Kotor 2 Level Cap: What Is The Maximum Level?

Kotor 2 Level Cap

The world-famous game Kotor 2 game is top-rated among the gamers in the gaming world. This game is from the series of Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic. The game was initially launched for the world on 06 December 2004. Mark Griskey did the idea of this popular game and its composition, and Chris Avellone designed it. After the ideation step was successful, the developers created the game, and the famous developers are Aspyr, Obsidian Entertainment, Aspyr.

Kotor 2 Level Cap is limited to level 50 on all platforms. The level cap is only reached when you complete all the side missions and earning more experience. There are some known glitches in the game which players exploit to reach the maximum level provided by the game.

In the following post, we’ll go through all the level caps for all platforms.

What is the Kotor 2 Level Cap?

The game is available for the players to play on every platform, and they are Android, PC, Xbox, IOS, Windows, Linux, and Macintosh Operating Systems. In this following game, there are many levels, and in today’s article, we will see first the maximum level a player can reach on the various gaming platforms. So, players, let us begin.

Kotor 2 Level Cap for PC

Kotor 2 Level Cap for PC

The game is trendy among desktop users to enjoy. In Kotor 2, the maximum level cap is 50, and in this level, a player must have 1,225,000 exp. A player cannot reach until they utilize an infinite exp, and a player will never get it in the past about in the level 30 and so on.

Kotor 2 Level Cap for Android

So, players moving on towards the second platform in which the game is available for the players to enjoy, and that platform is Android. The game is available for users on the Android platform too. The maximum level accepted by the gamers for this game on the android platform is 50. And the player cannot reach this level without having 1,225,000 exp in the game. And in this scenario, one cannot get without using infinite exp, and a player will not be able to pass about level 30 and other following levels.

Kotor 2 Level Cap for XBOX

XBOX is the third platform where the players can enjoy this game with gaming consoles. In this platform also the maximum level that a player can reach is the 50 level. In this platform also the player requires 1,225,000 exp in the game to reach this level. The players cannot get swiftly until they use an infinite exp which is a minor glitch in the game, and the players should use it in the last level, number 30, and so on.

Kotor 2 Level Cap for iOS 

The maximum level cap of KOTOR 2 in the IOS platform is also the same as in the previous platforms, and the level number is 50. And players, the good news is that the Hssis glitch is still available and working on the IOS platform.

What is the average level when you finish the game?

The game is fascinating to the gamers with a variety of levels and extraordinary challenges. However, the maximum level of this game is 50. But the player can reach an average grade for finishing the game. And the intermediate level to finish the game is between level number 31 to 33. Mostly all the players complete the game in the 30 Level. Thus, this is the average level that a player has to reach and complete for finishing the Kotor 2 game.

How to reach the Kotor 2 Level Cap?

reach the Kotor 2 Level Cap

Although in the game, a player can reach the maximum level of 50. The highly rigorous players who have maximum gained experience in the entire gaming journey. In Kotor 2, a player has to unlikely gain more understanding as much as possible and achieve more than level number 30 by the end of this game. In this game, a player can reach Higher Levels only by gaining and exploiting various glitches that are in the game. And one of the most famous glitches of this game is the Hssis glitch, in which the players can gain the exp in the Kotor 2 game.


When should I prestige Kotor 2?

If a player wants to get prestige, one must be seventy-five percent in the light or the dark. The second option is available where a player has to be on Level no 15 or higher than it. But mainly, most experienced gamers do not advise to wait as the prestige classes are always better than the Base class. The player must talk with Kreia in the game, and at that point, one can think and bring it up automatically in the Kotor 2. The gaming character has to ask for it about the force or something similar like that in the game. 

What is the best class in Kotor 2?

In the game, there is nothing like any best class. But in the game, it is suggested that the Master or the Marauder class is the most vigorous combat class built for the players in the game. By gaining this class in Kotor 2, a player can kill everything with Melee and also have unique access to the force powers available in the game. And if the player wishes to go for a complete full-on force user, pure Consular is the best for the players in the Kotor 2 game.

Is Kotor 2 still worth playing?

The Kotor 2 is worth it for the players to play. This game has a remarkable story, and the game is much better than the original. This story is very complex and thoughtful than the first version, and it creates a very memorable experience for the players.

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