Roblox Tower Heroes Codes [August 2021]

Roblox Tower Heroes Codes

For so many years, Roblox has been very popular among kids due to its easy to understand gameplay. In order to develop more and more interest in Roblox, They give too many new promo codes from time to time. When you redeem these codes, you get coins as rewards.

With these Roblox Tower Heroes Codes, you can easily upgrade your game level. By doing this, you can stay longer in a game and score higher. As a result, you reach the top of the leader board. Apart from gaming, Roblox also provides an opportunity to earn money.

What is Roblox Tower Heroes?

Tower Hero is the social simulator game where each and every player is equipped with some special perks to build and have a tower that acts as a defense mechanism against incoming raids by an army of small troops. Roblox Tower Heroes Codes are the promo codes developed by the game developer.

When you redeem the codes, you will get some special rewards, which could be in the form of coins to upgrade your tower or defense power. These codes make the game more and more enjoyable. Developers launch too many codes. Some gets expire, and some are working.

Roblox Tower Heroes Codes List

Roblox Tower Heroes Codes List

Our article would keep you well informed about the latest upcoming Roblox Tower Heroes Codes and know how to earn free rewards like coins, gems, etc. We understand the pain gamers face when they have to check insta, and Twitter handles of developers now and be aware of upcoming new codes. To ease the workload on you, We would try our best to search and eliminate all the expired codes so that you don’t waste your precious time finding How to redeem them in the game.

Active Roblox Tower Heroes Codes

Here is the list of some of the working and usable Roblox Tower Heroes Codes. By using this, you can get free rewards and skins.

  • lunar2021: Use this code to redeem 20 coins.
  • TEAMSPARKS: Use this code to redeem free Metaverse Skin.
  • ONEYEAR_TH: Use this code to redeem 20 Coins and Chef Skin.
  • 2020VISION: Use this code to redeem free Streamer Skin.
  • CubeCavern: Use this code to redeem free Wiz SCC Skin.
  • HEROESXBOX: Use this code to redeem free Xbox Skin.
  • PixelBit: Use this code to redeem free 20 Coins.

Expired Roblox Tower Heroes Codes

We are extremely sorry to let you down. Down below we have mentioned all the expired codes, which at this point in the game are of no use and won’t earn you any reward. Here is the list of dead and not working codes. By using this, you would not get any bonuses or coins.

  • happy2021: Use this code to redeem 2021 Voca
  • xmas2020: Use this code to redeem Snowflake Skin
  • 100MIL: Use this code to redeem Skin and 20 Coins
  • 2020VISION: Use this code to redeem Streamer Skin
  • TreeBranch: Use this code to redeem Leaves Skin
  • PoisonShroom: Use this code to redeem Mushroom Skin
  • halloween2020: Use this code to redeem free Green Jack o Lantern Skin
  • thxgiving: Use this code to redeem Pilgrim Skin
  • CartoonyWizard: Use this code to redeem Cartoony Outline Wizard Skin
  • FastFood: Use this code to redeem Orange Soda Skin
  • Karts&Chaos: Use this code to redeem Popcorn Skin
  • July42020: Use this code to redeem Fireworks Skin
  • LOBBY: Use this code to redeem Burst Skin NEW
  • DevHiloh: Use this code to redeem Hiloh Skin
  • 1MIL: Use this code to redeem 1 Million Skin & 20 Coins

How to Redeem Roblox Tower Heroes Codes?

For using superb rewards, you have to redeem these Roblox Tower Heroes Codes. There are specific simple steps to follow, and you are all set to earn rewards out of them. Game developers don’t provide any particular process, but there are some necessary steps. So, follow the below steps to redeem codes in Tower Heroes.

  1. Start the game. You see the codes button click on the top of the screen.
  2. When you click on it, you see a screen with the caption Enter Codes.
  3. As these are case sensitive thus we advise you to copy-paste them through our website into the box. You can also type the code manually then write the codes. Write a code; you can also copy and paste it into the box.

Other Game Codes

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How to play Roblox Tower Heroes?

Sharing so much in common with Roblox Tower of Defense. The game begins with you being surrounded by lifts from all sides. Once you board, the lift makes sure to board before it gets full, or you might have to wait for few more minutes. The game has three-level to offer, with easy being the most compatible to play, followed by medium and hard.

Roblox Tower Heroes Gameplay

In this, you need to protect or guard your tower against upcoming invasions and surround your tower from all sides via houses, guards, and ground soldiers. So be prepared beforehand against any upcoming raid and design your layout to be invincible. One golden rule of the game is trying to defeat as many enemies possible in a go with max number of the tower you have installed. So that when next time ,they are raiding you you have the right tower to do the job done.

Final Words

Now you have enough information about Roblox Tower Heroes Codes, then go and try these superb codes and enjoy the game. In every new session, game developers launch new and exciting codes for you. So go and redeem the codes and get beautiful rewards such as coins. In the end, we hope our article might have proven useful to you and would have answered all the arising doubts. If you like our work, don’t forget to bookmark our website for future updates.

Happy gaming!