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The introduction of technical ideas in the creative world has become the present formula for entertainment. Including many new features in video games sets up the best relaxation for Humans with hectic work pressure. Video games help calm down the mind and make it feel free by engaging the users deep inside the process.

Shiki is the female protagonist of the game. Shiki is a girl who is moved to the magical world with her friends in the game Digimon World Next Order. She is portrayed as the powerful female character and is the most preferred virtual character in the game.

Digimon World Next Order, released at the end of January here in the west for the PS4, is a sequel to the original world game. The game is basically at a story sense where the game line or theme plays an important role. Overall it’s a very niche game made for niche people. It is a role-playing video game and the sixth grade from Digimon World series in Digimon Franchise.

This game was released in Japan on March 17, 2016. This game has been set up in an open-world area, and the game is played from a third-person view. Human characters are placed by players, whereas two Digimon joins with the player. The gamer expresses various feelings with Digimon that helps to build up the bond between them.

They share the various themes and face many difficulties with objectives with the same advanced mind. Battles with so many characters make the play very interactive and go deep inside the game.

Who Is Shiki?

Shiki Character Image

The main character takes about two roles in the role-playing video game Digimon next order world. A female character is termed Shiki, and the male part is Takuto.

How Does Shiki Look Like?

She is a girl of age teen who is very pale in her color and has attractive black hair with grey eyes. Her hairstyle is widely admired for its craziness as short at the sides and long at the back. Her forehead is covered with Fringe; her sidelocks have a chest-length height that has a very long ponytail at the top of her head.

The hair of Shiki is designed with the colors of pink streak at the end of the tail and also has red shades. Her sleeves are elbow long height, and she wore Cullotes with a short hood. The front side has sizppee, and the sides have pockets. Shiki’s hood, chest, and sleeves are in the color of white. It’s purple in color for the leftover parts in hemline and thorax; sleeves are black with red stripes at the end.

There show pink-shaped light objects when She moves at her hood. She wears a pink wristband on her left wrist and a white pouch on her left tight. She moves with white and pink Digivice to be clearly noticed at the sight of players. Her boots are black in the color shade at the inner side; the front part is colored with white and red soles. She wears goggles around her neck that are covered with white color temples and a lens of pink shade.

What Is the Meaning of the Name Shiki?

Name Meaning Shiki

It’s a Japanese name that has a reference to Tamers, which brings out some relation or connection with Digimon’s in the game.

Role of Shiki

The lead role player Shiki took part in the national digital monster tournament when she and her friends are in the grade of five. They set up with the second place where they are provided with the Digivice tool. She and her crew start to use the Degivice after a time gap of seven years when there comes indication headed off to the digital world. In the fantasy world, She meets two supporters of war with Machindramon, namely Wargreymon and MetalGarurumon.

These three survivors create another character to fight against the enemy called Omegamon by doing ExE (Extra Cross Evolution). No addition is enough to win the battle with Machindramon. Therefore Shiki, with her partners and friends, ends up in failure while Tokomon’s character enters. At the site of failure, the city’s chief, called Jijimon, explains the mysterious fact of Machindramon and his release from the trap. These incidents are hardly understood by her.

The partners arise as a little crew of Diggieggs. Under various struggles, She analyses a clear picture of what is going on and how to save the world from danger called Machindramon. She explains the characteristic change of Machindramon to Tokomon, where both are the same. Later while the chief takes up the detective job to watch, Tokomon ensures the cause under the guidance of Shiki.

Shiki Role Digimon

As per the information given by Jijimon, She joins hands with other humans in the digital world, namely the couples Himari Oofuchi and Rikka added with Kouta Hirose and Yukimura. Fetching to nearby places, Floatia, the partners Himari and Kouta, sign up with unexpected truth about the tournament and their participants, where everything concluded with the link that they already know Shiki.

The partners undertake various roles to help her to rescue her from danger. Then Jijimon redirects her to his old friend Taomon in the work of a detective. She faces few struggles in reaching out to Taomon as his guards restrict her from meeting him. After all hurdles, Taomon starts as the sole person in the activity without Shiki’s help.

Sketches and plans of Taomon help her. She and her co-partners find the fishy data wave. Alterations of character heading to the place occur; meanwhile, Shiki follows Himari and Rikka to the desert where there lies unconscious Luche, a girl attacked by Machindramon.

The appearance of a man with a hat performs to be one of the players in the tournament who Luche has described to Kouta and Yukimura. She follows the various locations of Machindramon and is finally destined to linked characters that have been ending up with partners of Shiki and candidates of the tournament on fantasy line. The adventurous act of her creates a vibrant part in the play and game that makes her play a lead role.

Who Gave Voice to Shiki?

Saki Fujita is the vocal artist of the character Shiki in the game Digimon world next order.

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