Stardew Valley Multiplayer Marriage – Complete Guide For A Happy Life

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Marriage

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Marriage is a feature in the game that allows one player to marry another player. The marriage feature in multiplayer is different from that of the single-player. This article would discuss in detail the Stardew Valley Multiplayer Marriage feature. 

The Stardew Valley multiplayer mode allows the players to experience the game with a friend. This experience is not just limited to having a friend help the player with farming, it is also possible for the player to marry them in the game. As mentioned earlier it is different to marry another player from marrying an NPC. 

Is Stardew Valley Multiplayer Marriage Possible? 

Yes, it is indeed possible for one player to marry another player in Stardew Valley. However, one needs to realize that this is a much more complicated procedure when compared to marrying a non-playable character. 

When marrying an NPC one needs to follow the steps given below

  • A Player should reach with an NPC who has the label “single”, 8 hearts of Friendship.
  • The player will need to buy a bouquet from the character Pierre in order to give it to the NPC which would change the relationship status to either boyfriend or girlfriend.
  • After the player reaches 10 hearts of friendship with the NPC partner the player can buy the Mermaids Penchant from the beachside vendor and give it to the NPC partner.
  • After all the above steps are done properly the player will be able to marry the NPC.

While the steps mentioned above seem pretty straightforward it is not the same when it comes to marrying another player in the game. In the multiplayer mode, the friendship meter is not seen. This means that is possible for the player to marry another player whenever he or she wants to. 

The difference is that one will need to gift the other player a Wedding Ring and not a Bouquet if the player wishes to marry another player. 

Now one might ask how will one get the said item? Well, the player will have to craft it and now we shall see how to craft a Wedding Ring. 

Crafting A Wedding Ring

In order to marry a player, it is required to give a Wedding Ring instead of a Mermaid Pendant. It is not possible to buy this item so the player will have to craft it and the way to do so is by buying the recipe for the item from a Traveling Cart. This is the only place from which the recipe can be bought. 

What Is A Traveling Cart? 

Travelling Cart
Travelling Cart

The Traveling Cart is a cart or wagon which is pulled by a pig. This will be situated right above the Cindersap Forest Pond area and will only be available on Friday and Saturday. The opportunity to buy the recipe for the item will be from 6 AM to 8 PM on these two days and the cost for the item is 500g. 

The merchant will begin selling the recipe for this item immediately and would be carrying this item every day that she comes so that the player would not have to wait for the item to get unlocked. 

Items Required

Wedding Ring in Stardew
Wedding Ring in Stardew

The items needed for crafting a Wedding Ring are one prismatic shard and five Iridium bars. 

These items are incredibly rare as it is very difficult to get early on in the game. It is also to be noted that the item can only be crafted in multiplayer mode as the recipe is not available in the single-player mode. 

Once the player gets the wedding ring he or she will be able to give it to another player during the proposal. The person who is receiving the ring is able to accept or refuse the proposal. If the player accepts the ring then a wedding ceremony will be conducted three days after the proposal.

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Marriage Gifts

If a player is marrying an NPC then the non-playable character would give a Stardrop as a wedding gift. The same is the case when a player marries another player as well. 

Marriage Ceremony
Marriage Ceremony

The day after the wedding when the player wakes up he or she will get a purple gift box and inside this gift box, there will be a Stardrop. Both the player as well as his or her partner will get a box with Stardrop inside. 

NPC partners require to be given gifts by the player regularly however, this is not necessary when it comes to marrying another player. If a player marries another player then the only thing they need to make sure of is that their partner doesn’t stop playing with them.

Stardew Valley Multiplayer Marriage Benefits

The only benefit to marrying another player in Stardew Valley is that this results in both the players getting a Stardrop each. However, it is possible to get a Stardrop even if the marriage is done with an NPC.

How does marriage work in Stardew Valley multiplayer?

In order to marry an NPC, the player will have to give one of the 12 characters marked as single a bouquet and then a mermaid’s penchant after reaching the appropriate friendship level. In multiplayer, however, the method is different, the player is able to marry another player by giving a wedding ring that is crafted with difficult-to-obtain materials. The recipe for the ring can be bought from the traveling cart. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you marry a player and an NPC in multiplayer Stardew Valley?

There are two different ways of marrying in Stardew Valley one is in the single-player mode in which the player is able to marry 12 NPCs who are mentioned as a single in the Social Tab. In Multiplayer mode the players are also given the choice of marrying another player they are playing with. 

Can you marry your friend in co-op Stardew Valley?

It is possible to marry a friend in the Co-op mode in Stardew Valley. The player will have to craft and give a wedding ring to the friend and if she or he accepts it then a wedding ceremony will be conducted three days after the proposal. 

Can you have babies in Stardew Valley multiplayer?

It is possible to have babies in Multiplayer of Stardew Valley. It is different when it’s done with another player. 


Such minute features make this game so incredible that it got nominated for The Game Awards 2016.

Hopefully, this article has been insightful and has given the reader a better understanding of Stardew Valley Multiplayer Marriage. 

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