Has Anyone Died On Alone? 3 Worst Incidents!

Has Anyone Died On Alone

Has Anyone Died On Alone? Probably this is the question that may have come to the mind of every Alone series lover. Let’s find the answer to this question today!

“Alone” is a survival game, where the player must survive in an environment with a limited amount of resources. The player must find shelter, food, and water to survive. If they fail to do so, they will die.

There are rumors that any Alone contestant has died and fans want to find out if the information regarding the Alone contestant’s death is real or not. The idea of this article is to clear up these rumors and explore the question: Has anyone died Alone?

TLDR: The rumor soon unfolded with the truth that no contestant has actually died in the Alone. But there are a few incidents few of these contestants are injured heavily. We’ll have a look at these rumors about someone dying and a few major injuries.

Alone Plot Breakdown

Alone is a reality show that has been airing on the History Channel since June 2015. The show follows ten survivalists who are dropped off in a remote location and must survive for up to three months with no food, water, or shelter. Alone is filmed as it’s happening and the contestants have to be completely self-sufficient.

The participants of Alone are all survivalists who have experienced living in extremely harsh conditions for long periods. Although most of these contestants are from the United States and Canada, they are chosen with specific criteria so we know they are not ‘paid actors’. They come from various backgrounds and professions, but all the competitors share one thing in common: they are experts at surviving alone in the wilderness.

The first season of Alone was aired in 2015 and it followed ten survivalists who were left to fend for themselves in the wilderness of Quatsino Territory, located near Port Hardy, British Columbia. The show received mixed reviews from critics but gained popularity among viewers. 

The second season of Alone was aired in 2016 and it followed ten survivalists who were left to fend for themselves in Quatsino Territory, located near Port Hardy, British Columbia. The third season of Alone was aired in 2017 and it followed 10 survivalists who were left to fend for themselves in Patagonia, Argentina, in South America.

Has Anyone Died On Alone Yet?

Are you interested in knowing Has Anyone Died On Alone? Do you know what would happen when the Alone Contestant passes away?

There is no contestant on Alone who has died until now. There haven’t been any deaths on the show yet. This is the answer to your question: Has Anyone Died On Alone? Adding to this, the show executive producer Shawn Witt has also mentioned in his interview with RealityBlurred that “When we set out to make this show, it was always about everyone’s safety first and the show second,”. Means the show cares about the safety of participants over any other competitive factors.

Although every contestant in the six years of the show has made it through the game alive. Medical evacuations are a significant issue every season because certain contestants don’t have an option when it comes to withdrawing from the game. Even in some cases, low BMI (Body Mass Index) or the loss of too much weight causes the contestants from withdrawing.

The medical team checks contestants each week until they reach the advanced stage. The frequency of these checks also increases. Contestants can tell you if they are in a bad health state.

According to the show’s producer, their primary concern is the safety of their contestants. The show is the second priority. They do not want to be in the news about the contestant dying or close to death. They don’t want the answer to this question: Has Anyone Died On Alone? to be “Yes”.

Worst Injury on Alone – 3 Worst Injuries

Although, ‘Has Anyone Died On Alone?’ has a stiff no-no answer and never will be but there are few incidents where the contestants faced major injuries.

Following are some of the worst injuries on Alone –

1. Zachary Gault

Zachary Gault Injury
Zachary Gault | Courtesy: History

Zach was going out to do some hunting for food, he was cutting a few of the shrubs and moving forward, then suddenly he fell on the ground, and the moment he stood up he had a severe cut on his hand that wasn’t recorded on camera.

He somehow managed to get on his feet and went to his camp for the medications. He tried to heal himself using bandages and cotton, but the injury was so severe that he couldn’t handle the pain and the wound.

The blood wasn’t stopping, so he decided to tap out of the game and called the crew for medical help, and discontinued the game show.

2. Mary Kate Green

Mary Kate Green Injury
Mary Kate Green | Courtesy: History

It was day 7, and Mary was trying to light up a fire so she could start her day in the existing harsh conditions. She used her Ferro rod to light up the fire, and she did it successfully.

After lighting up the fire, she started cutting the wood pieces to fuel the fire, and she used her 26-inch ax to do so. But when she was cutting wood into small pieces, she accidentally hit her ax on her hand and cut her left hand.

After doing so, she used the emergency GPS to send her location to the medical team for help and got eliminated from the game.

3. Carleigh Fairchild

Carleigh Fairchild Injury
Carleigh Fairchild | Courtesy: History

Carleigh was moving towards the river to catch fish for her food. She went near the river and used a fish hook to catch the fish for her lunch. Luckily, she got one, she got a fish in her hook but when she was trying to catch the fish with her hand, the fish slipped off and the hook got in her hand.

She tried to take the hook out of her hand but it didn’t come out and she turned it more painful for her. She was feeling tremendous pain and wasn’t able to take the hook out. So she decided to tap out and called emergency help for the rescue.

Biggest Animal Killed on ‘Alone’

Jonas was the first contestant in the program’s history who killed a big game animal after he killed the nearly 900-pound moose on the 20th day of the show. He also landed the pike of 24 pounds by ice fishing and battled predators over the course of his time on the show’s 77th day.

Has Anyone Ever Been Attacked on “Alone”?

The show “Alone” is a survival reality show in which contestants are left in the wilderness with minimal clothing, food, and supplies. The contestants are not allowed to leave the area and they must survive on their own for as long as possible.

Yes, there have been instances when contestants were attacked by predators or got lost while trying to find the way back to civilization.

How Did Tracy From Alone Died?

Tracy E. Wilson died at 48 from a sudden illness. She was an ex-military member of the U.S. Air Force, serving in Saudi Arabia.

Enough about injuries, we need some appreciation for the survivors! Do you know who survived the longest in the show?

Who survived the longest in the show?

In Season 7, aired in 2020, Roland Welker won the show by surviving a whopper of 100 days. As per Wikipedia, he’s 47 years old and still beats the record of longest survival in all seasons. For this insane record, we also received the grand prize of 1 million dollars.

Apart from Roland, Callie Russell from the same season survived for about 89 days before being medically evacuated due to frostbite of the toes. Until now, no one has broken the record even in the latest season 9, which aired in 2022. Source: Wikipedia


How Many Contestants Have Died on Alone?

The answer to this question is NO! No one has ever died in the show yet.

Who Died from Season 2 of Alone?

Tracy Wilson, from season 2 has died at the age of 48 due to sudden illness.

Has Anyone Died on a Survival show?

Has anyone died on Alone or has anyone died on a survival show? The answer to both of your questions is NO! No one has ever died as a contestant on any survival game show.

Has Anyone Ever Died Naked and Afraid?

No contestant has died on the survival show “Naked and Afraid” till now.

Has anyone been seriously hurt on Alone?

Yes, many contestants like Zachary Gault, Mary Kate Green, or Carleigh Fairchild were seriously injured. Unfortunately, most of them had to withdraw from the show.

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