Awesome Roblox Rap Battles Explained With Lyrics

Roblox Rap Battles

Roblox is a sandbox platform where you can create new games and play other games. This platform has more than 100 million active players every month and is a place for all teenage gamers. With the freedom of creating unique games, the developers make excellent usage of this facility by creating unique conceptual games. These games include Rap Battle games, where the players have to rap their best to be the winner.

Roblox Rap Battles are the typical games where all the players have to rap for other players, and the audience chooses who is the best rapper. This concept is unique in gaming and can be related to real-life rap battles. Considering this, the developers have added an audience section where the players can only spectate and choose the winners.

In this post, I’ll mention all details about the rap battles and some of the finest performances in them. Let’s jump right into it –

What exactly is Roblox Rap Battles?

roblox rap battles 1

Roblox Rap Battles is a typical game created by a player named “BO0k“. In this game, the players have to rap on the stage to win amongst other players. This multiplayer game has multiple servers, and all of these servers are filled. During the game’s start, the players are given a chance to enter their names in the rapper’s list. Then, you’ll have to wait for your turn and then rap your best masterpiece against your opponents.

By rapping in every round, you can earn fancy hats and microphones. With these microphones, the audience can cheer you easily.

You can also play Rap songs in your Boombox by using these codes.

Earlier, the game was known as Auto Rap Battles, but after the recreation, the game was termed as “Roblox Rap Battles.” This new name and new start provided a different experience for all the players playing it. Jumping on the full details –

  • Game NameRoblox Rap Battles
  • Developer – Auto Rap Battles Community
  • Favorites – 567,576
  • Visits – 76.9M+
  • Created – 12/19/2016
  • Updated – 4/7/2020
  • Max Players – 15
  • Likes – 134K+
  • Dislikes – 25K+

How to execute a Roblox Rap Battles?

At the starting of the game, the players will be prompted to ask for a rap. You have to decide and write down your new unique rap along with its beats during this time. When the game brings you on the stage, you have to recite your rap song and start the ultimate Roblox Rap Battles. After the round is over, the players will be asked to vote for the best rapper. Every round will provide you extra points, and using them will give you new skins.

roblox rap battles 2

You can also create a new private server and launch the game for your friends, only lobby. To do so, you need to accept your friends’ friend requests and then invite them to the private server.

Roblox Rap Battle Rules

The rules may differ on the actual server you’re in. As the game was sold on V3rmillion, it has many different duplicates where players can change the rules and make it according to their needs. The basic rules in every Roblox Rap Battles game –

  1. You should not trash talk.
  2. You should not manipulate the votes by creating a gang.
  3. You should avoid rapping on sensitive topics.

Does Roblox Rap Battles Scripts Help?

For those who don’t know, scripts are the injectable executables that can be used to customize your Roblox game. With these scripts’ help, you can gain an advantage over other players by spamming votes and auto rapping.

There are tons of scripts available on V3rmillion regarding votes spamming. But this script can get you banned.

GameSpecifications never promote or encourage you to use such scripts as they can cause inequality in the game. Now jumping onto the fact, Does use script helps in Roblox Rap Battles? No. Using scripts will be only fun for 1-2 games, but after that, you’ll realize that the best fun is in organic rap and gaining organic votes. At the end of the day, all the players in this game are budding rappers. You can enjoy your time here rather than creating chaos.

Some of the Best Roblox Rap Battles Lyrics

roblox rap battles 3

If you want to have some pre-made templates to design your rap, then I’ve got you. Here are some of the top rap templates which you can copy and paste in your games –

Rap Lyrics 1

Yeah, yeah

Ayo, neighbours, it’s time.

It’s time, neighbours (aight, neighbours, begin).

Straight out the tiny dungeons of rap.

 The sausage drops deep as does my fairy.

I never shout, ’cause to shout is the spouse of contemporary.

Beyond the walls of cats, life is defined.

I think of darkness when I’m in a Berlin state of mind.

 Hope the cherry got some ancillary.

My dictionary don’t like no dirty itinerary.

Run up to the arbitrary and get the contemporary.In a Berlin state of mind.

 What more could you ask for? The great sausage?

You complain about lateness.

I gotta love it though – somebody still speaks for the bossage.

 I’m rappin’ to the pain,

And I’m gonna move your disdain.

 Crazy, pointy, super, like a handbag

Boy, I tell you, I thought you were a drag.

 I can’t take the lateness, can’t take the rod.

I woulda tried to rap I guess I got no broad.

 I’m rappin’ to the disdain,

And I’m gonna move your pain.

 Yea, yaz, in a Berlin state of mind.

 When I was young my spouse had a rag.

I waz kicked out without no drag.

I never thought I’d see that flag.

Ain’t a soul alive that could take my spouse’s bag.

 A yummy chord is quite the ward.

 Thinking of darkness. Yaz, thinking of darkness (darkness)

Rap Lyrics 2

Yeah, yeah

Ayo, friends, it’s time.

It’s time, friends (aight, friends, begin).

Straight out the wet dungeons of rap.

The banana drops deep as does my aardvark.

I never cry, ’cause to cry is the nephew of stark.

Beyond the walls of wood shavings, life is defined.

I think of ladies when I’m in a Chicago state of mind.

Hope the dark got some stark.

My mark don’t like no dirty park.

Run up to the arc and get the shark.In a Chicago state of mind.

What more could you ask for? The meaty banana?

You complain about war.

I gotta love it though – somebody still speaks for the cabana.

I’m rappin’ to the sausage,

And I’m gonna move your bossage.

Scrummy, strong, little, like a handbag

Boy, I tell you, I thought you were a lag.

I can’t take the war, can’t take the light.

I woulda tried to giggle I guess I got no site.

I’m rappin’ to the bossage,

And I’m gonna move your sausage.

Yea, yaz, in a Chicago state of mind.

When I was young my nephew had a santa.

I waz kicked out without no anna.

I never thought I’d see that arcana.

Ain’t a soul alive that could take my nephew’s piano.

A poor apple is quite the snapple.

Thinking of ladies. Yaz, thinking of ladies (ladies).

Rap Lyrics 3

Don’t mean that you can’t get lifted

Some of this shit is not even listed

We not the ones that you want to provoke

Deadly quote, cyanide notes, provoke rappers to have a stroke

now it’s lookin’ like smoke this ain’t no joke

I was once it your shoe co cuttin the coke

I work the piss out the people who press ’em

The last thing you see is flames and gun smoke

We got em mad, with no record I went platinum

Best Way to Win Roblox Rap Battles

The only best way to win Roblox Rap Battles is to rap uniquely. With the unique and awesome raps, you can rule the chart and be on the top. I’ve provided some basic rap templates in the above section. Make sure you use them properly and change the verbs and nouns according to your needs. The more you practice, the more you learn.

Some of the Best Roblox Rap Battles

There are some of the best legendary Roblox Rap Battles that every player should know of. All of the battles were between some of the finest rappers in the Roblox community.

1. Flamingo’s Rap Battles Experience

2. VuxVux’s Rap Battles Experience

Final Words

Rap Battles is an awesome game where you have to rely on your skill to win the game. With a good set of rhyme schemes and good lyrics, you can easily win the games by demonstrating your skills. Such unique games make Roblox an awesome place to enjoy our time. Please share this post with your rapper friends and let them know about these secret lyrics!

Happy Gaming!

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