How to Find and Use Bloodstained Dragon’s Wrath?

Bloodstained Dragon's Wrath

Bloodstained: Rituals of the night is the second installment in the Bloodstained series. It is a Metroidvania video game that was developed by ArtPlay and published by 505 Games in June 2019. Bloodstained is said to be a spiritual successor of the Castlevania series. The story of the game is set back in 18th century England. The player controls a character named Miriam, who explores the platform game. The players have to fight monsters and bosses to gain keys and powers to explore the regions.

Bloodstained Dragon’s Wrath is one of the materials found in the Bloodstained: Rituals of the Night. It is used to craft weapons, ammo, Headgear, etc. The Materials in the game can be found scattered in different locations, in treasure chests, or sometimes dropped by the enemy.

Where to find the Bloodstained Dragon’s Wrath?

Bloodstained Dragon's Wrath Location

The Bloodstained Dragon’s Wrath is dropped by Abyssal Guardian. Abyssal Guardian is a boss in the game that looks like a huge dragon. This black and red boss is mighty and attacks the player with dark energy thrown out of its mouth. This large dragon also attacks with its claws, which can knock out the wind from the players. Moreover, he can also spit fire, causing the surrounding region to burn.

Abyssal Guardian is the mini-boss in Livre Ex Machina. It blocks the players from entering the Hall of Termination. Other enemies in the Livre Ex Machina region are Axe Outsider, Carriage Morte, Leraje, Chair Mimic, Dragon, etc. In the Den of Behemoths, Abyssal Guardian is a normal enemy accompanied by many other monsters.

The following items dropped by the Abyssal Guardian, along with their dropping percentage, are given below.

  • Dragon Heart: The drop is five percent.
  • Dragon Egg: Two quantities of eggs are dropped. The drop rate is ten percent.
  • Dragon’s Wrath: The drop rate is eight percent.
  • Void Ray: The drop rate is six percent.

Use of the Bloodstained Dragon’s Wrath

Use of the Bloodstained Dragon's Wrath

Bloodstained Dragon’s Wrath is said to be the source of a dragon’s rage. It can be used to speak with Johannes. Johannes is an ally of the player character and the only surviving Alchemist. He is usually seen at the start of the game in the Galleon Minerva. However, his workshop is found in Arvantville, where he provides the following services to the players.

  • Crafting: Various consumables, weapons, armor, etc.
  • Preparing: makes Prepared Meals that provide buff and effects.
  • Enhancing the Shrad: amplifies the power of Shards with the use of other materials
  • Dismantling: Dismantles various items with the help of Alkahest to obtain Materials.

Moreover, the Bloodstained Dragon’s Wrath can be used to craft Andromeda. Andromeda is one of the craftable items in the game. It is very good with dealing Light damage and is considered a better weapon to fight certain enemies. It is sold by Dominique after Johannes finishes crafting it. To craft the Andromeda, the following items are required:

  • Albireo: 1 Quantity
  • Dragon’s Wrath: 2 quantities
  • Diamond: 1 Quantity
  • Imbrued Skull: 1 Quantity

It can be purchased for 43,200 G, whereas the reselling price is 4,320 G.

In addition to the above uses, the Bloodstained Dragon’s Wrath is also used to enhance the passive shard called Augment LCK. The passive Shards can be used to increase the player’s defensive capabilities. The players can upgrade themselves with different skills for combat, movement, and progression of the game by equipping different Shards. The Augment not only increases the player’s LCK but also increases the critical rate in the following levels.

  • Level 1 to 3: One quantity of Ectoplasm
  • Level 4 to 6: One quantity of Ectoplasm and one quantity of Holy Water
  • Level 7 to 9: One quantity of Ectoplasm and one quantity of the Dragon’s Wrath

The Augment LCK is dropped by the hostile enemies called the Deathtrap. These Deathtraps look like spiders in a golden chest.

Enhancing the Shards using the Bloodstained Dragon’s Wrath

Enhancing the Shards Bloodstained

The Bloodstained Dragon’s Wrath can be used to enhance the passive shard named Augment LCK. It requires different ingredients at different levels to enhance the shard. It mostly uses Ectoplasm, the Holy Water, and the Dragon’s Wrath. The Ectoplasm is dropped by Ghost or Amy and usually sold by Dominique for 150G. Ectoplasm can be used to enhance various Shards like Augment STR, Augment CON, Augment INT, Augment MND, etc. The holy water can be obtained from Dominique for 300 G. It can also be crafted by using one quantity of Monster Bird Tear and five quantities of Halite.

Moreover, you can farm gold in bloodstained to upgrade the in-game items.


A few FAQs regarding the Dragon’s Wrath and Bloodstain series are answered below.

Q: Where can I find Dragon’s Wrath in Bloodstained?

A: The Dragon’s Wrath is dropped by Abyssal Guardian. The Abyssal Guardian is found in Livre Ex Machina and Den of Behemoths.

Q: How do I get to Den of Behemoths?

A: The Den of Behemoths is one of the regions in Gebel’s Castle. It connects the Garden of Silence and the glacial Tomb. Moving along the Garden of Silence, the players must reach the region, where the Red Moon is visible. Hit the moon with Zangetsuto and enter the dimensional rift.

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