingCracked Egg
Elite fallen angelLegendaryFlyingTop 100 among 12 season
Eternal starLegendaryFlyingMushroom Egg
Eternal carrotLegendaryFlyingCosmic Egg
Eternal heartLegendaryFlyingValentine Egg
Eternal cucumber LegendaryFlying Fruity Egg
Elite lord shockLegendaryFlyingTop 100 among 16 season
Fire cracker LegendaryFlying2020 Egg
Fallen angel LegendaryFlyingSparkly Egg
Frost sentinel LegendaryFlyingClover Egg
Goldy gem LegendaryFlyingHeavenly Egg
Galactic paladinLegendaryFlyingElement Egg
GryphonLegendaryFlyingAncient Egg
Giant Choco chicken LegendaryWalking Bunny Egg
Ghost spiritsLegendaryFlying900M Egg
Goldy shamrock LegendaryFlyingST. Patrick Egg
Ginger bread shardLegendaryFlyingGingerbread Egg
Giant pearlLegendaryWalkingCoral Egg
Holly bellLegendaryWalkingTree Egg
Harmonic harpLegendaryFlyingHeartful Egg
Holly EggLegendaryFlyingEastery Egg
Hell fire LegendaryWalkingCorrupted Egg
Infinity gemLegendaryFlyingOne B Egg
Immortal oneLegendaryFlying600 meters Egg
Immortal Trophy LegendaryWalking 700 meters Egg
KoiLegendaryWalkingAutumn Egg
King doggyLegendaryWalkingCommon Egg
King mush LegendaryWalkingMushroom Egg
KrakenLegendaryWalking400 meters Egg
King kitty LegendaryWalkingRoyalty Egg
King slimeLegendaryWalkingSlime Egg
Lucid leafLegendaryFlyingLeaf Egg
Lord shockLegendaryFlyingSummer Egg
LuminanceLegendaryFlyingCostume Egg
Love thiefLegendaryFlyingHeartful Egg
LeviathanLegendaryFlyingFrost Egg
Lucky pyramidiumLegendaryFlyingLuck ‘O Egg
Lovely roseLegendaryFlyingLovely egg
Morning star LegendaryFlyingBlizzard Egg
Magic marshmallowLegendaryFlyingPurchased by seven hundred billion magma from traveling merchant.
Money mouthLegendaryFlyingJackpot Egg
New year championLegendaryFlying2020 Egg
overlord plushieLegendaryWalkingStuffed Egg
Prisma cubeLegendaryFlyingGolden Egg
PatronusLegendaryFlyingCosmic Egg
PlushieLegendaryWalkingHolly Egg
Patriotic robotLegendaryWalkingFourth egg of July
PyramidiumLegendaryFlyingFifth updated Egg
PhantomLegendaryFlyingPurchased five hundred billion crystals from traveling merchant
Pot O’goldLegendaryWalkingLucky Egg during ST. Patrick event
Peppermint leviathanLegendaryFlyingHolly Egg
Plasma wolf lordLegendaryFlyingCore Egg
Pot O’ doggyLegendaryWalkingST. Patrick’s Egg
Rainbow dot cat LegendaryWalkingColorful Egg
RadianceLegendaryFlyingMutant Egg
Robot 2.0legendaryWalkingLeprechaun Egg
Radiant oneLegendaryFlying800 meters Egg
Rainbow gryphonLegendaryFlyingFancy Egg
Sinister lord 2.0LegendaryFlyingSinister Egg
Spring spiritLegendaryFlyingPurchased by seven hundred fifty billion costs of flowers from spring event shop 2020
Sea starLegendaryFlyingWater Egg
Sinister shardLegendaryFlyingSinister Egg
ShardLegendaryFlyingVine Egg
SkullsLegendaryFlyingSinister Egg
Shattered soulLegendaryFlyingLovely Egg
Sundae championLegendaryFlyingVacation Egg
Soul flakeLegendaryFlyingBlizzard Egg
Soul heartLegendaryFlyingValentine Egg 2019
Sinister lordLegendaryFlyingSkelly Egg
TophatsLegendaryWalking Magic Egg
The overlordLegendaryFlyingNightmare Egg
TrophyLegendaryWalking300 meters Egg
The owO lordLegendaryFlyingDominus Egg
Ultimate trophyLegendaryWalking 500 meters Egg
Ultimate cloverLegendaryFlyingLeprechaun Egg
Wolf lordLegendaryFlyingHeavenly Egg

Here all Bubble Gum Simulator Secret Pets were described with their following name, their rarity, types, and commonly obtained by which egg during the session of the game. Players allow increasing their power ability by leveling up in which they receive multiple sets of eggs for efficient flow. They can describe by their highest rarity, knows as legendary, along with stats of different pets. Apart from all these secret pets, the firstly introduced pet is the overlord.

BGS Legendary Pets

The best stats of a pet is obtained at the Legendary tier, which is the top rarity that a Pet can have. As soon as a player gets a legendary pet, the event is announced in a colored message over the server that includes the player name, the type of pet hatched, and the percentage of chance to obtain a pet.

Bubble Gum Simulator Get Secret Pets

For the Emerald Golem Legendary Pet, the rarity is ranged between 0.005%-1% and is highlighted in blue color text. Whereas the Jelly Overload, Platinum Overload, etc., with the hatching chance of 0.0005% are highlighted with green text, and on the other hand, the pets with the hatching chance lower than 0.0005% or equivalent to it, like – Bubble Gum Simulator Secret Pets are highlighted in red text.

Therefore, all this information is considered efficiently functional while gaming sessions provide practical knowledge of the Bubble Gum Simulator Secret Pets set.

Titles for Bubble Gum Simulator Secret Pets Holders

Following are all the titles that can obtain by obtaining secret pets in BGS –

  1. One out of one million: It helps to hatch a single secret pet.
  2. Secrets keeper: It helps to hatch different types of three secrets pets.
  3. Ultimate collector: It helps to hatch different kinds of eight secret pets.
  4. Shiny hunter: It helps to hatch per create a shiny bubble gum Simulator secret pets.
  5. Colossus: It helps to hatch single mythic bubble gum Simulator secret pets.

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