Who Did Zuko Marry? One Of The Mysterious Characters in Avatar

Who Did Zuko Marry

Who did Zuko marry was a question that many fans of the Avatar have been curious to know about since neither the anime nor the manga provided a definite answer to the question. 

This article would give a brief idea about the likely suspects of people who could have married Zuko.

Who Did Zuko Marry?

Between Avatar: The Last Airbender and Avatar: The Legend of Korra there is a time gap that led to a lot of questions remaining unanswered. Some questions have been answered in the sequel series however, one of them still remains a mystery which is the question “Who Did Zuko Marry?

In The Legend of Korra, it was confirmed that Zuko got married and had children, including the daughter named Izumi, who had two children. We were able to see one of Izumi’s children. He was named Iroh. He was a soldier and his name is a reference to Zuko’s uncle, General Iroh, who was also Zuko’s father figure. 

Even with all this information provided the identity of Izumi’s mother had not been confirmed in any of the stories in the official canon. Even though at the end of the anime we see Zuko and Mai together there is a slight chance that it might not be who we think it to be.

We would try looking at the various past and potential Love Interests of Zuko to see if we are able to figure out and solve the mystery of Who did Zuko marry?

Katara, Jin, Mai, and Suki are the potential love interests that could have been married to Zuko. Let’s discuss each of these characters one by one. 

1. Katara

Katara Avatar
Katara | Avatar

In the Avatar series, it was Katara and Zuko who were the biggest ships. Fans wanted these two characters to be together. Even though started off as enemies with Zuko even holding Katara hostage in order to lure out the Avatars. They did share a moment of understanding when both of them were captured at the end of the second season. However, this was short-lived as Zuko chose to join the side of Azula in the last battle. She was the last member of the Avatar team who trusted Zuko and welcomed him to join the avatar team in Book Three.

Even though many fans shipped these two characters and wanted them to be together it never happened. Katara did not end up with Zuko but ended up being with Aang.

Since Katara is with Aang, we can rule her out from the answer “Who Did Zuko Marry?”

2. Jin

Jin and Zuko Moment
Jin and Zuko Moment

When Zuko was in the Earth Kingdom hiding in Ba Sing Se as a refugee he was briefly in a relationship with a Young Woman named Jin. At first, he had thought that Jin was behaving the way she did because she was a spy however, his Uncle Iroh explained to him that this was simply because Jin was interested in Zuko.

The duo even went on a date which turned out pretty well to the surprise of many fans.

Unfortunately, after Jin and Zuko kissed he decided to end the end date very quickly. Canonically, Jin and Zuko only met one time after that in a short story named Going Home Again after the Earth Empire had fallen. Jin had seen Zuko with Mai in that instance and had asked who she was after which Mai made use of Jin to scare Zuko with a trick of Knife Throwing which was the moment that directly led to both Mai and Zuko starting a romantic relationship.

This suggests that Zuko had moved past the brief flirty relationship stage that he had with Jin and it is highly unlikely that Zuko and Jin met ever again after that.

3. Mai

Mai and Zuko Moment
Mai and Zuko Moment

Anyone who has basic knowledge of the world of Avatar knows that Mai is a consistent romantic interest of Zuko. She is one of their very few friends of Azula and even accompanies her on the hunt for Zuko and his Uncle, Iroh. Eventually, she even helps Azulo in bringing the Earth Kingdom down. Once Zuko was given complete credit for taking down Aang they resume their relationship. He is also restored as the prince after this.

The relationship of Zuko with Mai is the one thing that Zuko truly appreciates. However, he leaves her to teach Aang how to firebrand. When Azula wanted to kill Zuko she refused which resulted in her ending up in prison. She was released from prison after Azula was defeated. Towards the end of the series, we see Zuko and Mai resuming their relationship.

Initially, the relationship between the couple continued in the sequel comics however was not completely smooth. Mai found out that Zuko had been meeting with his father for advice behind her back. This infuriated her and Mai ended their relationship.

While the duo had not yet gotten back together in the sequel mangas there is a high chance that both Zuko and Mai got back together and had a family after a while. Most of the fans expect her to be the mother of Izumi since Izumi means fountain and is a call back to the fountain incident when Mai and Zuko were kids.

While the list should end after Mai logically there is one more surprising person in the list who could be the answer to the question “Who Did Zuko Marry?”

4. Suki

Zuko meets Suki
Zuko meets Suki

When we are introduced to Suki she was the head of the Kyoshi Warriors. She became a member of the Avatar team and even started having a relationship with Sokka. Since Zuko helped with rescuing ger from the Prison Boiling Rock she has started to trust him even though initially they were enemies. By the time the show ended she had completely become a member of the team and was the head of the free Kyoshi Warriors.

The sequel mangas show both these characters getting close with each other and being more compatible with each other than with anyone else. This might come out of the blue but would help make sense of why Izumi is so determined and measured. Maybe Suki is really the answer to the question who did Zuko marry?

Who Did Zuko Marry In Comics?

While no definite answer has been given for who Zuko ended up marrying in the comics many fans do believe that it is Mai. This theory of Mai being married to Zuko has gotten much more popular since even the author seems to have acknowledged it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who did Zuko end up with?

While it is not mentioned clearly who is the character that ends up with Zuko many fans do believe that it is Mai since she has been his most consistent love interest of Zuko. 

Who is Lord Zuko’s wife?

While there is no conformation in the canon many believe that Mai is Lord Zuko’s wife. 

Did Zuko and Mei get married?

Mei does not get married to Zuko. 

Why do Zuko and Mai break up?

Mai gets tired of Zuko keeping a lot of secrets from her and going behind her back and after Suki told Mai that Zuko was meeting with his father for advice she got so infuriated and ended the relationship saying Zuko loved his secrets more than he loved her. 


Who did Zuko marry was a question that bothered a lot of fans since no concrete answer was given to it. This article has listed and given information about his past and potential love interests.

Hopefully, this article has been insightful and has provided the reader with a better understanding of Zuko and his partners and can come to their own conclusion to the question Who did Zuko marry? 

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