Roblox Chuck Lloyd – Everything About The Scary Popular Myth

Roblox Chuck Lloyd

Roblox Chuck Lloyd is an ancient knight who is harassed by his past dreams and has severe sleep shortages. He acts like a zombie and is continuously scared of them watching over him. He also dreams of destruction and refers to the word ” Darkness Incarnate“, which later became his theme.

Roblox Chuck Lloyd – Overview

Roblox Chuck Lloyd

The Chuck Lloyd is a Shadelight Analysis myth associated with the Roblox. He is particularly significant because he has been highly interested in research since Shadelight is his own game. Lloyd continues to maintain his family home despite his age and attempts to survive in everyday life. Still, it is because he lives in a continuing fear and terror with his scarecrow and the creature that is watching over him holds him in his place.

Goldenness is often under his control because of recent events surrounding the Goldity myth, which have led to battles between him and the myth-hunters found on his farm. Many Creepypasta stories revolve around Chuck Lloyd.

Roblox Chuck Lloyd – Biography

Roblox Chuck Lloyd Attic

Roblox Chuck Lloyd is a war hero who, according to some sources, fought during World War II. He had a wife named Sandra Lloyd and a daughter named Lauren, who is rumorous of being harassed by Chuck Lloyd. She said she was stabbed, kicked the stairs, and trapped in a cellar. She said it all happened to her by a man who may be Chuck Lloyd, her father. Lauren’s status is not exactly at the moment as Louyen was not involved for an extended period.

Chuck Lloyd to Sandra Letter

Sandra suddenly died after Chuck returned from war for reasons not understood by hunters. It’s suggested that she tried to defend Louyen’s daughter, and she was hit with a large knife. Some people have speculated that Chuck Lloyd killed and hid the body of Sandra.

Despite his age, Chuck manages to keep his family home and tries to lead an everyday life. But it prevents him from living in a life of murder and insecurity of his scarecrow, the mysterious entity who looks over him, and the effect of Shadelight. Shadow-like entities even threaten him, particularly at night. He also has nightmares of some kind, and he uses the word ” Darkness Incarnate,” which was later shown to be his theme.

Roblox Chuck Lloyd – Appearance

Roblox Chuck Lloyd Appearance

The present appearance of Chuck Lloyd consists of light green skin color, the “suit,” the ” Sinister Zombie” hat, and a package of “Elder” animations.

Roblox Chuck Lloyd – Personality 

Chuck Lloyd Attic

Roblox Chuck is a very positive and vibrant man when he gets to relax. He’s a person who’s coordinated but still worried and concerned about his climate. He is friendly to hunters if he is not under Goldity’s lousy effect. Chuck is very emotional about his wife, Sandra, who was killed in the past. When he’s lonely, he’ll always sob over the death of his wife. However, he also speaks to her if he sees her ghost walking around the house.

Due to the Goldity incidents, he’s sometimes affected by him, which triggered some battles between him and his supernatural warriors. And since Chuck seems confused with Goldity, he has, however, left Speedy2662 to confidence.

When affected by Goldity, he starts attacking the hunters and forces them to leave his home and leave his property. He will look at hunters from a distance to make sure they are at a loss. He would scream against them or punish them when hunters roam through his building.

Chuck Lloyd Roblox Residence

Chuck Lloyd Ghost

If Roblox Chuck Lloyd doesn’t sleep, he gets more worried about his dreams. He continues roaming and attempts to escape his house’s silence. Speaks to some teammates if he’s suspected of being observed by the Darkness. And he is becoming increasingly aware of his world and how his life is at risk. When the Darkness is threatened, he is highly reliant on legendary hunters or Goldity.

If anybody disturbs Chuck Lloyd, he always starts to say, “Bad Manners make for Bad Guests.” It’s because he’s “nice” and “relevant” about everything. It is suspected that his wife (Sandra) and even his daughter Louyen could have been killed. However, he attempts to end it himself while in intense tension and commitment. Jayingee and Flamingo appear to have trusted him.

Roblox Chuck Lloyd – Games

In the latest Shadelight upgrade that includes getting into Roblox Chuck Lloyd’s bottom, you go to the rear portion of the shed and scroll around, collect a trowel and use it to dig up the floor key, which is laid to rest underneath the crow to the right of the shed. You have to go to the kitchen and touch the sliding door with the cellar switch. You can only get the button during the day because the crow does not sleep at night in the game. It will not work since Chuck has to upgrade his game.

Does Chuck Lloyd Disappear from Roblox?

Yes, Chuck Lloyd was a myth created by some users. As a result, it took quite a while to believe it, but yes Chuck is disappeared from the Roblox Server. Now new players hardly know him and create unpleasant experiences for others.

Roblox Chuck Lloyd – Relationships with other myths

  • Sandra Lloyd: Sandra is the wife of Chuck Lloyd and the mother of Louyen. She died because of some unexplained reason. Some people said she had been murdered because she was attempting to defend her daughter from a stranger.
  • Louyen: Louyen is the daughter of Chuck and Sandra. She informs that Chuck Lloyd harassed her. She said she’s got trapped, pushed the stairs down, and locked into the cellar.
  • Goldity: Goldity appears to be Chuck’s chief. Chuck Lloyd always said that a person murdered five people with a yellow robe who holds power in his every dream.
  • Mrflimflam: Chuck has a visitor called Albert. Chuck usually gets mad at him when he decides to look around his house. Yet Chuck Lloyd stays useful to Albert.
  • Jayingee: When Jake went to Chuck Lloyd’s House, Jake behaved as a threatening man and as a guest. Chuck doesn’t like him.
  • Speedy2662: Speedy behaved as Albert as he went to Chuck’s place and was the first person Chuck had faith to carry the cellar lock
  • Ulifer: Chuck doesn’t have faith in Ulifer and called him “Child Murderer.”

Other Myths

Roblox 1x1x1x1

Final Words

Roblox Chuck Lloyd is widely regarded as a “Myth” in the group of Myth Hunting, particularly in the series “Shade light Investigation” with Lloyd Residence in his game. 

Chuck is also famous for the high amount of videos uploaded on YouTube by Flamingo; it took his followers and many other players to his game, boosting his popularity. Hence, we hope this article will help you to learn everything about Roblox Chuck Lloyd.

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2 years ago

I was just playing, it is scary

Pratik Kinage
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I know right. There are some real scary creepypastas in Roblox!