Top 3 Best Sigma Skins in Overwatch 2: Which One Should You Use?

Best Sigma Skins

Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. The game features a diverse cast of characters, each with unique abilities and play styles, making for an exciting and dynamic gameplay experience. One of these characters is Sigma, a Dutch astrophysicist who gained the power to control gravity. Sigma’s abilities make him a versatile hero in the game, capable of manipulating the battlefield to his advantage. However, in addition to his abilities, he also has some of the best Sigma skins in the game, ranging from the sleek and futuristic “Ascent” skin to the hauntingly beautiful “Demon” skin.

In Overwatch, skins play a crucial role in allowing players to express their creativity and individuality, and Sigma’s skins are no exception. This article will delve into the top 3 best Sigma skins in Overwatch and their impact on the game’s community.

Note: These skin choices are personal preferences when I play Overwatch 2. If you dont like my picks, feel free to comment and tell your favorite skin!

Top 3 Best Sigma Skins in Overwatch 2

1. Maestro

Maestro Skin

The Maestro Sigma skin is one of the best Sigma skins in Overwatch, featuring a sleek design that emphasizes the character’s intelligence and sophistication. The Maestro skin has become a favourite among Sigma skins in Overwatch since it was first introduced during the 2019 Anniversary event. Players adore its exceptional look and attention to detail. This Legendary skin gives Sigma a futuristic appearance with a black-and-white colour scheme, highlighted by red and gold accents.

In this skin, Sigma becomes a conductor, wearing a tuxedo-inspired outfit with a top hat and coattails. His kinetic harness is transformed into a musical instrument, complete with strings, keys, and a windpipe. The orbs he uses for his attacks are also shaped like musical notes. The visual display of Sigma’s ultimate ability, Gravitic Flux, resembles a musical crescendo.

With its dark colours and intricate designs, the Maestro Sigma skin is one of the best Sigma skins for players who want a more serious and mature look. The skin’s rarity and value are legendary, and it costs more than other skins. However, players are willing to pay for the skin’s uniqueness and the intricate details in its design.

The Maestro skin has received an overwhelmingly positive reception from the Overwatch community. Players appreciate the skin’s distinctive look and how it enhances Sigma’s character. Many have even compared Sigma’s appearance in the Maestro skin to Willy Wonka from the 1971 film, played by Gene Wilder. Overall, the Maestro skin is considered one of the best Sigma skins in Overwatch, thanks to its unique and visually stunning design.

2. Dragon

Dragon Skin

Dragon Sigma is widely considered as one of the best Sigma skins in Overwatch due to its stunning visuals and intricate design. The Dragon skin is highly sought after among players of Overwatch who use Sigma. This skin was first made available during the Overwatch Anniversary event in 2020 and its stunning appearance distinguishes it from other Sigma skins.

The Dragon Sigma skin is considered one of the best Sigma skins among players who are looking for a unique and eye-catching appearance for the hero. When players don the Dragon skin, Sigma is transformed into a commanding dragon. The skin is primarily black and red with elaborate golden patterns adorning Sigma’s armour. The helmet is shaped like a dragon’s head and features glowing red eyes and pointed fangs. Additionally, the skin has dragon-like wings on Sigma’s back, making him all the more formidable.

When it comes to the best Sigma skins, Dragon Sigma is often the top choice for players who want to add a touch of mysticism and elegance to their gameplay. This skin is classified as Legendary and therefore has a low drop rate and is more challenging to get than other skins.

Despite its difficulty in the acquisition, Dragon skin has received an overwhelmingly positive response from the Overwatch community. Players appreciate not just the skin’s distinct look but also the amount of detail and effort that went into its creation. Many players opt to use this skin to make a statement or to stand out in the game.

3. Rime

Rime Skin

The Rime Sigma skin is a masterpiece of elemental aesthetics, offering players an icy and chilling take on the character. This legendary skin was first introduced during the Winter Wonderland event, and it quickly became a popular choice among Sigma fans for its frosty and imposing appearance.

When you equip the Rime skin, Sigma undergoes a complete transformation, embodying the cold and ruthless power of ice. The skin’s primary colors are icy blues and whites, reminiscent of the harshest winter landscapes. Sigma’s attire is adorned with intricate patterns resembling frost crystals, and his helmet takes on the form of a frozen glacier, complete with glistening icicles.

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In conclusion, the top 3 best Sigma skins in Overwatch are Maestro, Dragon and Rime. These skins offer unique designs that make Sigma stand out and add to the game’s overall visual appeal. Skins play an important role in Overwatch, allowing players to customize their favourite characters and express their personalities in-game. Sigma as a character has made a significant impact on the Overwatch community, and his skins have been well-received by players. Overall, Sigma’s skins not only enhance gameplay but also contribute to the community’s positive reception of the character.

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