100+ Hidden Secrets in Roblox Brookhaven

Hidden Secrets in Roblox Brookhaven

Roblox has the most refined set of game series that has its individuality amongst all. The game, which has the concept of Roblox, has multiple unique features and advantages in the game world.

One of the Roblox games is Brookhaven which got famous on the website release in April 2020 created by Wolfpaq.

Brookhaven Easter Eggs

The game has the genre of city and town visited across 12 million+ users. The roleplaying of the game is full of a located building that has numerous playgrounds, stores, schools, and churches found in the game town.

Brookhaven has vast features that help players maintain their presence, like homes, vehicles, and multiple tools. Apart from all this, Brookhaven is known as the most straightforward game structure among all gameplay. The players have no currency in the game; if they want something to redeem, they only shop it from Robux.

There are no additional items that help players to buy stuff. Most of the variety of things like vehicles, houses are set for free to players as soon as they become part of the games.

Secrets in Roblox Brookhaven

The developers often add secrets in Roblox Brookhaven to make it more enjoyable. With dozens of easter eggs, many of them belongs to

There are several Secrets in Roblox Brookhaven. All of these are as follows –

1. Prison: Player’s characters want to emerge from the prison. They can dive in the ventilator, followed by the cells as a prisoner for their 

2. Prison head: After getting parted from the prison, there is a cell over the dungeon. Players move towards the wall, where players find a room full of Secrets in Roblox Brookhaven to escape. 

3. Secret room 1: In the earlier prison cell, the player finds a private room where they get a card on the dressing closet that gives a chance to go inside the electric building. 

4. Secret room 2: In the tent space of the prison, players find a second hidden room that helps hide them. 

5. Beyond hospital: Players find the whole creepy hospital floor, where they found a green man to spawn in numerous locations randomly. 

6. X-Ray machine: In the hospital, players also find an X-Ray machine, where they find an extra creepy room back that machine. 

7. X-Ray secret room: Players got a button under the table in that private room that players found back the x-ray machine. Players get teleported to a remote underwater location of the agency. 

28th house secret
28th house secret in Roblox Brookhaven

8. 28th house: Players step toward the 28th house, where they receive a plant book that helps them head into an underwater spot full of Secrets in Roblox Brookhaven. Where they also view a private message addressed at one of those mirrors.

9. Underwater: Players, later clicking the button, followed towards the underwater area of the agency. For leaving that location, they get another control beneath the stool. 

10. Gas station: Players move towards the cliff zone near the gas station, which allows them to open up a secret location of the agency. 

11. Secret spot: To witness the hidden message in that remote location of the agency, players must turn off the light to get the best output. 

12. Fountain: Players move the fountain to proceed towards the space underneath the floor under the fountain. For that, they receive the sleeping bag to a glitch within that area. 

13. Bank: Players receive a bank card in the bank, then they move overhead and dive inside the vent to escape. 

14. Bank vent: After hopping in the duct of the bank, players head towards the secret underground spot to hide. 

15. Shop: To enter the secret location underground of the bank vent, you have another route behind the new shop, followed by the brick wall, and you will get to the exact spot. 

16. Weaponry room: In the actual location underground under the shops, you will discover a back room. You enter and click the light after that, and it will dump you inside a secret weaponry room. 

17. Graveyard: Players head towards the tombstone at the cemetery that states, ” rip, make me out now ” After that, you can run inside the grave where you get a spooky casket.

18. Casket: In that grave, if you snap on that casket, you will hear a growl. 

19. Bathroom: Players have the advantage in the Brookhaven to hide in any bathroom and make themselves small to hide either on the washing wall or a sink. 

20. Mall: Players can hide inside the boxes at the mall. 

21. Burger point: Players go to the burger restaurant in the mall, take a sleeping bag, put it on the oven roof, and then hop inside. You will head towards a secret room in the mall rooftop space to escape. 

22. Church: Player must see the casket at the church, then hop inside the coffin, you will see an intimate portrait of Mr. Brookhaven. 

23. Airplane: Players can hide in the bathroom of the aircraft behind the wall and the toilet. 

24. Living room: In the living room of the second apartment, players found a remote area to hide behind the T.V. 

25. First penthouse: Players can jump in the bathroom of the first penthouse served of the fireplace towards the dining room. 

26. Bedroom: At the first penthouse flat, a player found a closet in the bedroom, where they jumped on the safe head towards a secret room to hide. 

27. Bathroom: Players arrived at the second penthouse, went to the bathroom to hide. There was a mirror to dive into it. You will find a secret safe in the private room. 

