Roblox OOF Sound Download Mp3, WAV, AAC, FLAC, and OGG

Roblox OOF Sound Download

Roblox has bloomed a lot in the past few years due to the remarkable ability to publish games as well as play them. This creative idealogy has managed to create some incredible games over the platform. Games like Jailbreak, Adopt Me, Natural Disaster Survival and Murder Mystery 2 have really raised a bar in game development over the Roblox platform. Apart from this, Roblox is also famous for some compilation videos of fun-based games.

Roblox OOF Sound is a sound heard when the character in Roblox dies. This song is quite famous over the social media platform due to its uniqueness and originality. OOF stands for Overwhelmigly Overpowered Failure. So, whenever you die, this OOF sound is played to make your character dead funnily. In many games, death sounds are more like deadly and depressing, but as Roblox is intended to have fun, the developers and the voice actors have released this viral OOF sound.

In this post, I’ll share the Roblox OOF sound download link with other backstories related to it.

Note: We do not promote piracy in any way. The whole pure credit of this sound goes to only Tallarico and no one else. We only have only shared the audio files which was earlier found under Roblox installation.

Roblox OOF Sound Audio Play

Roblox OOF Sound download

Roblox OOF Sound is a sound that you hear after your death in Roblox. You can listen to Roblox OOF Sound here below. This sound is pure original without any editing.

Credits: Tallarico

Roblox OOF sound has become famous due to all millions of players playing Roblox. This song then became a part of all Roblox memes and compilation videos. Due to its appearance in thousands of memes and videos, it quickly gathered all the players’ attention, and all the players suddenly started paying attention to the sound.

In Roblox Library, this sound has been downloaded for more than 1 million times. Over 150 Million users every month, this game’s content creator always loves to put Roblox OOF sound in their videos to make it more interesting. This creates more demand for this song.

Roblox OOF Sound Download

Luckily, I’ve made a working download link for the Roblox OOF sound which you can use without any copyright issues. Although this sound is only 1 second, this can be used multiple times to create a good effect.

Roblox OOF Sound Download MP3

Roblox OOF Sound Download MP3

Roblox OOF Sound Download WAV

Roblox OOF Sound Download WAV

Roblox OOF Sound Download AAC

Roblox OOF Sound Download AAC

Roblox OOF Sound Download FLAC

Roblox OOF Sound Download FLAC

Roblox OOF Sound Download OGG

Roblox OOF Sound Download OGG

Using the above link, you can download the Roblox OOF sound and add it to your videos. So, make sure you bookmark this page to make this audio always available to you.

Roblox OOF Sound Backstory

Roblox OOF Sound conflict

Just like life, there were lots of ups and downs for the Roblox OOF Sound. In 2019, Tommy Tallarico claimed that he owns the oof sound Roblox is using for the past 14 years. He wrote an email to GamesBeat explaining all the rights to the audio file and was curious about the compensation for his audio on Roblox.

For the past 14 years, Tallarico was unaware of sound’s rights, but when a Twitter user named Burr explained how this song originated from the game called Messiah. Tallarico was a part of this game and then realized that he owns rights to great viral Roblox OOF sound. Check out his tweet on Jun 2019 –

From this tweet, you would already be agreed with the story of Tallarico. But the truth of the story is known to no one except the Roblox company. On the knowledge of this, Tallarico instantly sent a mail to Games beat and then gave an interview at the headquarter regarding this matter. He was disappointed that he was unaware of the rights, and still, the big billion-dollar companies kept using someone else’s audio work without giving them any credit. Further, he also confirmed that the sound was checked multiple times by his team and confirmed that the sound was his, and it was picked up from the Messiah game.

Stating that Tallarico has all the rights and contracts for this audio file, which he signed with Shiny Entertainment (For Messiah Game), he further demanded compensation for this audio usage without his permission.

Update (January 2021) – There has been an agreement between Roblox developers and Tallarico regarding the OOF sound. The iconic sound will only last till the end of 2021. After that, the developers will have to remove the original sound and replace it with its alternative. Quite Heart Breaking!

Update (July 2022) – OOF sound has been officially removed from Roblox. Here’s a tweet –

Identification Of the Roblox Sound File

Tallarico provided a proper way to confirm that this file belonged to him by looking at the metadata from the Roblox original engine files. Roblox OOF sound is located inside the AppData of the Roblox. To find this, you need to head over to this folder –


After going in this folder, there is a mp3 file named: uuhhh.mp3

If you can fetch the metadata of this audio file, you can discover that there is the name of Joey Kuras present there. This confirms the file was fetched from the Messiah game files without giving credit. For those who don’t know who Joey Kuras is, he was the sound editor for Tullarico for more than 15 years.

oof sound metadata

As of now, Roblox hasn’t disclosed the amount of money that they owe Tallarico for copying his audio. Moreover, Tallarico doesn’t want to sue Roblox for this little audio file, but he needs some compensation for the content generated without using his permission. As concluding the interview, Tallarico further said that –

The industry should behave more professionally before releasing any king game/item. They should hire professional contractors to make game items. If this was audio that other players didn’t care about, it would be a lot easier for Roblox to settle this. But as this audio is used by millions of users over multiple platforms, it won’t be cheap this time for Roblox.

Tallarico at VentureBeat

So, it’s very sure that the Roblox has to pay a hefty multi-million amount to solve this issue of Roblox OOF sound. To make it even better, they can make a good contract with Tellarico regarding further use of the sound. As Roblox is very famous for using this sound, it’s unlikely that they’ll drop this sound due to such an issue. As of now, no one knows any further knowledge regarding this issue besides Tallarico and Roblox themselves.

Final Words

Roblox OOF Sound has made its way into the hearts of all the Robloxians. There are many different memes and funny videos regarding this OOF sound. Especially song mashups with this oof sound are very famous. In this post, I’ve mentioned all the download links for every format of the audio.

Happy Gaming!

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