Dwarf Fortress Book Binding Explained in Layman Terms

Dwarf Fortress Book Binding

In the vast and intricate world of Dwarf Fortress, where the pursuit of knowledge is as crucial as the basic necessities of survival, the art of dwarf fortress book binding holds a special place. As your dwarves delve deep into the depths of their underground fortresses, they generate a wealth of experiences, discoveries, and tales that deserve to be documented and shared. In this article, we explore the intricacies of book binding in Dwarf Fortress, highlighting its significance, the process involved, and the profound impact it can have on your fortress and its inhabitants.

This article covers everything that you will need to know regarding the topic of the Dwarf Fortress Book Binding so that you can get a complete and comprehensive guide on the topic of Dwarf Fortress Book Binding!

Dwarf Fortress Book Binding

The Dwarf Fortress Book Binding is created by making use of either wood or stone. The dwarf will be able to make this item by visiting the Craft Dwarf’s workshop. The craft dwarf can either be a wood crafter or a stone crafter. If you wish to create the Dwarf Fortress Book Binding using metal bars, you can do so by visiting a metal smith at the metalsmith’s forge, or if you want to create one using glass, you can visit the glass maker and make Dwarf Fortress Book Binding using a glass furnace.

Book Binding

The Dwarf Fortress Book Binding that are made are stockpiled, and you can find them under the Finished Goods tab. Once you choose the Finished Goods tab, you can click on the Tools option, and you will be able to find the stockpiling of Dwarf Fortress Book Binding. 

You will be able to bind a written on quire into a book by joining it with a book binding and thread. Bookbinding is done by a dwarf who has been tasked with the bookbinding labor. You will be able to make the book binding at the workshop a craft draft. 

The Process of Dwarf Fortress Book Binding

The creation of books in Dwarf Fortress is a meticulous and multi-step process that involves several key elements:

Scribe in Dwarf Fortress

Scribes and Writers: Begin by designating dwarves as scribes and writers. Scribes are responsible for preparing writing materials and copying texts onto parchment, while writers generate new works based on their experiences and observations. It is advisable to assign these roles to dwarves with relevant skills and interests to ensure quality work.

Materials and Resources: Book binding requires a few essential materials, including parchment, leather, and thread. Parchment can be created by processing animal hides at a craft dwarf’s workshop, while leather and thread are obtained through tanning and spinning processes, respectively.

Writing and Illustration: Writers will create manuscripts, crafting texts that range from historical accounts and scientific observations to stories and poetry. Illustrations can also be added to enhance the visual appeal and comprehension of the works.

Selecting a area as library

Book Binding Workshop: Build a book binding workshop, typically located within your fortress’s library or archive. This dedicated space serves as the center for all book binding activities.

Book Binding Process: Dwarves assigned to the book binding labor will gather the necessary materials and carry out the binding process. They will assemble the parchment or paper, cover it with leather, and secure the pages together using thread or string.

Book Placement: Once completed, the finished books can be placed on bookshelves or stored within libraries for easy access and organization.

Dwarf Fortress Book Binding Not Working 

Requires Written on Quire

A lot of players of the game Dwarf Fortress are confused with how the book binding works in the game since a lot of players are unable to bind books in Dwarf Fortress. This section of the article will talk about how you can fix this issue.

More often than not, this issue persists for a player if they do not have a library and scholars in the game Dwarf Fortress. The scholars will write on quires which will then let you bind these quires into books. To make a quire, you will need to make it in the craft shop from paper. 

You will need to have scholars with writing skills and have the required materials for writing within the library inside chests so that the scholars can write on them. After this has been done, you can turn these quires into books by binding them. 

Add task to bind book

If the scholars are not writing, then it is most likely because they have not been given the tasks to create quires. 

Make sure the task is listed when you press J and that the workshops are accepting materials and the stockpiles are not forbidden. You will also need to ensure that the stockpiles are available for any of the workshops. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you bind books in dwarf fortress?

Bookbinding can be done at the workshop of the craft dwarf by a dwarf who has the bookbinding labor enabled.

Can you read books in dwarf fortress?

Yes, it is possible to read books in Dwarf Fortress. You can read a book by Pressing I and then selecting the object you want the dwarf to read, and then selecting the read option.


Book binding in Dwarf Fortress is an art that goes beyond the mere act of creating books. It serves as a testament to the ingenuity and intellectual endeavors of your dwarven civilization.

This article has covered everything that you need to know regarding the topic of Dwarf Fortress Book Binding, including what book binding is in the game Dwarf Fortress and how to make it, as well as what to do if you are unable to bind books in the game Dwarf Fortress.

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