Skyrim TCL Not Working – Here’s How You Fix This Glitch

Skyrim TCL Not Working

Skyrim TCL not working has been something that has aggravated and annoyed many players of the hit Fantasy RPG called Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The glitch of Skyrim TCL not working has caused a lot of confusion among the fans of the game. This article will attempt to give you a better idea of what exactly Skyrim TCL is and what to follow if the Skyrim TCL not working. 

Let’s dive into the basics, understand Skyrim TCL, and then, later, discuss Skyrim TCL Not working. 

Skyrim TCL 

TCL is a command that is available in the game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The command switches on a mode called the “No clip” Mode. This mode allows the players to avoid collisions as the mode disables collisions. 

This would allow the players to go through walls and fly through floors without hitting or colliding with anything. 

The game allows the players to pass through solid objects which previously would’ve prevented the players to do so. TCL stands for Toggle No Clip, which suggests toggling the collision on or off depending on whether it is on or off. 

The command used for tagging collision on or off is “tcl”

Skyrim TCL Not Working?

Sometimes Skyrim players often find that while using the TCL command or the Toggle Collision, it does not work. This has frustrated many players and made topics related to Skyrim TCL not work commonly and actively in various forums related to Elder Scrolls V

TCL Command
TCL Command

Skyrim TCL is not a command that can be used for targeting but toggle the collision feature on or off. Why the Skyrim TCL is not working will be discussed in this section of the article. 

Skyrim TCL Not Working Reason

One of the main reasons and the most common reason why the Skyrim TCL is not working is that you accidentally may have selected a target. 

Since this is not a target command but a toggle command, the TCL command won’t work if the player has selected a target and forgot to deselect the target you selected. To make the command work again, you must deselect your selected target. 

If an item has been selected as the target and you toggle the TCL command to own, it will make that item or thing have the no clipping feature instead of you getting it. 

Another issue with TCL commands is how the command stops working while using the TGM command. When TCL is toggled on, you will not be able to attack or kill, obviously as the collision option is off. However, while turning it back on and killing the enemy NPC while the TGM command is on, the TCL command will stop working. 

Skyrim TCL Not Working Fix

The target selection of the enemy NPC could’ve happened accidentally while you were trying to attack or kill an enemy. What you can do is clear the target. You can know if you have cleared the target if there are no numbers present in the bottom center of the screen. After doing so, it should be fine, and you will be able to use the TCL command and see that it is working. 

Skyrim TCL On
Skyrim TCL On

To deselect a target, you can double click something, the same way you double click to target something. 

Another way to fix Skyrim TCL not working is to use other Console Commands. Whirlwind sprint is yet another way to fix the Skyrim TCL not working issue. 

If none of the above methods works, what one could do is a few more steps than the simpler ones mentioned. One could save the game they are playing and then exit the application to the desktop. After doing so, you should restart the game and load the recent save the file. This should fix the issue that you have been facing. 

Most of the time, you would not have to use this method as deselecting the target itself should fix Skyrim TCL not working. 

Why is my Skyrim TCL not working?

The most common reason why the Skyrim TCL not working is that you could have a target selected, and while a target is selected, the TCL command will not work. You will need to ensure there are no selected targets to get the TCL command back on. You will be able to see if a target is selected or not by checking the bottom portion of the screen. If you see numbers there, you have selected a target. 

How do you TCL in Skyrim?

To Toggle Collision in Skyrim, you need to use the command “tcl” which would allow the players to clip and pass through various solid objects such as walls or floors, otherwise preventing the player’s movement. Remember, if you toggle TCL while falling off places like a cliff could result in the crashing of the game. The command helps allow the players to move quickly and find bodies and items which could have fallen through the floor or wall. 

How do you toggle clipping in Skyrim?

To toggle clipping, you would have to enable the no clip feature. To do so, first, you will need to open the developer console. After opening up the development console, you need to type in the command “tcl”. The command stands for Toggle No Clip. After typing down the command, you can press enter. You will see a message that says that collisions are turned off. You can type in tcl on the development console to switch collisions back on. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn off TCL?

To turn off the TCL command, you can open the developer console, type in the command “tcl” and press enter. If the TCL is already enabled, then doing so would turn off TCL however, if it is not switched on, this would enable the TCL command. 


Questions related to Skyrim TCL not working have been asked extensively by the fans of the game Skyrim, and the topic has been discussed in all the forums related to Skyrim and in many gaming forums in general. This article has attempted to answer the questions regarding the Skyrim TCL not working. 

The reason that could result in Skyrim TCL not working as well as how to fix the issue has been discussed in this article. 

Hopefully, this article has been informative, provided you with a better understanding, and will be able to fix the issue should it occur to you and have an enjoyable gaming experience!

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