Roblox Titanic Codes [March 2024]

Roblox Titanic Codes

Welcome to another gaming article on the most renowned platform of the Roblox, and the well-known in that platform is Titanic, which Virtual Valley Games develop, and we will have a look at every detail of this game. It is a survival game in which the player tries to survive their character of the world’s largest ship named Titanic in the gameplay.

Roblox Titanic Codes are the secret codes shared by the developers on Twitter. These codes help the players to redeem free items in the game. This post will go through all the working and expired codes.

What is Roblox Titanic?

So, players first, we will look at the Roblox Titanic game. This game derives from a sink ship simulation named Titanic where the players have to put the test between an ultimate nature vs. a human being test. The player’s role is to tour the ship with fellow passengers in the game.

The player’s next task is to keep an eye and spot the iceberg on which the boat gets dashed, and the player should survive as the ship is sinking. The main motive of Roblox Titanic is to create an experience for the player to feel the real-world event in 1912.

Roblox Titanic Codes List

Roblox Titanic Codes List

There are always few Roblox Titanic Codes available in the game that a player can use to redeem some exciting rewards in the gameplay and dominate other characters available in the game. Roblox Titanic also has some codes available in the game, which players can use and unlock the various hidden rewards available in the game.

After redeeming the Roblox Titanic Codes, a player could get some masses of unique gadgets and secret stuff. Along with that, there are already a few energetic codes available in the game, and there could be greater soon. A player can see what they can get free of charge properly in the game.

This article will go through the active working codes and the expired codes in the game.

Active Roblox Titanic Codes

  • SMOOTHANIMATIONS: This is the first active working code of the game where the player submits this code to receive around 2,500 points that are beneficial for a player in the gameplay.

So, we have completed having a look at this game’s active working codes. Moving on further, we will go through the Roblox Titanic game’s expired codes.

Expired Roblox Titanic Codes

  • RtanicV2Year1: This is the first expired code in this game list. The player uses this code to receive 10,000 points in the gameplay.
  • FriendAdmin: Moving on towards the second code, where the player submits the code and quickly receives around 2,500 points in the game.
  • Christmas: The player uses this code to receive around 10,000 points beneficial for the gameplay player.
  • newlobby: This is the second working code on the list. The player uses this code to redeem 2,500 points in the gameplay.
  • newgear: This is also an alternative code available for the player to get some game points. The player submits the code to redeem 2,500 issues in the game.
  • telegraphs: The player uses this code in the game to receive around 2,500 points in the game.
  • 2years: The player can redeem this code and get 2,500 free points in the game.
  • Badges2020: This is the final code in this list. The player uses this code to receive a massive amount of 5,000 free points in the gameplay.
  • SharedRewards: The player uses to Submit this code and redeem 2,500 points in the gameplay’s pocket.
  • Codepls: This is the last code in this expired code list, and the benefit of this code for the player is to redeem quickly around 2,500 points in the gameplay.

So, we have listed down the active and expired codes in the Roblox Titanic game. We have also seen the number of points that the player can collect by using these codes to quickly gather significant reward points by applying them in the gameplay.

Further players, we will look at redeeming these codes in the game. 

How to Redeem Roblox Titanic Codes?

In this game, the players have to follow some steps to get these Roblox Titanic Codes’ benefits. The steps are shown in detail as follows:

  • Step 1: The player has to click on the Cogwheel icon, which is available on the gameplay screen’s left side.
  • Step 2: In the second step, a new window will get open, and the player has to find the newspaper icon that is available on the left side of the new window, and the player should click on it.
  • Step 3: In the third step, the players’ role is to enter the code, or they can copy from the above list and paste it there and then click on submit button.
  • Step 4: It is the final step in which if the player inputs a valid code, they will receive a message and the game’s reward.

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How to play Roblox Titanic?

Roblox Titanic Gameplay

In Roblox Titanic, a player can explore the ship’s luxurious interior and fellow passengers. It successfully creates the infamous iceberg spot. The Roleplay displays as the ship sinks, the rooms flood, along with that, the launch of the lifeboats, funnels fall, and the ship splits in half. They were finally Sinking ship simulator based on Titanic, which took place in 1912.

Final Words

So, we have completed knowing about the Roblox Titanic game in detail and all aspects of the game. We have also seen the list of Roblox Titanic Codes and the benefits that player receives in the gameplay.

So, players Happy Gaming.