What Is Chest Of The Source King And How To Open It?

Chest Of The Source King

What Is The Chest Of The Source King?

chest of the source king

As you will enjoy the Divinity Original Sin moving on different levels, you will find a chest in the source king. So, it is one act or map of whatever the game developers have designed and developed for excellent players like you. Once you complete the quest named “A Forge of Souls” in a single manner, it will provide you a key, but the loot at that point from the chest is not worthy for you. And in the game, a purple padlock symbol will indicate on the gaming screen, which looks like a magical lock apart from the mechanical look in the game.

How To Find The Key For The Chest Of The Source King?

key for Chest Of The Source King

In the game, you have to search and hunt for the key to open the Chest Of The Source King. After hunting and putting in some ideas, you will find the key by defeating King Baraccus. And by defeating him successfully, you will reach towards one chest having a purple lock and unfortunately without the key. At this point in the game, you will have to use a magical scroll, and players you have to purchase from a vendor who is located at Cyseal.

If you are lucky enough, it can probably get opened by having a high level in the lockpicking. Also, you can unlock the chest by reaching the end of campaigning a few events and after having an introduction with some other characters who were as a liability towards the source king.

How To Open The Chest Of The Source King In Divinity Original Sin?

You will see a padlock symbol in the game, which indicates a magical lock that is not mechanical. The magical locks in this game cannot be opened with an automated methodology, for example, the keys or lockpicks. The first method which will help you to unlock is by applying magic and especially with the Unlock magic or the scroll (Witchcraft) available in the game. Having a luck factor is a crucial element.

You can create one of these scrolls by using a Witchcraft scroll, or secondly, you have to learn the magic spell if you hunt and get the magic spellbook. And unfortunately, if you are not that lucky enough to find a spellbook, you are left with no other option to buy it in the game to enjoy further. 

How To Obtain The Chest Of The Source King

So, if you are looking to obtain the chest of the source king, you have to unlock the scroll, which is available near the lab at the hidden place. And it is situated on the west side in the steam cloud. At the end of the steam cloud, there is one location. But getting towards that place, you must have a minimum of fourteen perceptions, and the door will disappear. Finally, you will enter the tomb and find the key in the corpse of Cassandra, and you can obtain the Chest Of The Source King. 

What Are The Rewards In The Chest Of The Source King?

Chest Of The Source King rewards

Once you open the chest in the source king, you will be availed of some rewards they are as follows:

  • Unidentified Polished Longbow
  • Unidentified Strong Robe (Quantity x2)
  • Toxic Grenade


What items are dropped by braccus?

In the different upcoming missions, you have to challenge and fight with one of the most brutal characters in the game, known as Braccus. And after successfully defeating the Braccus, you will be rewarded with some fantastic pieces of stuff, and they are as follows:
Firstly you will be rewarded with 4500 XP for defeating the Braccus Rex, followed by the 3600 XP for Ghoul and 1545 XP for the Diederik.
Second, You will receive an additional 13500 XP.
Third, You will receive an essential element, and it is the Braccus Two-Handed Axe, and it is a drop chance from Braccus Rex.
And lastly, you will be rewarded with a +1 reputation.

What can we do if the key for the chest is not collected?

In the game, you must open the chest with the key. You cannot open it without the magical scroll and stop still dropping, similar to level 5 items or similar to like when you unplug from the chest.

Is Braccus Rex Chest And Chest Of The Source King The Same Thing?

In the Divinity Original Sin, you will most probably get confused whether the Braccus Rex chest and the chest of the source kin are similar or not. In the Braccus chest, if you open the first chest of the room remotest from the trompdoy’s soul jar, you will be rewarded with an epic shield with some rare armor. On the second shield, you will be rewarded with the masterwork rune. Further moving on, if you open the double chest, you will be rewarded with a small venom rune, and after opening the prominent chest, you will be rewarded with an epic wand.
Further, after you get the second chest and anyone pile of gold and in the first chest, you will receive a venom rune, 190 gold, and an epic two-hand sword that always works for a player. And if you open the second chest with two piles of gold, you will receive a small venom rune 2×90 followed by epic boots. If you open the double chest followed by three bundles of gold, you will be rewarded with a small venom rune 3×90 along with an epic helm.
In the chest of source king, you are rewarded with the following items in the game.
Unidentified Polished Longbow
Unidentified Strong Robe (Quantity x2)
Toxic Grenade

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