Halfdan Knows AC Valhalla: Which Choice Is Better?

Halfdan Knows AC Valhalla

Halfdan Knows AC Valhalla has probably proved itself as a thorn in your path to glory in the game. A worthy adventurer knows how any quest brings forth new challenges both mentally and physically. A quest might require you to climb the most difficult mountains or spend 15 minutes thinking about a riddle. The Son Of Jorvik Quest is no different.

The Son Of Jorvik Quest lies in the region of Eurvicscire, and although the rest of the quest is pretty easy, Halfdan Knows AC Valhalla might have put you in a tight spot. But leave your worries out on the doorstep and enter the world of solutions and answers! This guide of ours will provide you with must-know details of The Son Of Jorvik Quest and will also (hopefully) save you from your dilemma!

Halfdan Ragnarsson

halfdan's important choices

Before we dwell on questions about Halfdan knowing or not, we shall get a quick look at who Halfdan is. Halfdan Ragnarsson was a legendary Viking leader and was amongst the many commanders of the Great Heathen Army.

The Great Heathen Army included courageous Scandinavian men that invaded Anglo-Saxon England in the 9th century. Born to Ragnar Lothbroke and his wife Lagertha, Halfdan is also the half-brother to IvarrSigurdBjorn, and Ubba.

Renowned as the Conqueror of the North due to his conquests in Northern England, Halfdan is also the reincarnation of Isu Thor – the revered Norse Warrior God in control of lightning and thunder.


Halfdan, Albeit Great, has a tragic past. His father, Ragnar, was murdered by being thrown into a snake pit by King Ælla of Northumbria. Halfdan and his army successfully sacked Lunden and conquered York. They also extorted kings of minor importance from Exeter to Hadrian’s Wall.

Voiced by Norwegian actor Jeppe Beck Laursen (who is also the voice behind Thor in the game), Halfdan died in the year 877 in Strangford Lough in the Kingdom of Ulster.

Unaware of his death a decade before, Toka asked for the help of Halfdan and thus aroused suspicion from both Eivor & RandviToka Sinricsdottir‘s poorly practiced lie in her effort to convince Eivor to provide aid in the siege of Paris raises eyebrows and makes the actual purpose of her visit seem something other than what she shows.

You can find Halfdan in Assassin’s Valhalla, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Geirmund’s Saga, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Blood Brothers.

The Son Of Jorvik Quest

The Son Of Jorvik Quest begins while Eivor is at Donecaestre. You will find a mission marker prompting Eivor to reach Faravid’s camp in Wolds after a brief conversation with Halfdan. Speaking to Faravid will officially start the next scene, and the quest will begin!

As you play, you will realize that this quest revolves around Faravid and him asking Eivor for some help proving his wholehearted loyalty towards Halfdan. To pick up where we left, after meeting Faravid in Wolds, he will challenge Eivor to a drunken race to Jorvik.

son of jorvik quest

Remember that drinking ale or winning the race won’t matter much and certainly won’t have any consequences. Make sure you stick with Faravid while racing because you might get lost if not. You will now have to head over to King Ricsige‘s Royal Hall.

Once you’re in his Royal Hall, you will then have to convince his highness King Ricsige to join hands to fight together against the North. You will find that King Ricsige is very skeptical. He will also ask for a written decree for aid from Halfdan.

At this point, we will have to choose a dialogue in Halfdan Knows AC Valhalla where either Halfdan knows about the whole plan or doesn’t. Whatever you choose will carry the story forward accordingly.

Halfdan Knows AC Valhalla

Eivor and Faravid have to get a decree from Halfdan. This decree will include a clear statement of asking for King Ricsige’s men and help for the fight. You will also find Faravid asking Eivor to lie to King Ricsige about Halfdan knowing the truth. It will be up to you, to decide and choose for Halfdan Knows AC Valhalla.

Halfdan Knows AC Valhalla: Agreement

If you choose, Halfdan Knows AC Valhalla: Agreement Eivor will lie to King Ricsige regarding Halfdan knowing about Faravid’s plan to let King Ricsige’s army join them in battle, but King Ricsige’s asks them for a legally binding document from Halfdan. In this choice, you will have to forge a few papers and send them to Ricsige to proceed further.

Halfdan Knows AC Valhalla: Disagreement

halfdan's disagreement

If you choose Halfdan Knows AC Valhalla: Disagreement, Eivor will spill the beans about Halfdan to King Ricsige, but Faravid will chirp up, saying that Halfdan does know the truth. You will find that the rest of things will happen the way they initially did. King Ricsige will ask for a legally binding document stating his help.

We will be free to choose any options for Halfdan Knows AC Valhalla, but it depends on how we want our Eivor to be at the end of the day. You can select the truthful and honest Eivor or go for the dishonest one. It all depends on you.


Who ditches Halfdan?

Later in the game, during the Of-Blood & Bonds quest, we will get the light on Faravid’s cheating against Halfdan.

What are the choices available with Halfdan for Faravid?

There are two things Haldan can say; either he can state Faravid with an honorable title in AC Valhalla, or he can share Faravid’s actual thought that he is planning to attack.

Why Halfdan is known as the reincarnation of Thor?

Halfdan is known as Thor because, in the game, he represented the Norse warrior god of thunder and lightning.

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