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Roblox Pants

We all should accept that we love to dress up and create our own style. We like to make ourselves look better by wearing jewels, trendy clothes, and other costumes. The same happens here in a video game. The chance to decorate your character is in your hands. You are the creator of your character’s style and costumes.

Roblox Pants are one of the features that are used to enrich a character’s look, similar to Roblox Faces and Roblox Hairs, and so on. There are many pants available in the avatar shop that Roblox released.

Roblox is the greatest online video game-playing platform where all game lovers either create or play different video games. The Roblox platform allows the users to buy, sell and create virtual items. And they can use the virtual currency to decorate their virtual characters. It occasionally hosts real-life and virtual events.

Free Roblox Pants

Black Jean with Sneakers

Black Jean with Sneakers

They are free Roblox Pants that were published in March 2016. It was purchased 4,595,352 times and favorited for 71,055 times. It is still available in the Avatar shop.

Code: 382538503

Black Jeans

Black Jeans

These are exclusive pants that were published in March 2016. You can purchase it for free in the avatar shop. It is purchased 10,356,549 times and favorited for 60,539 times.

Code: 382537569

Black Jeans With White Shoes

Black Jeans with White Shoes

These pants were published on April 14, 2016. It is the most purchased item on Roblox. It was designed by The Best King. It was released under offer, and many players would love to decorate with these pants.

Code: 398633812

Beautiful Jeans

Beautiful You Jeans

This Roblox Pants is uniquely designed and released to the community by Missmudman, the creator of MMM designs. It was published in April 2016. It looks like a pink tank top with a pair of jeans with white shoes. It is purchased 35,850,469 times and favorited for 28,106 times.

Code: 398634487

Ripped Skater Pants

Ripped Skater Pants

Roblox published it in April 2016. This unique Roblox Pant was created by GPR 3. It has been favorited 68,611 times. It looks like a pair of Creased black jeans with ripped holes. It is also enriched with Cyan colored belt and shoes.


Jean Sports With White Shoes

Jean Sports With White Shoes

These Roblox Pants were published in the avatar shop by Roblox in March 2016. It is still available and has been purchased for free. It has been favorited 22,136 times.

Code: 382537950

Sleepy Pajama Pants

Sleepy Pajama Pants- Zara Larsson

It was published on May 2021, and it is apart from the Zara Larsson Dance Party event. According to the reports of May 2021, it is favorited 28,774 times. It is described as getting cozy with these awesome pink pajamas.

Code: 6829667358

Dark Green Jean

Dark Green Jean

It is a pair of dark green jeans with a pair of black and white sneakers. These Roblox Pants were published in avatar shop in Jan 2014. It has been favorited 27,353 times, and you can still enjoy this item.

Code: 144076760

Black Jean With Sneakers

Black Jean with Sneakers

These Roblox Pants were published in avatar shop in March 2016. It has been purchased 4,595,351 times and favorited 71,055 times. It can be purchased for free too.

Code: 382538503

Jean Shorts

Jean Shorts

The Roblox Pants doesn’t be completed without involving Jean Shorts pants. They were published in the avatar shop by Roblox in March 2016. It is the re-texture of the Claire pants and has been favorited 29,221 times.

Code: 382537806

Best Selling Roblox Pants

Black Stocks

Black Stocks

It was published in the catalog by Roblox in September 2013. As of July 2018, it has been favorited 22,196 times. It appears like a pair of grey slacks with a pair of black shoes. It can be purchase for 1 Robux.

Code: 129459077



It is similar to black stocks and is purchased for one Robux. It appears dark blue in color, along with a pair of black sneakers. It is published in 2013 and favorited 22,557 times till 2018.

Code: 129458426

Aesthetic Pants

Aesthetic Outfit

It is uniquely designed and created by Stag Inc. It is described as an originally designed and is purchased for eight Robux.

Code: 5053949817

Ripped Black Jeans

Ripped Black Jeans W/MU-White Sneakers

It was created by MU( Unique Fashion), a Spanish clothing company, and updated in2018. It can be purchased for five Robux.

Code: 1174596088



This Roblox Pants is a colorful and nature-related pant that FP Clothing created. It is purchased for eight Robux, and many players prefer to buy these pants.

Code: 5082955452

Golden Pants of Bling Bling

Golden Pants of Bling Bling

It is updated in 2018 and appears like a colorful yellow pant with a green border, and also the shirt that is related to this pant is also available. It can be purchased for five Robux.

Code: 6553208

High Waisted Shorts

Floral Crop Top w/ High Waisted Shorts & Combats

It is purchased for five Robux and is highly decorated with flowers. The pants appear in a black-grey color and have a suitable top for them. It was updated by February 2013 and was designed by Despairling.

Code: 287355153

Roblox Pants for Women

Halloween Orange Top With Black Jeans

Halloween Orange top W/ Black jeans

This Roblox Pants is an outcome for a Halloween Theme. The pants are black in color and are decorated with white tips, and this item has a jewel around its neck. You can still purchase it for eight Robux. It is a recent update and a trendy one. It creates a new style for your character.

Code: 4002277588

Overall One Strap Down

Overall one strap down W striped top

It is designed especially for female virtual characters and gives a modern girly look. It was published by Miki Clothing in March 2019 and can be bought for five Robux. It has a white stipped shirt and a black designed pant with it. It is described as a Black overall one strap down with striped turtleneck top.

Code: 872186047

Tribal Top With Denim Shorts

Tribal Top w/ Denim Shorts & Floral Convers

Flahn Magazine created these pleasant-looking Roblox Pants. It is the coolest Roblox Pants that ever exists. It was updated in May 2014, and you can easily purchase it with five Robux.


Cute White Top With White Plaid Pants

Cute white top w White plaid pants

It is a recent update in the pant section, and a player can purchase it for five Robux. Prince Clothing creatively designed it. The shirt is simply of white color, and the pants are designed with strips in a criss-cross manner. There is also a black belt that is attached to it.

Code: 6559275186

Striped Tank And Floral Skirt With Denim Vest

Striped Tank and Floral Skirt with Denim Vest

These are very rare Roblox Pants and are designed by Irresistible. It is updated in March 2014 and is described as “Cʜɪɴɢᴇᴛᴛᴇ.” It has floral underwear and a jean overcoat, and a striped cloth at the bottom.

Code: 142626568

Strappy Top With Shorts

Strappy Top W Shorts & Off The Shoulder Flannel

These Roblox Pants and Sleeves can be purchased for five Robux. It was updated in August 2016. It gives an amazing and cute little look to your virtual characters.

Code: 967361279

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