28. Fridge: In the second penthouse apartment, players present themselves small in size and then jump toward the head of the refrigerator to hide. 

29. Library basement: In the third house heading towards the cellar, players found a bookshelf with a button to open a Secret in Roblox Brookhaven’s room leading to another underground cellar. 

30. Basement: In the same third house basement, players get a laptop and sit on each chair. After that task, a button appeared on the pillar back started glowing, then click on the button and jump in the wall area to view another secret room. 

31. 8th house bedroom: Players head towards the 8th house then walk upstairs in the face of that stair. There was a bedroom where players made themselves small and moved towards the head near a bed. There was a hole where players could fall into a secret room. 

32. 8th house: Players found numerous areas in the 8th house to hide. There are several walls in the bedroom, and you can also hide in the central room wardrobe or the boxes inside extra bedrooms. 

33. 12th house: Players found a remote area in the 12th house fireplace. You can hop onto that fireplace to hide. 

34. Bedroom: Players head to the master bedroom of the 12th house. There was a closet in that area where the player found an invisible ladder. You can climb that ladder reaching towards the secret attic where you find hidden crystals. 

35. 19th house: Players headed towards the elevator in the 19th house, leading to the living room’s main floor. You find a button behind the tv. Snap that button you fall to the secret room where you see multiple weaponry and stock explosives.

36. 26th house: Players must go inside the kitchen of the 26th house. There was a hidden room on the side of the underneath staircase, directed towards a secret room to hide. 

37. 28th house: Players went to the basement lot of the 28th house. They get to stop at the house entrance, then direct to the right side in the green wall, you’ll reach inside the secret room. 

38. 29th house: Players went to the living room of the 29th house. There was a fireplace where you should hop over and find another secret room. 

39. Upstairs: Move to the 29th house staircase head towards upstairs. There was a ceiling divider where you click the raised part, and the platform will automatically come down to help you reach an attic where a hidden safe is stored. 

40. Bathroom: Players head in the 29th house towards the master bathroom. You witnessed the closet move inside the cabinet. There was a floor division that made you fall into the garage area. 

41. 30th house: Players move toward the master bedroom of the 30th house. Where you find a male and female closet, there is a black wall between them heading to a secret room with a sufficient space to hide. 

42. Last house: Players reach the basement of the last place where they find a room of massive power control, then head to that black wall and hop towards a secret room to hide. 

43. Secret room: On the exact spot of the last house secret room, players head towards the black wall. You will find another private room along with a note. 

44. Safe: In the same secret room, players move to another side of the wall to find the hidden safe. 

45. Backyard: In the last house, players head in the backyard. Where you found large square pipes get out from the ground. Snap to open the lines directed to the series of the tunnel below the area of the house. 

46. Daycare: Players reach the daycare and enjoy the equipment of the playground to hop towards the rooftop that falls from the daycare and finally run inside the gray chimney to hide. 

47. Abandoned house: Take a sleeping bag to the abandoned house and place it near a sill of the window along with pillow part, then lying heading towards the window to view a secret code used in a movie. 

48. Main arc: Players move to the left side of the central arch, then place the sleeping bag below the floor and the pillow part inside the ground. You view another secret code to watch a movie. 

Firestation secret in Roblox Brookhaven
Firestation Secret

49. Fire station: Players move toward the rooftop of the fire station, drop down at one of those open garage doors, and do a sleeping bag to hop into a vast secret room to hide. 

50. Hill: Players move to the rear area and head to the left turn underneath the big hill. You find a season opener that makes you visit a secret place inside a giant cave. 

51. In the Bank: Explode the door and move inside the vault. Use a ladder along with a sleeping bag on the ceiling, to glitch into the secret room.

52. New Premium House: Jump into the fireplace of the main floor and keep jumping to find the secret hiding spot which will lead you to the bathroom.

53. Bathroom of New Premium House: Get at the back of the shower, to get the secret room where the safe is hidden.

54. Top floor of New Premium House: Walk into the mirror located in the bedroom, there is the secret passage to the next bedroom.

55. Outside the New Premium House: You can hide in the oddly shaped bushes.

56. Main area of Brookhaven: Complete flip over the swings by going back and forth.

57. Brook’s Diner: Make yourself small, then use a ladder. You can hide in the cabinets of the kitchen area.

58. Auto Shop: Criminal base is removed from the Brookhaven.

59. Airport: Carry a weapon, and pass through the security gate the alarm will switch off.

60. Inside the plane: Press the emergency button in the cockpit, to sound an alarm in the plane to pretend like it is crashing.

