I Bet You Weren’t Invited To This Lavish Do – Arkham Knight Riddle Guide

I Bet You Weren't Invited To This Lavish Do

I Bet You Weren’t Invited To This Lavish Do; when you hear these words, you might be very confused, that is, if you are unfamiliar with the riddler and the video game Arkham Knight. However, if you are familiar with Arkham Knight and have played the video game yourself, you will know precisely what this means.

If you have no clue about this particular line, do not worry, as this article will attempt at providing you with a complete and comprehensive guide on the line I Bet You Weren’t Invited To This Lavish Do from the Arkham Knight Video Game so that you can clear all the doubts you would have regarding this topic.

However, before we go further, we need to understand the Riddler’s missions in Arkham Knight. Let’s take a look at that first.

Riddler’s Riddles

Riddler’s Revenge is one of the side quests available in the Batman Arkham Knight. The side quests are part of the Mission list of Gotham’s most wanted in the video game Batman Arkham Knight.

During the first chapter of the game, after you are done with locking up Poison Ivy. One of Batman’s villains. Aaron Cash, a senior and highly respected security guard who guards the Arkham Asylum, mentions to Batman how there was a man who looked suspicious seen in the area surrounding the train yard. 

This is where the Riddler’s side quests start, which results in one of the most extensive as well as the most rewarding side quests seen in Arkham Knight.

Riddler’s missions are sided quests that Riddler gives Batman. This includes Puzzles, items that can be destroyed by Batman, Trophies that can be collected by him as well as Riddles that can be solved. It is here the aforementioned line I Bet You Weren’t Invited To This Lavish Do comes into play. These words are part of the riddle, and the complete riddle given will be mentioned later in this article.

Mission Text
Mission Text

Now you might be wondering, why is it necessary to solve this riddle or all the other riddles? One could just finish all the main story missions and go. Yes, you could. While that is possible, there is a perk to finishing all the Riddler quests in Arkham Knight. 

You will only be able to unlock the complete Knight Fall protocol if the player manages to complete all the sidequests of Riddler and collect all the trophies. After doing so you will need to defeat Riddler, and doing this would result in you achieving the Knight Fall protocol.

I Bet You Weren’t Invited To This Lavish Do

“I bet you weren’t invited to this lavish do, I wonder how many went dressed up as you?” is the riddle Riddler gives to Batman. 

The Riddler gives this second riddle in the Riddler side quests.

I Bet You Weren’t Invited To This Lavish Do – Walkthrough

You will need to make use of the entrances that are in the lower part of the clock tower. One must remember you must not go to the Oracle hideout, which can be found on the upper part of the tower. You must head to the lower part of the tower.


This is where all the servers are located. From there, you need to head to the topmost floor and go around looking for a poster that is used for the promotion of the masquerade.

Poster Location
Poster Location

You will be able to find the poster hanging next to the exit that can be used to go out to the balcony. Batman needs to scan this poster. (Hold up on your control pad to scan items).

Scanning Poster
Scanning Poster

Now that we’ve gotten a better understanding of how to find the I Bet You Weren’t Invited To This Lavish Do riddle and how to solve it, let us take a look at why solving this riddle is crucial.

We will have to go back to discussing an aspect that we mentioned earlier – The Knight Fall Protocol. 

What Is The Knight Fall Protocol?

Before you read further, you must remember this section of the article contains major spoilers of the game so if you wish to experience it first-hand while playing it is advised to skip this section of the article.

Knight Fall protocol is Batman’s contingency plan and the final resort. This plan is executed when Batman’s secret identity gets revealed to the public. This plan was made in an attempt to protect those who are close to him. 

This plan ends with Batman walking into the manor as Bruce Wayne and Wayne Manor explode on Live TV. It is not known for certain whether he faked his own death or whether it was truly the end of Batman. This is left open-ended for the fans to come to their own conclusion

So all these small riddles and missions matter if you’re trying to achieve 100% completion.

This 100% completion results in the closing of one of the best game series ever made as well as for the titular iconic character. The one single riddle mentioned before may not seem like much but in the bigger picture that one aspect is as crucial as any other to get an incredible conclusion to an incredible story. Therefore it is essential the players know how and what to do to complete the I Bet You Weren’t Invited To This Lavish Do riddle and that is what this article has hoped to help with.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you solve the Riddle on Bleake Island?

To solve this riddle you must first visit the lighthouse, which can be found next to the bridge which leads to Ace Chemicals. Enter inside the lighthouse and you will find bone piles. You will need to scan them using the detective vision and the riddle will be complete.

Where is the last Riddle on Bleake Island?

The last riddle is found inside the building underneath the crane on the island to the north of Bleake Island.

How do you get the Riddler Trophy on Miagani Island?

It is located next to the Riddler race track called Flight School. You will need to look for a covered section on the side of the building. Shoot the wall, and you can close in and collect the trophy. 


I Bet You Weren’t Invited To This Lavish Do is a Ridder Riddle that the player needs to solve in Arkham Knight. This riddle, just like all the other riddles, made the game fans feel confused and clueless. This article has answered all the questions related to where to go as well as what to do so that the players of Arkham knight can solve this riddle with ease. 

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