61. In the plane: Press the parachute button, you will fall back to the Brookhaven with a parachute from the sky.

62. Inside the church: On the top side, use a sleeping bag to see a secret hidden crystal.

63. Server: If you join a private server that you own, you can control the time of the day, weather, etc. in the private server controls.

64. Club Brooks: If you wait for the Club Brooks to open and then switch to the day time with private server controls, you can get the dance floor open during the day.

65. Movie theatre: You will get a code by the first poster for the “First Contact” movie. Type the code in the projector to watch it.

66. Modeling Place: In the mall, at the modeling place there is a secret message that will state – “Buggstra was here”.

67. Main bedroom: In the second house of the main bedroom, jump beside the safe for a random secret room.

68. Garden house: Once you get inside, turn left and scale the wall there is a large secret room with plants inside.

69. Secret room (Garden house): Walk down and scale the wall, you will swim to the room that hides the safe.

70. School: Become a student and get yourself a locker. Open it up, walk inside and close it and now you can hide inside.

71. Classroom (School): You can edit the text on the whiteboard and say whatever you want.

72. 3rd house: Move to the basement and turn right. There is an area where you can hide inside the bookshelf and spy on people.

73. 29th house: Head to the attic where the safe is and then turn left. There is a hidden secret crystal that you can pick up.

74. Church (29th house): Go to the top of the church and press the button, then it will begin to lighting up.

75. After lighting up: Start a funeral and click the button on the back of the casket and you will be teleported to the big arc.

76. Spawn area: Make yourself small, slowly walk towards the fountain and play with it a little bit; eventually you will fly.

77. In the Chat: Type – “AFK”, “aidanleewolf”, and “wolf” to perform a bunch of secret emotes.

78. Gas Station: Pull a car up to the pump and you can actually fill up your car with gasoline.

79. One color: If you make yourself all one color, you can hide easily, especially in the grocery store against the black wall.

80. Hotel room: Get yourself a hotel room and then go inside. Kickback on the sofa and the get rid of your house and you will find you are still inside the hotel but in a new secret area.

81. Library & Books store: Hop on top of the bookshelves and you will find yourself in a pretty decent hiding spot.

82. Mountain: Under the mountain with the gliders you can walk into the opening and it will lead you to an area, where you can see underneath the map.

83. Sorority House: Use one of the arcade game, then remove the house and make yourself smaller. Your arms will now be glitched forward.

84. Animation: Use the lay down animation inside the salon and you can hide underneath the nail booths.

85. New Cottage house: There are lots of hiding spots, including inside the shrubs and brick posts.

86. Movie Theatre: You can use a sleeping bag glitch behind the screen and chill out with your friends underneath the map.

87. Scary House: Walk through the wall below the stairs, and use this area as a secret hideout and to spy on unknowing guests.

88. Kitchen (Scary House): There are lots of hiding spots including on both sides of the fridge and above it.

89. Bunkbed bedroom: Upstairs in the bunkbed bedroom of the Scary House, climb on top of the top bunk and jump into the wall for another secret area.

90. Small size: If you make yourself small, you can hide in basically any appliance. Like the microwave, firdge, or even the washer and dryer.

91. Billboard: if you walk up to any billboard you can edit the text and color by clicking the little button.

92. Halloween Event: Recently, there was a Halloween event where you could get cool cars by collecting candy. Currently, you have all the cars for free, but not for long.

93. House on fire: You can catch you house on fire by turning on the fireplace and waiting four minutes. Just click yes on the little popup when it asks if you want to do so.

94. Small in front of garage: If you can make yourself in front of any garage door, you can use a ladder to climb up on top of it for a great spot to hide.

95. Helicopter: If you get in the helicopter and fly over the edge of the Brookhaven map and down, you can fly under the map and explode.

96. 16th House: Go to the bathroom on the main floor. By the sink, you will see that there is a crack in the floor. Make yourself small, and you can slide inside for a secret hiding spot.

97. Brookhaven edit: After Roblox went down, Bookhaven edited all the whiteboards to relate towards the outage. Including the one that says- “We Missed You Roblox!”

98. Secret Agency location: At the Secret Agency location by the gas station, you can go through the spot and see the outside of the building. You can notice all the different wires leading inside of it.

99. Pizza place: At the Pizza place at the mall, you can walk inside the oven, turn it on, and catch yourself on fire. Doing so will set off an alarm as well.

100. Houses: In a couple of houses, including the new cottage house, you may notice an art easel. But did you know you can actually use and paint with it!

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